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Nikon D300 Kamera zum kleinen Preis hier bestellen. Große Auswahl an Nikon D300 Kamera Günstige Preise & Mega Auswahl für Nikon de 300 und vieles mehr. Einfach ordentlich sparen dank Top-Preisen auf Auspreiser.de

Nikon Nikkor 24-85mm f/2.8-4D IF. This is my main general purpose lens and I'm well pleased with it's sharpness, versatility, useful focal range, weight and feel both on the D700 and D300. bhphotovideo.com. Focus motor. None Compatible lenses for Nikon D300 On the page below you will find all lenses registered on Lensora that are compatible with Nikon D300. It also shows you the Focal Length that you will experience since this camera does not have a full format sensor, and a focal length multiplier mentioned above 1-16 of 196 results for nikon d300 lenses Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED Vibration Reduction Zoom Lens with Auto Focus for Nikon DSLR Cameras (Renewed) 4.7 out of 5 stars 42 Nikon D300 Lens for Travel & Casual Photography. The Nikon D300 is complemented ideally by a few versatile everyday lenses. Here are some of the best: Tamron 16-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD Macro. Rating. Pros. CONS. -Great zoom range for everyday use and travel. -Enhanced wideangle capacities for an everyday lens

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  1. Nikon D300 Lenses. Currently there are 53 native Telephoto Zoom lenses for Nikon D300 and all of these lenses are autofocus (AF) type. Nikon D300 doesn't have a sensor based image stabilization system but 36 of these Telephoto Zoom lenses features optical image stabilization. Since Nikon D300 has environmental sealings (Weather Sealing), you.
  2. Compatible lenses for Nikon D300s On the page below you will find all lenses registered on Lensora that are compatible with Nikon D300s. It also shows you the Focal Length that you will experience since this camera does not have a full format sensor, and a focal length multiplier mentioned above
  3. Nikon D300 Lens Mount. The Nikon D300 works great with every lens made since 1977, especially every autofocus lens made in the past 20 years. For manual lenses, enter the lens' focal length and aperture as you do with the D200 , and you'll get matrix metering and A and P exposure modes

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Hi, I've just bought a Nikon D300 and i will sell or throw away my old d70 + 18-70 lens . it's very dificult for me to decide which lens is the best option to replace the old 18-70. I own a Sigma 70-200 f2.8 and i'm thinking in upgrading to Nikon 16-85 or Tamron 15-50. For me is very important the quality image (sharpnes) and distortion 50mm - a great portrait lens. I use a nikon 50mm myself, and on both d80 & d300 its a brilliant portrait lens, although at times, (especially for more active sittings) i will often use a nikon 18-200 (see below) 18-200mm/18-250mm - For $200-$300 its worth getting a half-decent all-in-one lens, more for general use, holidays, etc

Hi, I've just bought a Nikon D300 and i will sell or throw away my old d70 + 18-70 lens . it's very dificult for me to decide which lens is the best option to replace the old 18-70. I own a Sigma 70-200 f2.8 and i'm thinking in upgrading to Nikon 16-85 or Tamron 15-50 Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G Lens with Auto Focus for Nikon DSLR Cameras 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,610 Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR ED Nikkor Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras (Renewed

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  1. Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di LD Macro Nikon F. This is a good lens for the price. It is light enough to carry all day, it has macro capabilities and it is relatively fast on focusing. I use this lens for sports, challenged youth. It is also perfect for wildlife and closeups of plant life
  2. The D3500 Two Lens Kit includes two matched lenses to help you cover all the angles. The AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens is great for portraits, landscapes, videos and other wide perspective shots. The AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED is a versatile telephoto zoom lens that's great for sports, concerts, nature and more
  3. Lenses. Currently there are 53 native Telephoto Zoom lenses for Nikon D300S and all of these lenses are autofocus (AF) type. Nikon D300S doesn't have a sensor based image stabilization system but 36 of these Telephoto Zoom lenses features optical image stabilization. Since Nikon D300S has environmental sealings (Weather Sealing), you may like.

