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hawego.de - Shop für Handwerk und Industrie | Über 50 Jahre Erfahrung | Kurze Lieferzeiten. Viele Artikel sofort lieferbar | Deutschlandweiter Versand | 30 Tage Käuferschut The M240i .5 sec slower 0-60 and .7 slower in the 1/4..so it may be the sweet spot. Only time and 1200 miles will answer that question. [SIGPIC]2017 Estoril Blue M240i w/ Dinan Stage 1[/SIGPIC

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  1. Stoked about installing the Dinan Stage 1 Tune on the M240i! This is just something I've wanted to do since getting the car. The stock BMW M240i has more tha..
  2. Instructions for Part# D440-1641-ST1. This kit is ONLY for the M235i or for vehicles equipped with BMW M-Performance software (MPPK). The vehicle also needs to be equipped with an electronic wastegate. Any 335i with a production date after 06/2013 or 535i with a production date after 07/2014 should have an electronic wastegate
  3. Sort by. level 1. Zambookster. '17 Dinan M240i. Original Poster. 3 years ago. This car was fast before, but it's an absolute rocket now. Dinan is quoting the stage 1 tune at 414hp/478 lb/ft of torque. I can tell a noticeable difference in the low-end torque, and there doesn't seem to be any sort of drop off in power from what I could tell
  4. Just a quick note - I had a problem with the first Dinan Stage 1 - no CEL just was not working right on launch - Dinan worked with me and I had a new tuner installed yesterday - Track last night and very pleased - 3 runs-- 60 Ft with a 1.83 avg ET 12.2 or better - with low ET of 12.17 -and trap at 110 to 111

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Dinan's Performance Spring set for the F22 M235i/M240i (RWD) provides greater control over body roll by virtue of carefully calibrated spring rates. Additionally, Dinan lowers the M235i/M240i by a 1/2 in the front and a full inch in the rear for improved suspension geometry and an even more aggressive stance Litchfield Stage 1 ECU remap - 435 bhp / 425 lbft. Our Stage 1 upgrade for the M140i/M240i turbo charged engines offers a massive increase in power and torque through its carefully re-calibrated ECU. This customised ECU mapping has evolved from our detailed understanding of the 135i/235i N55 engines and ECU The Bmw M4 Dinan A Fast And Furious Tuner You Don T Need. Bmw 0 60 Times Bmw Supercars Net. Dinantronics Performance Tuner Stage 1 For Bmw F80 M3 F82 F83 M4 Cp. Dinan Will Add 125hp To Your Bmw M235i. Dinan S1 Bmw M4 Instrumented Test 8211 Review 8211 Car. 2018 Bmw M240i Test Drive Review By Bmw Standards A Choose the six-speed manual transmission (a no-cost option), and the M240i scampers from 0-60 mph in BMW's conservatively-estimated 4.6 seconds. That drops to 4.4 seconds with the eight-speed. The M240i picks up where the previous M235i left off, a car that would offer between 85 and 105 horsepower from its 1.6-liter four-cylinder yet was faster than many bona fide sports cars

3:24. 0:00 / 3:24. Live. •. DINAN has a long history of modifying BMW's, and now that the entire lineup is turbocharged engines, their kits are even more potent! This M235i has been modified with DINAN's big-turbo upgrade, Stage 4 software, intercooler, high performance exhaust, as well as their suspension kit and wheels by BBS Video: 440 HP BMW M240i Drag Races Tuned BMW M2 on Autobahn. The introduction of the BMW M240i saw BMW launch their brand new B58 3-liter straight six engine into their smallest model in the range. Designed for the Future The DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner was engineered with future expansion of functionality in mind. Boasting the most powerful processing power on the market the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner can handle more functions and processes than any of its contemporaries. To that end the Dinan performance tuner is capable of interfacing wit Commonly, the stock BMW engines have vast amounts of unused potential due to limitations by BMW allowing them to use the same engine across multiple model ranges. This means we can unlock huge potential, and that theyÕre perfect for Stage 1 remapping. Shown below is the gain in BHP and Torque for the BMW M240I with an MWR Performance Stage 1.

