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  3. Oksana ready to get our Mongolia travel itinerary going! 3-Week Mongolia Itinerary Ulaanbaatar: 2 days. Start your Mongolia travel adventure by flying into Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia's capital is an enormous fume-filled city that will excite you and shock you all at once
  4. g Cliffs) Day 03: Khongor sand dunes, the biggest sand dunes in Gobi. Day 04: Yol valley, Three beauties of Gobi Mt. National Park. Day 05: Flight to Ulaanbaatar - Terelj National Park trip
  5. Mongolia in 1 Week or Less! Day 1, Ulaanbaatar: Get a feel of Mongolia's capital by visiting the National Museum of Mongolia and the Genghis Monument before enjoying the rest of the day to yourself.. Day 2, Bayan Gobi: Head out to this amazing natural preserve and explore the sand dunes and stay the night in a traditional ger camp.. Day 3, Karakorum: Leave Bayan Gobi to discover the ancient.
  6. This Mongolia Travel Itinerary includes the highlights of Mongolia, Gobi Desert and central Mongolia. Explore Mongolia with 4x4 Mongolia road trip
  7. Your Itinerary For Your Visit To Mongolia. A classic itinerary for Mongolia combines the Soviet era architecture of capital Ulaanbaatar, beautiful monasteries, the expansive steppe, dinosaur fossils, towering mountains, sand dunes of the Gobi Desert, and offers glimpses into the nomadic life of the locals with camping opportunities at ger sites.

Mongolia Travel Itinerary. This travel itinerary spends a day on your own steam in Ulaan Baatar and then in a group tour the rest of the time. It covers Gorkhi-Terelj park in the east and then heads west to central Mongolia. See the full map with pins and daily routes Northern Mongolia. 4 Weeks. Mongolia's northern aimags blend Siberia and steppe, a vast region of rolling grassland, mountains and lakes. Experiences include encounters with the native Shamanic faith and reindeer herders. Start week one of this trip by flying from Ulaanbaatar to Mörön. Hire a vehicle in Mörön and drive to Tsagaannuur

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  1. Before you go. My Mongolia Travel is local travel agency that offers Mongolia Travel packages and travel related services based on Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia
  2. The hunt for the perfect Mongolia itinerary can feel as perilous as the task of the eagle hunters in the western part of the country: So much prey, so little time! Still, I imagine this Mongolia travel guide will make your research easier, even if you come to the same conclusion that I did about needing to take a tour
  3. When I was planning my travel to Mongolia, Dragoman was the only company offering Mongolia tours that lasted more than ten days to two weeks. The 21-day overland journey was the first trip itinerary of its kind they were running here, which included Inner Mongolia
  4. Mongolia Travel Itineraries Mongolia 1-week itinerary. With a week in Mongolia, you'll want to stick around the Ulaanbaatar area. Spend a couple of days in Ulaanbaatar visiting its main sights, and then head to the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. I'd recommend spending a few nights here, you'll get to stay in a ger, try fermented horse milk.
  5. Arranging a backpacking Mongolia itinerary isn't easy! As Mongolia is well and truly off the beaten path, unlike backpacking in places such as Thailand and Vietnam, routes and itineraries are not readily available for you to follow.So, after spending a month in Mongolia, we have put together a perfect itinerary for first-timers

So escape the city hustle and venture into the epic Mongolian outdoors with this 12-day itinerary to exotic Mongolia! Day 1: Explore Mongolia's Capital, Ulaanbaatar The adventure begins upon touch down at Chinggis Khaan International Airport , named after the fearsome Genghis Khan, leader of the largest empire in history Mongolia is a vast country and you will need a good travel guide to travel with. Within this travel guide you will find a complete one week itinerary, a recommended tour for exploring the Gobi desert, and many more information for you to travel Mongolia for a week Travel to China, Mongolia and Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Beijing to... View Trip . Mongolia's Naadam Festival. 15 Days From 3280. You may be required to provide a copy of your itinerary, indicating the dates of your tour, along with your application Explore Mongolia's Altai Mountains, with the chance to interact with Kazakh families, enjoy day hikes, and meet with eagle hunters, who train their eagles to pursue foxes and rabbits during the winter months. altitudes, hiking, and travel conditions. The Detailed Itinerary, available by download or mail, gives further information. Our Area.