Nikon D300s sensor and processing. The Nikon D300s is equipped with the same 12.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor as its predecessor, not to mention the D90 and D5000 models. It conforms to Nikon's DX format, measuring 23.6×15.8mm, and effectively reducing the field of view of all lenses by 1.5 times Lens Compatibility. Same as all the other better Nikon DSLRs, it works great with anything made since 1977. More at Nikon Lens Compatibility. Top, Nikon D300s. enlarge. Specifications top. Intro Specs Performance Recommendations. Finder. 0.53x magnification with standard (for DX) 28mm lens. (0.94x with 50mm tele lens). Glass pentaprism. 100%.

Nikon Camera and Lens Compatibility Chart. (The Camera to Lens Compatibility Chart has been updated 12-JAN-2016 with the latest additions to the Nikon lineup, the D5 Pro FX DSLR and the long awaited D500, the DX successor of the beloved D300/D300s.) From time to time you find yourself reading great reviews on some lenses or see a bargain and. The Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens is the all-around standard focal length lens for full-frame cameras, so on the Nikon D3400's DX format sensor, it will be approximately equivalent to 75mm. This focal length is quite useful for medium-close portraits , from full-body to chest-up distances, making it just as useful a lens as the. D300S. Delivers stunning high resolution, low-noise images with striking detail and tonal gradation. High speed shooting and fast response—essential to versatile performance in a wide variety of shooting disciplines. Drives breathtakingly rich image fidelity, low noise and fast image processing

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2) Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G VR II. The next step-up from the 70-300mm lens is the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G VR II, a superb lens not only for portraiture, but also for wildlife photography. While its rather short on the long side, it is one of the few Nikon lenses that works with all current Nikon teleconverters Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR. Announced. 01/09/2010. Launch Price. $365. Add to compare. TESTED The Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED lens was announced at the same time as the Nikon D300 and D3 digital SLRs were. It almost certainly won't be a kit lens for the D300, but we thought readers. The Nikon D300 is a 12.3-megapixel semi-professional DX format digital single-lens reflex camera that Nikon Corporation announced on 23 August 2007 along with the Nikon D3 FX format camera. It replaced the D200 as Nikon's DX format flagship DSLR. The D300 was discontinued by Nikon on September 11, 2009, being replaced by the modified Nikon D300S, which was released July 30, 2009 x40 HD WIDE ANGLE LENS + LENS HOOD FOR NIKON D3000 D3100 D3000 D3300 D5000 D90. $20.99. Was: $29.99. Free shipping. or Best Offer. 52MM .42 Fisheye+ Macro Lens FOR Nikon D3000 D3300 D5200 D5100 D5500 D90 D80 HD

Is the Nikon D300 a DSLR camera? Yes. The Nikon D300 is a DSLR camera that is comprised of a 12.3-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor. This processing system works in coordination with its selected lens for the advancement of its image results. As a result of the DX-format CMOS sensor, clean image production is possible Nikon D300 10x High Definition 2 Element Close-Up (Macro) Lens (67mm). Optics close-up lenses are for quick and easy close-up photography. The close-up lens is screwed on to the front of a lens which has a 67mm filter thread Nikon D300 Features. A new 12.3-megapixel DX Format CMOS Sensor combined with Nikon's exclusive EXPEED digital image processing system advances DX-format image quality to all new levels.; The 3.0-inch super density 920,000-dot VGA color monitor with 170-degree wide-angle viewing and tempered-glass protection makes it possible for even more critical image review Low-noise files at ISO from 200-3200; The D300's DX-format CMOS sensor, with a high signal-to-noise ratio, empowers photographers to produce exceptionally clean files from a broad 200-3200 ISO range. Expanded range of options include Lo-1 (ISO 100 equivalent) and Hi-1 (ISO 6400 equivalent). Fast, accurate 51-point auto focus with 3D focus.

