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Jetzt neu oder gebraucht kaufen Lots of templates and an easy-to-use interface! Create a Logo Online with Turbologo™. Create unique logo Online in few steps. Fill company name and download design today Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning. The lotus flower tattoo has many different meanings in different cultures and religions. Buddhism - In the Buddhist religion, the lotus flower represents purity of the body, mind, and spirit. The meaning is represented in the life of a lotus flower as it grows through the mud, yet maintains pure as it blooms on the water's surface

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The lotus flower tattoo has been a part of body art in Asia for a long time because the lotus has powerful meanings drawn from ancient cultures and religions.. Lotus Art in Buddhism. To Buddhists, the lotus represents the purity of enlightenment after the long toil of earthly existence because the pure, white flowers of the lotus unfold each morning out of muddy, standing water As Lotus rises in mud, so one thing you can do is showing a blooming lotus flower in your tattoo design. 26. Here Bodhi style lotus black and white tattoo where the artist tried to represent self-awareness. 27. This traditional chandelier style lotus tattoo is actually inked to denote the spirituality of the person People love to get flower tattoos on their body especially women. In these Lotus flower is one of the most beautiful flowers which is more popular than other flowers. That's why people love to get lotus tattoo designs on their bodies. Women of any age group can get a lotus flower tattoo. Lotus flower tattoo is an eye-catching tattoo design Lotus Flower Tattoo Design Ideas. It is not only in the color and the phase that we can draw meaning from a lotus flower tattoo. Sometimes, it is depicted in a particular design. Others tend to combine the lotus flower with another subject with deeper meaning. Usually, it turns into a more specific depiction of what kind of person the wearer is Oct 24, 2020 - Lotus flower tattoo designs are widely preferred by tattoo lovers all around the world. Popular amongst both, men and women, lotus design is not only.

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Delicate Lotus Flower Tattoo. Using very delicate outlines, this lotus flower tattoo appears delicate, as if touching the ink would crumple the design. The thick petals contrast against the thin stem, emphasizing the femininity of the tattoo as well. 37 of 40 A lotus flower is a religious symbol in Asian culture, and it's been on top of the list for people looking for best tattoo designs. There are many beautiful lotus flower tattoos that you can choose from, and we have put them together so you don't have to go anywhere

Lotus flower tattoo meaning. Across the ages, the lotus flower has stood for different things across different cultures, including: Egyptian culture - ancient Egyptian mythology included the belief that the beginning of life on earth was marked by the blooming of the lotus flower from the sea. Because of this, in Egyptian culture the lotus is a symbol of life's beginning and reincarnation Many people adore this design as a flirty design and it's difficult to hide the beauty of the design. Lotus is a beautiful flower associated with purity, knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. Though lotus flower tattoos are one of the most popular floral tattoo designs in different cultures, the best feature is that their meaning remains the. Nov 9, 2020 - Explore Find Tattoo Design's board Lotus Tattoo Designs, followed by 214192 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about lotus tattoo, tattoo designs, tattoos

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  1. Download Lotus flower tattoo designs stock vectors. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors
  2. For example :White lotus flower tattoo is symbolize for mental and spiritual enlightenment. Where Blue lotus tattoo represents knowledge, wisdom and intelligence. Purple represents mystic view of the region and spirituality. While red lotus flower tattoo represents love, passion, and other emotions
  3. g straight out of Japanese movies or animes. Read More: Japanese Tattoos: History, Meanings, Symbolism And Designs Blackwork Lotus Flower Tattoos. Last but not least in our lotus flower tattoo categories is the blackwork one
  4. Depending on your taste and preferences, you may even translate the flower design of a lotus into abstract squiggles. Realistic Lotus Tattoo. Realism style is great if you love 3D or 2D effect. Choose a lotus design that looks like a photograph or even a real life flower
  5. Top 100 Best Lotus Flower Tattoos For Women - Floral Design Ideas. Lotus flowers are extraordinarily beautiful. This alone makes them the perfect choice for a tattoo in just about any location on your body. However, a lotus flower is so much more. A lotus flower grows in water. This makes it especially great for any water sign

30 Pretty Lotus Flower Tattoo. Posted on March 5, 2021. by Tattoo Expert. Lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers that make for amazing body artwork. Lotus flower tattoos look fantastic. The best thing is there are myriads of lotus flower tattoo designs. One can get anything from Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo to Geometric Lotus tattoo Lotus Flower Tattoo Sleeve Designs. Colored Lotus flower Tattoo Meaning. Each of the lotus colors - white, blue, pink, and sometimes red or purple - has its own special symbolism in addition to the symbolism of the flower itself. If you would like to design your tattoo according to the symbolism of each lotus flower color, here is what they. Lotus flower tattoos are intrinsically beautiful depictions of peace and relaxation.. A lotus flower tattoo design is renowned for its symbolism among yoga practitioners and spiritual teachers. Their unfolding is often equated to a man's inner development and psychic growth, or in a mandala tattoo of the lotus, balance.. T here are a variety of different color meanings associated with this.