Home » Uncategorized » The Best Mongolia Itinerary. Travelling around Mongolia will often feel like being transported to a fabled land, untouched by your reality. And rightfully so! Tough yet breathtaking terrain spotted with vibrant glimpses of Mongolia's indigenous tribal culture sets it apart from every other travel experience in South East Asia Mongolia is a beautiful country for travelers from all types of backgrounds. Plan your own trip can be challenging for especially someone who has not visited Mongolia yet. That's why we prepared the most useful information on your Mongolia travel

I had the chane to be part of a great group and the experience surpassed my expectations. Every single detail on the tour was fantastic and I highly recommend Travel All Mongolia. A Classic Journey of Mongolia with Naadam Festival (15 days / 14 nights) Travel All Mongolia was superb in making the tour memorable The tourist trail is not well developed and lack of information makes it hard to figure out a great Mongolia travel itinerary for first-time visitors. Unlike a lot of other places in Asia, you can't just rock up in the country, pop into a travel agency and hop on a tour. Useful facts about Mongolia. My friend from Mongolia Bartbayar Gurdorz says Inner Mongolia travel guide. 4. Certain traditions of the vast grassland empire remain alive and well: an itinerary in Inner Mongolia can include horse races, camel rides, and sand sledging, plus visits to Mongolian yurts and plenty of samples of kumis (fermented horse milk)

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  1. This Mongolia travel guide covers this process and more. What is included in the trip? This is an all inclusive trip without any optional paid activities. All activities and visits quoted in the itinerary are included as well as all meals and drinks (including alcohol). The vintage Ural bikes as well as fuel and all of the repairs or spare.
  2. Horses in Xilamuren grasslands in Inner Mongolia. Grasslands. Near Hohhot. There are three grasslands close enough to Hohhot for short trips: Xilamuren grasslands: Closest to Hohhot (90 Km) and the first grasslands to be developed as a tourist attraction, these tend to be overcrowded and packed with tourist buses in peak seasons.More worryingly, over-grazing and tourism in recent years have.
  3. Mongolia Tours & Travel Packages 2021. 81 trips in Mongolia. Compare itineraries from 45 local experts and travel companies. 282 reviews. 4.7/5 avg rating. What is Travelstride
  4. Magnificent and changeable natural scenery, characteristic Mongolian yurts and ubiquitous herds of cattle and sheep will definitely give you a wonderful and unforgettable travel experience. Nadam Fair, White Festival, Oboo Sacrifice, Mare's Milk are major Inner Mongolia festivals which offer unique Mongolian customs
  5. Explore Minorities Cultures in Northeast Inner Mongolia. HT03: 7 Days Private Tour of Hailar - Hulunbuir Prairie - Shiwei - Moerdaoga National Forest Park - Genhe - Deer Tribe in Aoluguya - Ergun - Manzhouli - Hailar. From $1009 per person Free Inquiry. Departure: Itinerary valid from July 1 until September 1 every year
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Remote and isolated for most of the 20th century, Mongolia now represents one of the world's burgeoning travel destinations, appealing to hikers, campers, and nature lovers of all ages. Used to the nomadic life, locals easily bond with foreign visitors and proudly gush about their country's awe-inspiring landscapes of steppes, mountains, and. Days 6-9: Fly to Dalanzadgad in southern Mongolia's Gobi Desert and head to Three Camel Lodge, a collection of 35 luxury gers equipped with en suite bathrooms made from local stone. A Safari-style 4x4 takes guests to Khongoryn Els Sand Dunes—known as the Singing Sands for the low hum they emit when you walk on them—and to a valley filled with millennia-old petroglyphs

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On this extraordinary adventure through the Land of Blue Skies, explore the immense, silent wilderness that was once a pivotal point on the ancient Silk Road. Discover Mongolia's nomadic culture in the company of renowned photographer Thomas Kelly, who has fostered an intimate relationship with Bhukhan Valley nomads over 15 years! Saddle up and travel across vast rolling steppes on. From Seoul, continue to Ulan Bator on MIAT, the Mongolian international airline. The total round-trip costs about $1,700. Outfitters: Boojum Expeditions (800-287-0125; www.boojum.com) and.