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The best macro lens for your D300 is the one that is going to serve you best for the type of macro subjects you wish to shoot. I had the Nikkor AF-D 105mm and AF-D 60mm lenses and found the AF not a required feature as I like to shoot very small subjects like pollen stamens and sun dew flowers The Nikon D300 is a tough DSLR with superb ergonomics like its predecessor - indeed at first glance it's easy to mistake the two. Both it and the earlier D200 share virtually the same dimensions and weight, with the D300 being just 1mm taller and 5g lighter Nikon D300 features continued Lenses and viewfinder / Screen and menus / Sensor and processing / Anti dust. The Nikon D300 features an F-mount which can accommodate most Nikkor lenses, with the DX-format sensor resulting in their field of view being reduced by 1.5 times The photography will assist you in selecting best lens for nikon d300 with the capacity of offering the best magnification. These lenses have a wide zoom and they will range from 24mm to 129m and this implies their LCD screen offers reliable and quality services in all the varying instances

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This 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 lens, which first appeared on the Nikon D70, is a nice fit on the Nikon D300, with a good focal length range and good optical quality for the price, which is about $350 The D300 is Nikon's latest semi-professional DSLR. Announced in August 2007, the new D300 comes less than two years after its predecessor, the popular D200. This is in some contrast to the three and a half year wait between the D100 and D200, and proves Nikon now truly understands what needs to be done to compete aggressively in the current. Our intredpid Nikon rep, David Edelstein, was kind enough to drop off one of the new 50mm f/1.2 Nikkors for a test drive, and as the stills we shot demonstrate, these lenses are capable of capturing wonderful still and video imagery. (Camera: Nikon D300s A place to discuss and showcase images created with the magnificent Nikon D300. The D300 provides the best overall system balance of any DX-format D-SLR. * Say Hello! to the Group * * Frequently Asked Questions * Useful Links : - Nikon Digitutor for D300 - Nikon Speedlight Virtual Demo - AF Fine Tune Test Charts - Printable & Non-Printable D300 Manuals - D300 Firmware Update 1.

The D300, D200 and D2X remain today among what you can find best in the small sensor and technical specs, despite of the fact that any of Canon's cameras in the same field do the same good quality picture without some of Nikon's technical advance in time Older lenses that were manual focus, like the legacy Nikon F-mount lenses, had brilliant optics and control, but no brain. Unlike modern lenses that are 'chipped', they couldn't digitally communicate with the camera, so there was no AF, and couldn't even speak automatically to the cameras to tell them what aperture they were at, and what focal length so metering properly was non-existent Instructions can be found on the download page. Although your device does not support this download service, it can be used to view download information. Title Version Released. D300 Firmware A:Ver.1.11/B:Ver.1.11 2013/05/21 View download page Details. Software The lens used was the Nikon DX 12-24mm f/4 supplied by Nikon with the camera. The NEF files were converted in Capture NX. In fact, at the time, that was the only RAW converter that would read D300.

The D300 is currently priced at around £1,100 body-only, around £1,275 with the 18-70mm AF-S D kit lens, or £1,950 with the gorgeous 17-55mm f/2.8 zoom lens seen here Learn things about lenses you didn't know. http://www.elitevideo.com Become smarter, impress your friends. This video is in two sections, The next section.. (From Nikon lens literature) This was my first DSLR lens, purchased with a D300 body (followed by the Nikkor 16-85 when released). For two loong weeks I shot with this lens exclusively and was.

The D300 retains the familiar Nikon DX format sensor, which results in a 1.5X crop factor for any lenses (35mm film equivalent). I've owned and shot Nikon's flagship D2X for several years, and the prosumer D200 for almost as long, but with the arrival of the D300 the hierarchy of Nikon's DX sensor DSLRs has undergone a dramatic change: the D300 is the best of these digital Nikons The combination of easy controls with pro-level features and performance makes the Nikon D300 camera a great mid-range digital SLR for beginners and photographers looking to step-up from an entry-level like the Nikon D3000. With a 12.3-megapixel DX-forma The good news is that with better engineering and superior materials, many of Nikon's DX lenses have gotten lighter over the years. For example, the 18-300mm all-in-one lens for DX actually is lighter than the older 18-200mm that has 100mm less zoom. Even Nikon's standard 18-55mm VR II kit lens is about 20% lighter than the previous version