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Fantastic Lotus Flower Tattoo Design Ideas Flowers are a hot pick up when it comes to get tattooed and a lotus flower tattoo design is not only charming but also significant. It is an epitome of purification and faith as it goes from murky water, blooming above the muddy water to attain enlightenment The lotus flower blooms in the depths of muddy waters. Despite that, it still rises above the water and looks beautiful. As a tattoo design, a lotus flower symbolizes purity and harmony and depicts the thoughts of the wearer of the tattoo. The reason why so many men and women choose lotus flower as their tattoo design is the aesthetic beauty.

11. Stomach Lotus Tattoo Designs: Stomach lotus tattoo designs will be tattooed in the stomach. These type of lotus tattoos will be sexy as the lotus flower is inked genially with some ornamental design to enhance them and look prettier than others. The petals of a lotus flower will look very graceful. 12 Lotus flower tattoo originates from Asia.Lotus flower is a flower that grows in water. The designs of lotus tattoos vary from place to place. The variety of designs is influenced by some different cultures and thought Here you can find an image gallery of different lotus flower tattoo designs and ideas. Lotus is not just a female tattoo it suits well for girls, women, guys, and men. Lotus flower symbol. The lotus flower tattoo has many meanings. It is a universal symbol in the East (Japan, China) as a lily or rose in the West. The lotus flower tattoo is a.

Flower tattoo designs are a favorite choice for both men and women, and the lotus tattoo is particularly popular for adding beauty. This tattoo can fit the back and even include other designs or small enough to be inked on a finger. Even though it grows in mud, the lotus flower is known for its religious, spiritual and decorative effects Lotus flower tattoos for men is not exactly something new because such designs have been popular with the gender for ages. Aside from the fact that great tattoo designs enhance the physical appearance of a person, men also love lotus flower tattoo designs because of what the flower symbolizes 2. Shoulder Lotus Tattoo Design. While the more popular lotus tattoo design is based on the real flower, tattoo artists can also add their own twist to these tattoos, using a mandala design as an example. 3. A Simple Lotus Tattoo at the Chest. A simple lotus tattoo can show just a few petals with shadings beneath them

90 Elegant Lotus Tattoo Designs. August 14, 2013Steven 5 Comments. The lotus tattoo represents purification and faithfulness. In Buddhism, lotus flower is one of Buddhist relics often appears with Buddha statues. It earns its characteristics also becasue lotus grows from a murky water, while rising and blooming above the murk Lotus tattoos are listed some of the most universal tattoo designs those are all the rage unbiased sexual characteristics. Floating lotus tattoo designs, with stars, with koi fishes and with other Hindu, Buddhist, Asian and Japanese designs they are in truth all the rage. HINT: Click here for our #1 Lotus Flower pics A lotus flower tattoo with water designs and a koi or carp fish or with Chinese text are some great ideas for a Chinese lotus tattoo. And of course, lots of bright blues, purples, reds and yellows. Lotus Dragonfly Tattoo Let's have a look at some concepts, designs and pictures of how the lotus flowers are tattooed on the again. Massive lotus flower within the center space of the again Lotus flower with colours on the again. Mandala-style lotus flower. Massive tattoo accompanied with lunar phases. Mandala tattoo of lotus flower Koi fish and lotus flower tattoo - as you're browsing our gallery, you'll come across plenty of koi tattoos involving flowers with large petals, usually in shades of pink or blue. These are lotus flowers. They have extensive symbolic meanings in a number of cultures and spiritual belief systems, including Ancient Egypt, Chinese mythology, and Buddhism

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This is a prime example of the need to double check your design before committing, particularly in an area of the body that you don't see often, like the back. 16. Small Lotus. This simple lotus flower tattoo is wonderfully done on the heel of the foot. It is a tiny tattoo with a huge impact 35 Unique Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs And Meaning [ 2021 Collection ] Lotus flower tattoo symbolizes these components of excellence and puzzle. At the point when individuals have hunted down a portrayal of impeccable excellence, numerous have utilized the lotus flower as the embodiment. It has phenomenal solidness 5671. Today, we are going to present 40 Beautiful Lotus Tattoo Designs. These Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs are very trendy and are preferred by both men and women because of its eye-catching beauty. Flowers are a well liked alternative of conceiving for tattoos, and a lotus bloom tattoo design is particularly eye-catching Lotus tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs out there not only for its very beautiful appearance, but also for its symbolic and rich meanings behind as well. The lotus flower has many different meanings based on any one of a number of factors, religion, the way the lotus is depicted (open, closed, partially open) and the color