Mongolia Winter Travel Itinerary. Setting off in UB. For any seasoned traveler or those seeking adventure, Mongolia is sure to be the top of your list. Once you grow weary of the seaside bungalows and beach parties of South East Asia, the frozen steppes of Mongolia will begin to dominate your dreams Itinerary highlights include: Discover the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, where traditional Buddhist monasteries and temples sit side by side with modern high-rises, while staying at the Shangri-La Hotel In this guide, you'll learn all you need to know about traveling Mongolia. This nomadic land is one of the best places in the world for backpackers and intrepid travellers. This guide to backpacking Mongolia lists all practical information including costs, transport, must-sees, health, accommodation and much more HIKE IT. HORSE RIDE. OR BOTH. 15 Days - $5,130 to $5,975. July 4 - 18, 2021. July 3 - 17, 2022. Tusker's founding guide, Eddie Frank leads you on this extraordinary trek through the ALTAI MOUNTAINS, which follows Mongolia's western border with China. This hidden world is one of the most magnificent mountain habitats on our planet Built during the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1662-1722) by the first Living Buddha Rob Sangalatuo, Wudangzhao Lamasery is one of the four famous Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in China and the largest one in the Inner Mongolia. Covering an area of more than 300 mu, it has more than 2500 halls, sutras and monks' houses

Travelocity is where to go to score an amazing Mongolia package deal. Select from as many as 400 air carriers and 665,000 properties all over the globe and put together a travel itinerary that fits your style. With so many options at hand, it's easy to organize your next exciting getaway Delve into our digital catalogs for an overview of some of our most popular adventures, including day-to-day itineraries and ways to personalize your experience. Whether you're looking to cruise the icy waters of the Arctic or journey into the heart of the Sicilian countryside, you can preview these dream adventures by clicking the headline. Mongolia Travel and Tours is a travel agency based in Mongolia, part of a French group. We offer horseback rides, hiking adventures, tailor made tours and nomadic family stays with the highest quality standards in Mongolia and 100% financial guarantee

Yes, women can and do travel solo in Mongolia! Here's a guest post and travel guide from Ana of Parenthood4ever on solo female travel to in Mongolia and her trip to the Gobi Desert to help y\'all on your merry way. As an expat living in China, I used to travel out of China at least four times a year. The first reason: it's often cheaper to travel outside of China than within the country Take a look at our most popular tours. Discover Mongolia Tour (14 days) See the fabulous Great Gobi Desert. Visit historic Kharkhorin and Erdene Zuu. Understand the nomadic lifestyle. 14 days 3-16 People. from: USD 2596. Beauty of Mongolia Tour (11 days) Mongolian top attractions Travel Itinerary - Trans-Mongolian Railway. On 6 Oct 2017 17 Jul 2019 By AndysWorldJourneys In Russia, travel photography, travel planning, travel tips. Howdy all

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  1. Mongolia Overland Tour 2021. Overview Itinerary Price Reviews. 16 days from $1870. Book Now Enquire Now. This is the best way to discover Mongolia, travel through the breathtaking landscapes, experience nomadic lifestyle and culture. This 16 day overland tour takes you to the most popular travel destinations of Mongolia
  2. Explore Mongolia tours with us and discover the best places to visit. Here, we made our tours in categories to make it easy for your search. If you quite can't find what you are looking for, simply send us tailor made option, and we will customize your perfect Mongolia travel itinerary and will make come true your dream Mongolia holiday
  3. We will offer unique travel itinerary , which addresses the needs of our customers. In addition to it, there are 9 different travel itineraries are available to choose. Every trip touches the natural beauty of Mongolia and reflects nomadic culture, tradition and way of life of nomads. We sincerely hope that our service will exceed your.
  4. Mongolia's Naadam: The Festival of Three Games - 2022 - Itinerary. Experience the ancient mysteries and modern marvels of beautiful Mongolia. Make your next trip a deluxe adventure when you book with Vantage Travel. Mongolia's Naadam: The Festival of Three Games - 2022 Seoul South Korea • Ulaanbaatar and Gobi Desert, Mongolia
  5. Mongolia - Level 4: Do Not Travel. Do not travel to Mongolia due to COVID-19. Read the Department of State's COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for Mongolia for COVID-19, indicating a very high level of COVID-19 in the country