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Nikon's offering a body-only box of the D300s, though so far a kit has also surfaced with the 18-200mm f3.5-5.6G ED VR II lens (27mm-300mm equivalent), an updated version of this lens.I tested. NIKKOR Lenses. Compact Digital Cameras. Speedlights. Accessories. Software. Film SLR Cameras. Nikon Photo Sharing Service. Sport Optics. Product Archives. Find information on products that are no longer manufactured. Note that information is not available for all products no longer manufactured and product availability may differ by country or.

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Lens: Rating: Comments: 19mm f/2.8 Macro-Nikkor . 35mm f/4.5 Macro-Nikkor . 65 mm f/4.5 Macro-Nikkor . 120mm f/6.3 Macro-Nikkor . 5 (D1X) The unique and elusive Macro-Nikkor range comprises 4 lenses made for the Nikon Multiphot, an advanced photomacrographic device targeted at the scientific lab segment About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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Nikon D300 Specifications: Type of Camera: Single-lens reflex digital camera: Image Sensor: DX format, CMOS, 23.6 x 15.8 mm; total pixels: 13.1 million: Effective pixels: 12.3 million: Image size (pixels) 4,288 x 2,848 [L], 3,216 x 2,136 [M], 2,144 x 1,424 [S] Sensitivity: 200 to 3200 in steps of 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV with additional settings up to. The lens balances well on the Nikon D300 used for testing. Build quality is good, with the lens barrel being constructed from high quality plastics and the lens mount is made of metal. A silent. Indeed, Nikon, Sigma and Tamron all make 18-300mm lenses, while Tamron also markets 16-300mm and 18-400mm superzooms. By comparison, the Nikon 18-200mm has a relatively limited overall range.

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Welcome to Leitax, this is our Leica-Nikon page. After the encouraging response from our first Leitax bayonet clients and several requests from Nikon users, we can offer this new replacement bayonet to use two cams, three cams, R-cam and ROM Leica-R lenses on Nikon bodies.-This conversion is fully reversible and will not damage either the lens or the camera Nikon D300 body, Nikon 18-135 lens, SB-800 Speed flash This professional camera, lens, and speed flash is a work horse. Magnesium alloy body and very fast shooting, razor sharp Nikon glass lens. What is included in package: 1. Original packaging and parts 2. 3 batteries 3. Battery charger 4. 4 flash cards 5. Compact card case 6. Neck strap 7 Canon M50 vs Nikon D300. The Canon EOS M50 and the Nikon D300 are two digital cameras that were announced, respectively, in February 2018 and August 2007. The M50 is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, while the D300 is a DSLR. Both cameras are equipped with an APS-C sensor. The Canon has a resolution of 24 megapixels, whereas the Nikon. Nikon DSLR and M42 lenses (all Nikon DSLR from 2006 onwards) | Flickr. new icn message. flickr-free-ic. 3d pan white

Download manuals, software, and firmware for digital cameras and other imaging devices. Before proceeding, read the description, cautions, and download and installation instructions Nikon is developing the NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 and NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2, two compact and lightweight prime lenses for the Nikon Z mount system June 2, 2021 Nikon releases the NIKKOR Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S, a mid-telephoto micro lens compatible with the Nikon Z mount system June 2, 202 Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens. B&H # NID35001855B MFR # 1590. 122 Reviews. Key Features. 24.2MP DX-Format CMOS Sensor. EXPEED 4 Image Processor. No Optical Low-Pass Filter. Native ISO 100-25600; 5 fps Shooting. See All Details