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Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs & Ideas Lotus Flower Tattoo on Back. Simple. Lotus Flower Tattoo on Arm. Lotus Flower Tattoo on Forearm. Watercolor. More Lotus Tattoos. Celebrities with Lotus Flower Tattoos. She is a beautiful supermodel and actress for those of you who do not know who Charlize Theron is. She has shown her deep appreciation for the. Lotus Flower Picture design - How to Find the Best Designs. A lotus flower in a tattoo is a great example of what a tattoo can do. These flower pictures are often used as a flower picture design because they look great. Most of them are small but when done in a unique way, they can stand out and look even better

50 Fantastic Unalome Lotus Tattoos Ideas. Nowadays, Oriental culture is getting more and more popular. Today, we have 50 awesome Buddhist inspired unalome lotus tattoo ideas for you! 1. Lotus Flower, Arrows, Moon Phases, and Geometric Objects. Just beautiful. A perfect forearm tattoo idea for women. By @juketattoois. 2 10 Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs with Cultural Themes If you want a gorgeous flower that has a deeper meaning to it than just aesthetics then the lotus is the perfect combination. The flower is most intriguing in that it grows in mud or dirty water and submerges under the same water overnight only to reemerge the next morning brimming with color. Small Lotus Flower Tattoos. Lotus flowers are cute, girly, and contain deep meaning. They represent divinity and purity and would be a great tattoo choice anywhere in the body. There are so many ways to customize these symbols with intricate detail, color, or by adding a lotus into a pre-existing design Lotus flower tattoos are amongst my favorite tattoo designs because of their symbolic meaning. Just like the beautiful lotus flower floats on the muddy waters of a pond, it is a symbol for purity floating on the dirty waters of our society. The lotus flower is seen often in Indian and Chinese mythology, where it is a symbol for spiritual awakening

Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs: Significance and Ideas. Ketki Dongare Mar 21, 2020. The growth of a divine beauty, rising above the water bed, amidst all the dirt is poetic in itself. Lotus Flower Tattoos signify spiritual enlightenment of soul, purity, and self-awareness Mandala Wrist Tattoo Ideas. 1. Geometric mandala tattoos are my favorite because they show geometrical symmetry all around like this. 2. Many artist suggest to add flower to mandala tattoos and the most commonly suggested flower is of lotus. 3. Mandala sleeve tattoos are very much popular among men and women Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs; Chakra Tattoo Ideas . More Must-Read Articles / Style. 41 Best Sprezzatura Outfits for Men July 6, 2021 / Food And Drink. The World's Most Expensive Burger is Covered in Gold July 6, 2021 / Travel. The 9 Best Places To Visit in the UK July 6, 2021 / Style Lotus: The lotus flower also considers a popular flower tattoo design. Because of its gorgeous visuals. Lotus flower symbolizes spiritual rebirth as, in Buddhism, and Hindusim. Lotus flower also expresses the ability to rise from the mud bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world The lotus flower can grow in muddy waters and still bloom beautifully above the water's surface. It is seen as a representation of the ability to rise above difficult circumstances and achieve enlightenment. Now that it all makes sense and fits right with the essence of the semicolon movement, you ought to give this tattoo design a thought

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Lotus Unalome Big Bundle SVG Cricut Cut Files, Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs, Yoga or Buddhist Symbol Bundle [svg dxf png eps pdf] SVGgraphic. From shop SVGgraphic. 5 out of 5 stars (499) 499 reviews $ 6.51. Favorite Add to Unalome Lotus - Temporary Tattoos tattooday. From shop tattooday. The knots are lessons that we have to overcome to reach the lotus flower at the top. The Lotus flower means perfection which in the Hindu religion represents Moksha or Enlightenment and in the Buddhist religion is knows as Nirvana. The story behind these two words is that when we reach the top and open our spiritual lotus we are free from the. The lotus flower symbolises feminine sensuality, passion and elegance. It is also used in art to represent new life or a new beginning, as all flowers are. You can learn more about the meaning of flower tattoos in Gorgeous Flower Tattoo Designs for Girls here on Rattatattoo. In addition to the feminine lotus flower, the tattoo artist has. Download Lotus flower tattoo designs stock photos. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors

If there is one tattoo design that has diverse meanings, that would be the lotus flower. The lotus flower has long been part of a lot of civilizations and it is now making its way into modern society. Read on to know more about why the lotus flower is now a favorite among men and women. What Is A Lotus Flower? The lotus is an aquatic perennial. It's a gorgeous flower and there are quite a few lotus flower tattoo meanings to choose from when you get it. It's also the type of tattoo that is great for both men and women since there are many designs that you can get, and you can get a small medium, or large tattoo based on your needs Tattoo Designs. Finding a tattoo design that you want inked on your skin forever is a process. Searching the photos on our site will help you get inspiration, or even better, a tattoo artist near you that can help bring your ideas to life. Tattoo.com helps you narrow down results to art created by tattoo artists near you A single-color black lotus makes an elegant design. Single Black Lotus. Lotus and Leaf. Wear a short dress and show off the lotus and leaf tattoo behind your knee. Lotus and Leaf. Wild Lotus. Golden petals with a waving center add a touch of the wild in the lotus tattoo. Wild Lotus. Lotus and Bird. A pretty lotus with a blue bird is a wonderful.

Lotus Tattoos. The lotus flower is most often connected to spirituality, especially as a sacred symbol within Asian cultures. It's a popular tattoo design that embodies elements of purity, and the connection between the body, spirit, and mind. It's floral, intricate, and can be very feminine as well A lotus flower symbolizes beauty, purity, strength, enlightenment, and wisdom. Wearing a lotus tattoo on the wrist is a unique idea. It's a great way to adorn the wrist. The lotus flower wrist tattoos are cool and cute. The tattoos are simple and small but are graceful and elegant as well. There is a huge variety of designs to choose your pick 12 Awesome Small Tattoo Ideas For Women I Just Love It Anklet. Lotus Flower Mandala Meaning Lotus Mandala Circular Vest. 90 Immensely Deep And Positive Lotus Mandala Tattoos To Express Your. 44 Best Lotus Tattoo Designs Golfiancom. 36 Mandala Lotus Tattoos Ideas Just as the Lotus grows out of the mud and into a flower, humans can transform their lives and achieve enlightenment. Related Post: The Significance And Symbolism of Lotus Flower Tattoos. The Mandala and Bell. When a bell is used within the Mandala design, it is representative of living in the moment and emptying one's mind

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Lotus Flower Tattoo Drawing - Tattoo Design Mandala is a free transparent png image. Search and find more on Vippng Are you thinking about getting a tattoo and you cannot find the design you are after? Houw about a lotus flower tattoo design? Have you thought about a tattoo of that type? There are some great benefits to these type of tattoos and they are very hot at the moment. There is a lot of symbolizm behind one of these tattoos and they can be very deep as well. They are just perfect for both men and. Tattoo designs - L >> Lotus flowers. Lotus Flower/Water Lily Tattoo Design Meanings-God's favourite flower the lotus has earned such a reputation by appearing front and centre in religious myths around the world.Considered to be perfection in form, the lotus has been associated with many creation myths Flower Neck Tattoo Small Lotus Flower Tattoo Flower Tattoo Drawings Flower Thigh Tattoos Flower Tattoo Designs Lotus Mandala Tattoo Lotus Flower Mandala Lotus Flower Drawings Lotus Flowers

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The flower tattoos are popular in watercolor designs because they look very appealing and contains intricate patterns. Traditional tattoo designs are available in bold-bright colors, graphic designers have given body art a new dimension with black and white flower tattoos.Fine detailed patterns are gaining popularity and it is the actual thing you are looking for Following this path will lead us to reach the lotus flower, which means success, rewards, and perfection. When it comes to unalome lotus tattoo design, you can have some fun and be creative. Whether it's a fine-line tattoo, single-line tattoo or realistic and so on, they'll all be suitable with an unalome lotus tattoo. 3 Lotus flower tattoo designs have various meanings beyond its exquisite look. This flower has Latin name Nelumbo Nucifera or also well known as Indian lotus,. A lotus flower tattoo design is a great direction to go in if you are looking to get a new tattoo. Whether it is your first, or you are very experienced with tattooing, you can be happy with this design. The major reason why I like it so much is because this choice combines symbolism and an attractive look that everyone will like. While the lotus flower tattoo design is in pretty high demand.