A vacation to Mongolia for one week usually costs around ₮497,252 for one person.So, a trip to Mongolia for two people costs around ₮994,505 for one week.A trip for two weeks for two people costs ₮1,989,010 in Mongolia. If you're traveling as a family of three or four people, the price person often goes down because kid's tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared What you can expect. Itinerary. Day 1: Ulaanbaatar City Tour. Stop At: Genghis Khan Statue Complex, Tsonjin Boldog, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. the biggest equestrian statue of Chinggis Khan. Duration: 2 hours. Stop At: Gandantegchenling Monastery, 1,5 KM North West of the Central Square, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia Bek Travel, 13 days Western Mongolia Package, All Combined Trip Itinerary in Tavan Bogd National Park. Bek Travel, 9 days Western Mongolia Package, All Combined Trip Itinerary in Tavan Bogd National Park. Bek Travel, 6 days Western Mongolia Package, All Combined Trip Itinerary in Tavan Bogd National Park Horse riding in The Eight Lakes. Central Mongolia. SUMMER TOURS. 11 Days. Days. This is from arrival at the first destination to departure at the end of the tour. (not including traveling from your home country, and/or traveling back home). 0 Flights. Flights. The number of domestic and/or regional flights which are included in the tour price

Thank you so much to Deggie from Vast Steppe Mongolia for arranging my itinerary to be one of a kind for me to truly experience your country's well-kept beauty! 3 thoughts on 11 Best Things To Do In Mongolia [Mongolia Travel Guide] Charles Yaun says: December 22, 2019 at 7:25 PM Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Khovsgol Lake, Gobi Desert. 41 meals—16 breakfasts, 12 lunches, and 13 dinners (including 1 Home-Hosted meal) Explore the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Marvel at the Gandan Monastery, Mongolia's main center of Buddhism. Stay in the traditional dwelling known as a ger Mongolian people have lived in gels since long ago. Genghis Khan was also born in GER. Even now Mongolians live in the GER. Tourists are coming to stay at Mongolian GERs from various countries of the world. So, there are GER camps in various parts of Mongolia. Click here to see how to make GERs Please watch a video Central Mongolia in just 3 days! Kharhorin, the ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire, located 400km southwest of UB. There are presently efforts to reestablish Kharhorin as the capital of Mongolia as it was centuries ago. Explore the restored Erdenzuu Monastery originally built in 1586

View the full trip itinerary for Mongolia's Ancient Mysteries & Modern Marvels 2020. Vantage Travel, an industry leader in river cruises and land tours for over 35 years. Mongolia's Ancient Mysteries & Modern Marvels - 2022 Seoul, South Korea • Ulaanbaatar and Gobi Desert, Mongolia 17 days / 16 nights. Price Per Person. From $16,700. See Itinerary. Really Remote Lands: Siberia, Western Mongolia & Northern China. Adventure-seekers looking to get off the beaten path are in for a real treat with this two-week journey through Siberia, Western Mongolia and Northern China

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Gobi Desert Excursion. The expansive Gobi Desert rests across southern Mongolia and is home to Mongolian nomads, bactrian camels (that's two humped camels, not one), some of Mongolia's most unique sites geographic landscapes,. Starting at 2500. 9 days. Download Itinerary Western Mongolia Horse Derby 14 Days Fixed trip. Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, welcomed by Bek Travel team and drive to Edelweiss hotel, check into your hotel and have dinner at Mongolian restaurant. Then go to see Mongolian Traditional concert Tumen-Enkh Ensemble.Overnight at your hotel. Day 2: Picked up in the morning and drive to the airport.

The trip begins in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. Travelers on the July itinerary spend a significant part of their time here attending the Naadam Festival, a traditional sporting competition that's carried out with a level of enthusiasm, pageantry, and gravitas reminiscent of the Olympics Also Mongolian nomadic families were so kind and hospitable and I really like milk tea, it was really testy. If you want to stay in a Ger and experience the incredible nomadic lifestyle and wild nature of Mongolia. I would definitely book another tour through Four Seasons Travel and suggest the company to any friends traveling there From bustling Beijing to the Hermitage in St Petersburg, travel halfway around the world in three incredible weeks. Board one of the world's great trains and ride the rails on this once-in-a-lifetime trip across the grassy steppes of Mongolia and through the taiga forests of Siberia. Share train carriages with locals and spend nights in a Mongolian ger and a cozy Russian guesthouse. Not only. Expedition Overview Itinerary Pricing Gallery Download Itinerary Book Tour Summary The expansive Gobi Desert rests across southern Mongolia and is home to Mongolian nomads, bactrian camels (that's two humped camels, not one), some of Mongolia's most unique sites geographic landscapes, and an inordinate amount of undiscovered dinosaur bones