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A: Answer Yes, the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G lens is completely compatible with the Nikon D3400 DSLR camera, as are AF-P and E-type lenses. Any of these lenses can utilize a built-in motor which allows the lens to autofocus; AF-S type lenses use a Silent Wave Motor, AF-P type lenses use a pulse motor (utilizing stepping motors) and E-type lenses have an electromagnetic diaphragm to. The only con so far is the cost of an extra battery. Currently at BB it is $80.00. There are other places to get the same Nikon En-El15 battery for a lot less. The attached photo is shot with the kit lens at 105mm, 1/1000, f/6.3, in shutter priorty. Photo was cropped with no over processing Photo size: 14.3 MP Camera: Lens: Nikon 35mm f/1.8G ISO: 400 Focal length: 35 mm Aperture: F/1.8 Exposure time: 1/4000 se The Nikon D300S is the only current DX format camera with less than four numbers in the model number. Nikon full frame cameras include the D4S, Df, the D800 line and the D600 line. FX vs. DX Lenses. Unlike the Canon system Nikon FX and DX lenses can be used interchangeably on either FX or DX cameras The D500's form factor is very close to that of the Nikon D300. If you like your D200 or D300, you will love this one. No plasticy feel. No flimsy things. Nikon D500 sample images. Some sample images taken by members are shown here. More to come! Cute pet by ljordan316. Click for larger image Nikon D500, 500mm f/4 at f/8, 1/1250s, 800 ISO.

3.0in. x 3.5in. • Minimum focusing distances are the distances from the film plane or image sensor to the subject. • Working distance is the minimum focusing distance from front of the lens to the subject. • Dimensions and weight shows are for all lenses with the Nikon mount. (Note: Specifications for HSM lenses [Sigma, Canon and Nikon. Creative Cloud Updates. Is Sony Now Better Than Nikon? Best Landscape Camera? Thom's Bag Sale. While I Was Away. I'm Taking a Short Break. Strange Days. May I ask that you start your photographic-related shopping by clicking on any of the B&H links on this site. B&H is this site's exclusive advertiser The Nikon D200 is a 10.2-megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera that falls between entry-level/midrange DSLR cameras such as the Nikon D40, Nikon D40x, and D80 and high-end models such as the Nikon D2Hs and D2Xs.It was released by the Nikon Corporation in November 2005. The D200 was succeeded by the D300 in August 2007

Nikon's full-frame camera lineup is impressive, but perhaps even more so is the extensive collection of FX-format (full frame) lenses. Below are 10 of the best FX lens models from wide angle and portrait to telephoto, along with 7 more that just missed the cut All autofocus Nikon 50/1.8 lenses. In 2017, Nikon has 5 autofocus class 50/1.8 lenses (but only with two fundamentally different optical designs): Nikon 50mm 1: 1.8 AF Nikkor (the first version, MK I, Non-D) ñ the lens was produced only in Japan from 1986 to 1990 Find the perfect camera or lens. Use the Nikon product selector tools to find something that suits your needs and photography ambitions. Find out more. Nikon Z fc launch offer. Pre order the Nikon Z fc on the Nikon Store and receive a premium leather Hawkesmill camera strap, an extra battery and a bag..

Compact and powerful, the new NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR is the ideal lens for every scenario. With a wide angle of view from 24mm to 200mm, this lightweight and compact lens lets you shoot everything from wide angle to close up with a twist of the control ring. Equipped with a zoom lock switch, move freely where your adventures take you Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NIKON D300 DIGITAL SLR CAMERA PACKAGE with Teleconverter and Lenses at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Jetzt Nikon Slr D300 Angebote durchstöbern & online kaufen In this article: breaking news, BreakingNews, d3, d300, dslr, nikon Alright, Nikon's two new flagship DSLRs are officially announced. (Better images coming right up.