Dinan S3 BMW M235i. Numbers: Maximum Power: 440hp, Max Torque: 455lb-ft. Engine: BMW N55 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six, Dinantronics Performance Tuner Stage 4, Dinan N55 big turbo kit, Dinan high performance dual intercoolers, Dinan carbon fiber cold air intake, Dinan free-flow stainless wxhaust with black tips. Driveline View the most accurate BMW 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times for all BMW models from the most popular car magazine sources. Acura; i Dinan Stage 3 Coupe: 3.0L Twin-Turbo I-6: RWD: 6M: 4.5 sec: 13.0 sec @ 109.1 mph BMW M240i 0-60 Times and 1/4 Mile Times. Show Options & Info. Select a Trim. Reset. Convert to metric

Dinan-Tuner-Stage-1-BMW-M240i-F22-F23-ea MFG P/N: We Price Match! Speak with one of our Mod Experts. 714.582.3330 or Live Chat We'll match or beat any competitor's price! Some restrictions and exclusions apply. Please see our full Price Match Policy for details. UPC: Current Stock:. The arrival of the Dinan M235i won't make you forget about the 1-Series M. The new coupe is so refined that you might start to miss the raw 1M's histrionics 2019 Bmw M4 Cs Coupe Review Greater Performance With Fewer. 2015 Bmw M4 1 4 Mile Trap Speeds 0 60 Dragtimes Com. Tuner Squeezes 532 Hp From Bmw M4 Convertible. 2014 Bmw M4 Stage 1 By Alpha N Performance Top Speed. Video Evolve Takes Their Stage 2 743 Hp F90 Bmw M5 To Vmax 200 Dinan Stage 1 performance software includes a limited lifetime warranty against defects in the software and provides free updates and reflashes as they become available. Labor or shipping charges are not included in the warranty. Sport gauges rescaled to reflect higher than stock power output You might have seen the recent post that details our new long-term 2016 BMW 340i 's performance at the test track. Hopefully, you noted its 0-60 time: 4.4 seconds. Or, 4.1 seconds with 1 foot of.

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Experience thrilling power at every press of the pedal with the BMW TwinPower Turbo 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine of the M240i and M240i xDrive Coupes. Claim the road. Standard M Sport Brakes provide remarkable stopping power and aesthetic appeal, while Adaptive M Suspension adds to the dynamic agility of a performance-oriented drive Stage 1 (DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner ONLY) Maximum Power on the F22/F23 M240i: 414 HP, 478 lb-ft of torque.The Dinan Difference. The DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner is a highly engineered piece of computer hardware and software that enhances engine performance to levels the stock programming is not allowed to venture into. It does this without negatively affecting your new car warranty. Stage 1 (DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner ONLY) Maximum Power on the F22/F23 M240i: 414 HP, 478 lb-ft of torque. The DinanTronics Power Module is the least invasive way of getting more power from your F30 335i. The Dinan tuner box plugs into the existing sockets on your engine computer(s). The original wiring harness plugs into the Dinan tuner box Handwriting: Cursive Workbook, Sportscene Sneakers, Workopolis is not a career or legal advisor and does not guarantee job interviews or offers. 5. I read, and reread, this post. When quotes are used on a title of something, like a song, doesn't the punctuation go outside the quote. We talk to a great many people over the course of a day

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  1. Dinan's Stage 3 kit takes it up to no less than 548 HP and 559 lb-ft (758 Nm) and that's more twist than you'll find on a BMW M5 right now G42 BMW M240i Gets New Render — Is This.
  2. You Should Buy This Instead Of The M2. Advertisement. The new M2 starts at $52,695 and makes 365 horsepower. The Dinan M235i is $53,947, makes 445 horsepower, and gets a pretty aesthetic package.
  3. 2017 M240i AW/ ZF8/ BM3 E40 Johnson tuned/ Dorch Stg.1 HPFP/ xHP Stage 3/ ER catless DP/ Remus axle back/ BMS intake/ M Performance LSD 11.6 @ 122 mph Appreciate 0 B58tog

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0-60 BY RANGE; 4 Second Cars Find Cars with Four Second 0 to 60 Times. Find cars that accelerate to 60 miles per hour between 4-4.99 seconds. These fast cars referred to as 4 second cars were once relatively unheard of in the automotive world, although in recent years have become more prevalent Dinan's Performance Spring set for the F22 M235i provides greater control over body roll by virtue of carefully calibrated spring rates. Additionally, Dinan lowers the M235i by a 1/2 in the front and 5/8 in the rear for improved suspension geometry and an even more aggressive stance Dinantronics stage 4 software upgrade I've also gone a couple of steps colder on plugs with the M4 part # and upgraded coil packs to high-performance Bavarian. Currently experiencing what I can't tell is a spark issue or fuel delivery issue where maybe once very 3-4 pulls power cuts out between 4500rpm and WOT OPTIONS: DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner Stage 3 $3,088, Dinan Stainless Steel Free Flow Exhaust (Black Tips) $2,574, Dinan High Flow X-Pipe $849, Dinan High Performance Heat Exchanger $699, Dinan.