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From snowy mountains to epic grasslands to rolling hills and deep cut gorges, it's visually stunning. The view from the top of a dune is a highlight. A large part of Mongolia is covered by the Gobi Desert. The Gobi is the largest desert in Asia, but only 5% is Sand dunes. But, this isn't going to be a problem 20-Day Trans-Mongolian Itinerary. Days 1 & 2 - Beijing. Days 3 & 4 - Beijing to Ulaan Baatar. Days 5 to 7 - Ulaan Baatar and Mongolia. Days 8 to 10 - Train Ulaan Baatar to Irkutsk and Irkutsk. Days 11 to 14 - Irkutsk to Ekaterinburg and Ekaterinburg. Days 15 to 20 - Ekaterinburg to Moscow. Resources for Planning Trans-Siberian. Walking through the Gobi Desert, Mongolia with freezing night wind blowing through the traditional Yurt tents, I and my companion Karen, are still alive, without water, electricity and other traditionally essential things. The trip is teaching us a valuable lesson-how to live in the desert as Mongolian nomadic people have done for thousands of years. [ A plus (+) sign means the trip is a bit more strenuous than other trips of that level. The detailed explanation of each trip—below the bar with the number rating—is perhaps more important, specifying activities, altitudes, hiking, and travel conditions. The Detailed Itinerary, available by download or mail, gives further information Horseback Mongolia is a Franco-Mongol travel agency based in Ulaanbaatar since 2006. Between discovery of the country from every angle (landscapes, culture, lifestyle, activities,.), comfort and authenticity, we strive to complete your journey to the heart of our homeland. Security, quality support and comfort are our main concerns

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  1. Nauryz (Spring/New Life) Festival. Nauryz is a new year celebration for the Mongolian Kazakhs, many of whom live in the Bayan Ulgii province. Kazakhs call the month of March 'Nauryz' - this is the time of renewed life which comes with the spring. The non-religious Nauryz celebrations take place on 21-22 March, the day of the spring equinox
  2. g you to Mongolia! All of our 2021 and 2022 Mongolia tours feature our Come Together program
  3. Your personalized, unique Mongolian travel experience can include hiking, fishing,camping, horseback riding, a homestay, or a combination of any of these activities. Simply let us know your travel wishes and interests and we will prepare an itinerary and price quote for you. Your Mongolian adventure awaits you

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Mongolia is a landlocked country located between China and Russia. It is a vast emptiness that links land and sky, and is one of the last few places on the planet where nomadic life is still a living tradition. Mongolia may have various geopolitical, cultural and geographical meanings. Mongolia consists of historic Outer Mongolia The Ultimate Mongolia Travel Itinerary Read More » What It's Like to Stay in a Ger in Mongolia One of the most unique and interesting parts of our recent trip to Asia was the experience of staying in a Days 12-14: Ulaanbaatar. Experience the pageantry of the fascinating Naadam Festival, a national celebration of Mongolia's ageless traditions. Finish with a remarkable performance of Mongolian throat-singing. HIGHLIGHTS. Natural History Museum, displaying many dinosaur bones and nests discovered by expeditions that have combed the Gobi Desert The western aimags offer adventurous travel and exploration. Adrenalin junkies can break out the mountain bike, kayak or mountaineering gear. Start with a flight to Khovd, from where you can hire a jeep and driver for a birdwatching and wildlife ex- Mongolia itinerary. 2 S ARKHANGAI Wall O