Compatible Lenses for Nikon D40, D60, D3200, D3300, D5300, D5500. Users of the Nikon D40 through Nikon D5500 cameras are probably aware of the fact that these cameras cannot autofocus with all Nikon-compatible lenses. These cameras lack a built-in autofocus motor and, therefore, must rely on the motors inside the lenses in order achieve. Nikon D300 Photography This clearly written and easy-to understand short course on your Nikon D300 explains step-by-step how, why and when you use your camera's controls for better pictures. This guide is available as a traditional 182 page large-format (8.5 by 11) spiral bound book printed in black and white, and as a full-color, fully. • The D40, D40x, D60, D3000 series, D5000 series and D7500 will accept non-AI lenses as-is but without metering as with the D80, D70, etc. bodies above. Other notes: Lenses with a Type B conversion will fit on all 35mm and digital Nikon SLRs. Neither the A or B conversion will affect the use of the lenses on any old bodies D700, D300s, D300 Rubber Cap; D7000 Name Plate Bundle; D7000 Rear Rubber Unit; D7000, D600, D610 Battery Cover Unit; D7000, D600, D610 Power Back Contact Cover; D7100, D7200 Battery Grip Connector Cover; D7100, D7200 Eyepiece Mold Unit; D7100, D7200 Power Connector Cover; D7100, D7200 Rubber Grip Unit; D7100, D7200, D7500 Battery Door; D750 AC.

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Use the filters to narrow your results. Clear All. Narrow By. 7 This lens, introduced with the new Nikon D3 and its FX (full-frame) format, is a state-of-the-art design and will likely replace the older 28-70. It is a little longer than the old lens, weighs about the same, and is significantly more narrow. Its shape and outline means it rests very comfortably in your hand and it handles great on the D3. Used Nikon Fit Lenses. Find a range of used Nikon Lenses for Nikon DSLR camera bodies, including AF, AF-S lenses, and Nikon fit used lenses from Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, and Zeiss. If you want to sell or trade your own second hand equipment, just ask for a quote. Sort by

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In fact, our Tamron B028 is the world's only 22.2x lens, offering a level of telephoto performance and wide to tele range not previously possible in just one lens. We have a DSLR lens for Canon to Nikon and these same lenses fit mirrorless cameras when used with the manufacturer adapter John's Photo Ramblings. I shoot a lot of soccer games with a Nikon D300 and a 200-400 f/4. I am regularly asked how I set up the camera for best auto-focus. Here's what I do: 1) Set the camera to AF-C (continuous focus). This is done via a small lever on the front of the camera near the lens mount. You want the setting marked C (continuous.

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PRESS RELEASE - Nikon D300s Images. NIKON D300s REVITALIZES THE STANDARD AND MEASURE OF AGILE, PRO-LEVEL DX-FORMAT D-SLR DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE. MELVILLE, N.Y. (July 30, 2009) - Today, Nikon announced the D300s digital SLR, combining professional-level performance with agility and enhanced D-Movie capabilities to deliver a new benchmark for creative versatility APS is a Nikon USA Authorized Repair Station. All technicians are certified and are specialists in their respective models. We use genuine Nikon replacement parts and obtain them directly from Nikon USA. All service is professionally completed using Nikon factory tools and adjusted to Nikon specifications Nikon Global website. Latest News. Jul. 1, 2021 Reorganization of Subsidiaries in Singapore; Jun. 29, 2021 Nikon releases the Z fc DX-format mirrorless camera; Jun. 29, 2021 Nikon releases the NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 (SE), a compact and lightweight prime lens for the Nikon Z mount system; Jun. 29, 2021 Nikon is developing the NIKKOR Z DX 18-140mm f/3.5-6.3 VR, a high-power zoom lens for the Nikon. Nikon d300 and a Nikon 18 200 f3.5 lens still like new. All in working order any inspection welcome. No major scratches or buffs the camera and lens has light use only. £350. Ad posted 5 days ago Save this ad 4 images; NIKON NIKKOR AF-S 70-300mm 1:4.5-5.6 G ED VR LENS - AFS 70-300 mm f/4.5-5.6 Review Price: £1300.00. If I had to pick my favourite camera from last year, it would probably be the Nikon D300 digital SLR which I reviewed last February. Not only did it score a perfect 10/10. The Nikon manual focus 300 mm f/4.5 ED-IF AI-S was at the time the lightest 300mm in Nikon's lens line up. The lens reviewed here is the last version that was produced(AI-S), my sample was made quite early in the production of this lens and it was made in early 1980's