The 2020 BMW M340i xDrive goes from 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds. We put microphones inside and outside the car to let you hear what it sounds like BMW M240i vs. Audi RS3 Acceleration Comparison Packs a Surprise. At least when it comes to sprinting, the 2017 model year has made wonders for the BMW 2 Series, with the M235i-replacing M240i.

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The BMW M4 Dinan: A Fast And Furious Tuner You Don't Need Ludacris To Work On. Sean MacDonald. 9/17/15 3:08PM. 99. 21. The BMW M4 is a perfectly lovely machine. In stock form, its 3.0-liter, six. Shop Genuine OEM Dinan Stage 1 DINANTRONICS Elite Kit for the BMW B58 engine. Not applicable to the M240i or cars equipped with the MPPSK package. - Part # D440-1650-ST1 - & Enjoy FREE Shipping on Most Orders $499+ OEMG!

Engine, transmission and 0-60 time. At a glance, the new engine doesn't differ much from the old one; both are described as using a turbocharged 3-litre straight-six. The M240i is more.

Despite being considerably more than stock, the power in the Dinan M235i feels just right. The stock 235i gets 320 hp, the coming M2 is said to peak at 365, and our Dinan is listed at 440, with. M240i and M240i xDrive Convertible (2017-19) M240i and M240i xDrive Coupe (2017-19) For xDrive equipped vehicles using Dinan Big Turbo Kit PN D310-0110A. Dinan wiring harness, Dinan Stage 1 software : DOWNLOAD INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS HERE - 228i Coupe (2014-16) This item is worth 1 point(s) towards your Dinan Badge. $133.9

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Dinan Corporation N55 Big Turbo Upgrade $1699.95. Call (310)626-8765. May Qualify For FREE SHIPPING. Parts# D310 0110A D310.0110A D3100110A. xDrive, M240i, M235i, M2, 440i, 435i GRDTUNED is an exclusive supplier of many sought after PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS including APR, AWE Tuning and Dinan Performance. Our strong knowledge of Audi, VW, BMW, and Porsche can help you achieve the experience and sound you have always been wanting or didn't know you needed. OFFERING DINAN AND APR TUNES STAGE 1-2-3! Stage 1 91 octane: up to 18% HP / 28% TQ Stage 1 93 octane: up to 21% HP / 30% TQ Stage 1 E30 octane: up to 28% HP / 34% TQ Stage 2 91 octane: up to 22% HP / 33% TQ Stage 2 93 octane: up to 25% HP / 35% TQ Stage 2 E30 octane: up to 31% HP / 38% TQ Stage 2 AGG (Aggressive burble) versions of maps available Based on NON-MPPK version car If you want quick 1/4 mile times or 0-60 times stop at the throttle body unless your going to install the supercharger. Update: May 30, 2002 - Spoke with Dinan Engineering. They have released a new High flow air flow meter that should correct the issues with low end speeds

Dinan doesn't have a Stage 4 package on their website for this, must be some super secret sauce. Details? Estoril was the right choice for sure, it's a beauty! My new (to me) M240i after an 800 mile road trip to Utah. 1.1k. 73 comments. share. save. hide. report. 1.1k. Posted by 3 days ago. Just bought my very first M car. It is not brand. So I have a Dinan Stage 1 on my M240i. Different motors. The 2 series is the sporty introduction to BMW that harkens back to the E36/E46 body proportions and results in a fun, nimble vehicle that earns its reputation as a drivers car. I've been on the Dinan springs and supplemental ride kit for around 8k miles and no regrets here Dinan High Flow Mid-pipe for BMW M240i - Extreme Power House. Olark launch button clip path. Envelope Icon Model: BMW M240i Color: Mineral Grey Metallic Transmission: 8ZF Dinan Stage 1 Tune Dinan Cold Air Intake Wavetrac LSD 3.08 final drive ratio (2.81 was original auto ratio) Exhaust: Dinan Highflow Midpipe with stock exhaust Future Planned Modifications. Dinan Stage 2 Tune.