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South Gobi Desert & Terelj National Park 7 days. Region: Southern of Mongolia Available time: May through September Price: On request Contrary to the sameness that the word desert suggests, the Gobi, the northernmost desert in the world, is a fascinating and diverse region with the terrains of mountains, sandstone cliffs, lush green oases and sand dunes See the Itinerary . Tusker's founding guide, Eddie Frank leads you on this extraordinary trek through the ALTAI MOUNTAINS, which follows Mongolia's western border with China. This hidden world is one of the most magnificent mountain habitats on our planet. You can hike, be a Nomad on horseback, or do both - crossing broad river valleys. So if you are looking for cheap ticket, you can try Expedia. b. Train. We took an 8-hour train ride to Hohhot, Inner Mongolia! It was my first time taking a hard sleeper and wow what an experience! The 2-way train ticket from Beijing to Hohhot cost us CNY335 (SGD67) which is super reasonable Hi everyone, We plan to go to Mongolia (rough itinerary: Ulaanbaatar, northern Mongolia (lake Khovsgol etc), Karakorum and Gobi desert) in mid-August for 10-14 days.The main issue that we are facing is the choice of the tour operator. I have read the forum and it seems like there are plenty of operators but hardly any of them is 100% reliable

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Either you're spending an overnight in a traditional yurt in a Mongolian ger camp, going horseback riding in the steppe, or discovering the monumental sights of the capital city Ulan Bator - Mongolia will be a place you'll remember for years to come. Set off on an adventurous Mongolia tour to immerse yourself in the unique culture of this Asian country yourself! As always, the Mongolia travel. Download detailed itinerary. Request Airfare Quote. 8. Jewels of Mongolia ( 10 days / 9 nights ) 10 th of August, 2021. 19 th of August, 2021. Min-2, Max-18. Available. Book trip. Download detailed itinerary. Request Airfare Quote. 9. Overland Discovery ( 15 days / 14 nights ) 7 th of August, 2021. 21 th of August, 2021. 2 - 16 persons. Request detailed tour itinerary. Naadam Festival with the Gobi Desert and Khuvsgul Lake 12 days. Region: Central and Northern, Southern part of Mongolia Available time: 5-16 July, 2021-2022 Price: On request . This tour includes three highlights of Mongolia travel: Khuvsgul Lake, the Gobi and Naadam festival.. The adventure travel specialist is offering a Mongolia fam trip set for July 9-20, 2021, which will explore Ulaanbaatar, Hustai National Park, Baga Gazriin Chuluu, Tsagaan Suvarga, the Yol Valley, the Khongor Sand Dunes, Bayanzag and Gorkhi Terelj National Park. Cost is $2,350 per person, double Sunpath Mongolia is a local tour operator/travel agency which specializes in providing authentic Mongolian experience. We maintain a good relationship with an extensive network of nomadic families throughout Mongolia and work with them to give you unforgettable and yet, safe trip

Mongolia Tours offers wide variety of adventure tours, vacation packages, festival tours and small group photography tours in Mongolia. View all Mongolia tours and book today Located at the heart of Mongolia is the capital city Ulaanbaatar. Here is a full-day itinerary for you to enjoy the lesser-known city life of Mongolia. Table of Content: 9:00 AM: Chinggis Square; 10:30 AM: Choijin Lama Temple Museum; 12:30PM: Lunch at Modern Nomads; 1:30 PM: Gandantegchinlen Monastery; 4:00 PM: Bogd Khan Palace Museum; 6:30 PM. The CDC and WHO recommend the following vaccinations for Mongolia: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia and influenza. COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for travel to all regions, both foreign and domestic Gucci World Tours is the leading tour operator in Mongolia and will do best to make your trip a lifetime experience. Our guides and drivers are a fine collection of colorful character, chosen for their ability to form a bridge between cultures and to keep clients informative and comfortable. Mongolia is new phenomenal destination for the all over the world..

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All with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Mongolia and begin your journey now! Inside Lonely Planet's Mongolia: Colour maps and images throughout; Highlights and itineraries help you tailor your trip to your personal needs and interests; Insider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, avoiding crowds and. Eastern Mongolia is a nature-lover's delight, boasting an unspoiled landscape and a variety of wildlife. It is the least-visited region of the country despite the area's historical significance and sweeping landscape, and it is definitely worth including on your Mongolia travel itinerary Mongolia is one of the world's last frontiers of overland travel! The birthplace of the warlord Genghis Khan, it is a true wilderness of nomadic people and stunning scenery, everything from mountains to desolate plains to pine forests to deserts. Our journey through this wild country will take us through some of the remotest lands on Earth

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