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I'm selling a late model BMW with serious upgrades that I've only tacked a fraction for and I have no way to supplement your evaluation as a price higher than a stock car. This is a faulty restriction for sellers. Specifically, A BMW M235i is worth one price. A BMW M235i tuned to DINAN Stage 2 is a whole different animal. 3 Answer Stage 1 (DINAN TRONICS Performance Tuner ONLY) Maximum Power on Competition Package equipped F10 M5's: 695 HP, 644 lb-ft of torque. Special Note: This version of the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner is ONLY compatible with M5's equipped with the Competition Package. Compatibility with the Standard Package is available in a different kit Dinan Stage 2 Performance Engine Software for BMW 'F' Chassis N55 Engine $1,444.95 $1,299.95 DINAN Free Flow Stainless Steel Axle-Back Exhaust for 2014-2016 F22 BMW M235I Stainless Steel, with M-Performance Rear Valanc N63 Early DINANTRONICS Stage 1 Performance Tuner. The Dinantronics Power Module is the least invasive way of getting more power from your 550/650/750. The Dinan tuner box plugs into the existing sockets on your engine computer (s). The original wiring harness plugs into the Dinan tuner box

Dinan Stage 1 Engine Performance Tuner D443-0001 F, 335 435 n55, f80 f83 f84, DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner ECu Dinan bmw m240i v2 tune b58 St. Catharines 09/06/2021. Dinantronics Elite V2 tune - 2016-2020 BMW 340I / 440I / 540I / 640I / 740I / M240I B58 engine Asking $1600 Feel free to contact me with any question.. 340i bm3 stage 1. 340i bm3 stage 1

1. BMW M140i review - 1-series hot hatch offers more polish than precision - currently reading. 2. Performance and 0-60 times. 3. Engine and gearbox. 4. Ride and handling. 5 In this video from the Enthusiast Auto Group, they show us the E34 Alpina B10 4.6L 6-Speed, E39 540i M-Sport Dinan Stage 3, E30 325i, and more Dinan exhaust for a m240i for sale. Great condition. Asking $1600 Dinantronics Elite V2 tune - 2016-2020 BMW 340I / 440I / 540I / 640I / 740I / M240I B58 engine Asking $1600 Your m240i will make 420hp and 440ft/lbs of torque with both of these on the car. Feel free to contact me with any question

WGM Stage 2 Tuning package for BMW Mx40i equipped with the B58 Engine (340PS model) An impressive 120HP with 70LBFT gain can be seen from this must-have package! Our Road and Track proven ECU software calibration takes the Mx40i to another level boasting up to 455HP. This package is designed for those seeking an improved soundtrack to their. This champion 3.0-liter M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder delivers 405 horsepower, redlines at 7,600 rpms, and adds an extra punch of power with two turbochargers. The result is a screaming symphony of metal in motion that crescendos from 0-60 mph in only 4.2 seconds I am ditching my Stage 1 Dinan this week,.. anyway Added in Edit â€â€â€ PS: I wouldn't compare the M2 to the 240 their engines are different (not too mention a lot of other stuff) and the 240 is quicker off the line, rated at 4.2 by BMW And as always, Dinan matches the new car warranty coverage for up to 4 years or 50,000 miles, including the possibility of consequential damages. No one offers better performance or backs it up with such comprehensive warranty coverage. $2999. 5 Series*::*550i (F10) 2011*::*Stage 1 Performance Engine Software/Boost Upgrade (550i only

List of BMW Performance Specs Dear racers and car enthusiasts, please take into consideration that the BMW 0 to 60 times and quarter mile data listed below are gathered from a number of credible sources and websites. However, there are several factors that affect a car's 0-60 time or quarter mile stats and different sources may test the same car and clock different times. Top0-60Times.com. Blimey stage 1 b58's are making more power than stage 2 n55's, This is interesting as litchfield are a company i would trust with my car, think ill give them a buzz M240i Previous.M235i.M135i. 635d Coupe, E92 M3 manual, E93 M3 DCT Competition Pack. E92 335i, Porsche Cayman S Gen2, 135i Coupe. E92 320d, MK5 R32 BMW FXX, GXX B58 Engine - M140i, M240i, 340i, 440i, X3 M40i BMW N63TU Engine - 550i, 650i and 750i BMW F1X S63TU Engine - M5 & M6 . Address: 8 Kaki Bukit Ave 4 #06-54 ([email protected] Bukit - Gate 2), Singapore 415875 Mobile: 81833083 (William Yeo) BMW F10 520i with Bootmod3 Stage 1 Map Increase Your Output. The easier exhaust gases flow out, the better the oxygen flows in. With a Genuine BMW M Performance exhaust system, expect higher revving and a deep racing growl! E82/88 1 Series M Performance Exhaust - 135i. Part Number: 18-10-2-208-806

all I have done is just muff delete and a very small cosmetic upgrade ( exhaust tip ) just like you + Dinan stage 1 and I was planning on doing the whole Aero Kit package but I decided not to do it as I can really appreciate the stock look I have only put like 1300 miles on it in the last 12 months. Dinan offers an extensive range of BMW performance products from engine and chassis tuning components to performance parts including brakes, exhaust, suspension and custom wheels.Dinan's premium engineered solutions are available for the entire range of BMW models so that every BMW driver can experience better acceleration, improved cornering and traction as well as superior stopping power 1. VRSF Catless Downpipe 2. MHD Flasher and Super License (Stage 2+ E30) 3. xHP Stage 3 Transmission license (Flashed Through MHD Dongle) (only if Automatic) 4. Dorch Stage 1 HPFP 5. BMS Silicone Intake Elbow. B58TU1 (475-525 rwhp) 1. VRSF Catless Downpipe 2. MHD Flasher and Super License (Stage 2+ E30

Reserves of power are plentiful. 340 horsepower maybe doesn't sound like as much as it once did, but a package such as the M240i, it is more than enough. Heck, keep it between 2,000 and 4,000. DINAN STAGE 1 PERFORMANCE ENGINE SOFTWARE - 2016-2018 BMW M2. Be the first to review this product. SKU. D900-N55-M2-S1. $499.95. Wish List Compare. Email. Details. Dinan has a long and storied past when it comes to engine tuning having introduced our first engine performance chip in the mid 80's - over 3 decades ago Dinan's 135i slingshots to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and blasts through the quarter mile in 13 flat at 109.1 mph. Dinan Engineering, in business now for 31 years, has been busy building BMW race. Built to present well, perform well, and last the duration, the Dinan B58 carbon fiber cold air intake is a modification that is a must for any high high performance build. Benefits of the Dinan Carbon Fiber High Flow Air Intake for the F22/F23 M240i, F30/F34 340i and F32/F33/F36 440i

After the Stage 4 package, Dinan's S2 makes 446 hp and 458 lb-ft of torque. The improved numbers are due to a host of upgrades starting with the company's proprietary DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner Details about Dinan Elite Stage 1 Tune w/ MPPSK (F3x Modes w/B58 Engines & MPPSK) Dinan Elite Stage 1 Tune w/ MPPSK (F3x Modes w/B58 Engines & MPPSK) Item Information. Dinan Camber Plates for BMW F2x M235i M240i 228i 230i F3x 320i 328i 330i 335i. $599.95. $667.00. Free shipping . DINAN Front Sway Bar Kit for BMW 08-13 M3 (E90/E92/E93) D120. Wide variety of bmw cars with extensive 0-60 times data, such as bmw 320i, bmw 328i, bmw 125d, 335i 0 to 60, alpina, activehybrid, m5 0 to 60, 520d, m, m The two-door BMW 1600-2 arrived in 1966, with the 2002 following in 1968. Then in 1973 BMW launched the car most would consider to be the closest spiritual antecedent of the M240i: the 170bhp 2002. Burger Motorsports is the manufacturer of the world-famous JB4 performance tuner. We've been pioneering performance tuning, intakes, and mods for street-inspired race cars since 2007 Pure Turbos BMW N55 PURE Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade Kit. Recently released from Pure Turbo's arsenal, Pure N55 Stage 1 Turbo Upgrades for the BMW N55. This Turbo Upgrade from Pure features a Genuine Borg-Warner Turbo. (Not chinese aftermarket like other companies) Other Features of the BMW N55 Pure Stage 1 Turbp Upgrade Kit. -Stealth stock appearance