160 Small Lotus Flower Tattoos Meanings July 2019. Spine Thin Lines Ideas Sternum Tattoo Tattoos Lotus Flower. 40 Spine Tattoo Ideas For Women Art And Design. 1 Set Of 3 Lotus Flower Mandala Tribal Design Rip Back Temporary Tattoo Tatouage. 100 Tastefully Provocative Back Tattoos For Women 925 Sterling Silver 7 Chakra Necklace Healing Crystal Lotus Flower Pendant Necklace Jewelry Thanksgiving Christmas Stocking Stuffers Mother Birthday Mom Gifts for Women,Mom,Wife,Yoga Lover. 4.7 out of 5 stars 205. $33.99 $ 33. 99 $36.99 $36.99. 10% coupon applied at checkout Save 10% with coupon

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The lotus flower tattoo unites style, personality, meaning and femininity, and can be marked on the skin with lines and colors of the most diverse, adapting to the personality of each. Aquatic plant native to Asia, the flower is famous for its longevity - experts believe that its seeds can germinate over 13 centuries A lotus flower tattoo- a perfect blend of style and emotions. Throughout a lot of cultures, the lotus has been a very important flower, for it represents a lot of things. For many cultures and religions all around the world, this flower a very important one, especially in Hinduism and Buddhism, this flower means a lot of things Lotus Flower Tattoo Design. Lotus Flower Tattoo On Wrist. Lotus Flower Tattoo. Lotus Flower Wrist Tattoo. Black Outline Lotus Tattoo. Lotus Tattoo Design. Nice Pink Lotus Flower Tattoo. Category: Wrist Tattoos. More Entries. 31 Excellent Om Tattoos Designs On Wrist; 81 Fantastic Mandala Wrist Tattoos Design In Hinduism, the lotus is a pristine flower that portrays purity. It is also related to wealth and creativity deities. Additionally, the lotus symbolizes chakras or the energy centers believed to affect a person's physical and spiritual health. Meditation practitioners stare at lotus designs for a long time to achieve enlightenment Lotus. The lotus flower is a favorite because it represents the ability to grow and blossom despite struggles. The meaning of the lotus flower tattoo is to show a transformation from hardship or loss to beauty, strength, and growth. A simple yet beautiful flower tattoo can share such a powerful message to the rest of the world

9. Tribal rose covered up with a lotus flower tattoo on back. 10. Tiny Elephant tattoo cover up with Black and Grey Mandela Tattoo Design. 11. Cover Up Big tattoo with Beautiful Lily Flower tattoo. 12. Flower vines and skull cover up with big black and white flower with with leaves. 13 Beautiful Unalome Tattoo Ideas: Unalome Lotus Tattoo. Image Source. Image Source. Lotus unalome tattoo designs are by far one of the most popular designs that one would like to go for. Such a lotus design is usually placed near the shoulder, at the back, or near the neck TOP TIGER TATTOO ART: 50. Black and White Lotus Tiger Tattoo. This beautiful black and white piece includes the lotus flower. It provides a softness alongside the strong, stern tiger face. 49. Forearm Peek. This tiger tattoo allows us to feel that the tiger is peeking over the edge of some obstruction 'Elephant with Crescent Moon and Lotus Flower' Tattoo. Meaning: Lotus flower is considered as a symbol of divine beauty and purity. Crescent moon represents the cycles of birth, psychic abilities, spiritual aspects, and intuition powers. A tattoo of an elephant with lotus and crescent moon denotes spiritual awakening. 33. 'Simple Elephant. 10. Abstract Lotus and other plants design. A large but basically simple tattoo, this one is a contour of a Lotus flower and other plants that grow besides it. Simply decorative, it features harmonious lining and curved shapes. 11. The Death's-Head Hawk Moth. The Death's-Head Hawk Moth is not necessarily a design for men only

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One of the most popular types of mandala tattoos is the lotus mandala. This is a mandala that's in the shape of a lotus flower.The mandala design itself dates back to ancient India as a symbol used for meditation and healing, but they're not limited to this part of the world Lotus flower tattoo. A lotus flower tattoo can have numerous meanings.. Whether you are talking about the lotus flower or the lotus blossom: the lotus tattoo is, next to the rose tattoo, one of the most popular floral tattoos - for women and men alike. Not only the beauty of the plant has its share in this, but also the fact that the lotus is considered a sacred flower and that it has numerous. Lotus flower tattoo designs are popular not only in India where one can spot women with lotus tattoo designs inked very commonly, but are equally famous in Asian as well as western countries. Lotus flower tattoo designs are loved all over the globe for their beauty and purity. These tattoo designs have a unique charm that cannot be compared to. Lotus Tattoo. Before you jump onto getting yourself a lotus tattoo inked, it's important to know its purpose. The real meaning attached to a lotus flower of any color shows that the person wearing the lotus tattoo has been through a lot of struggle and hardships from the beginning because the lotus flower grows out from intact mud

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Wrist tattoo inspired by celtic knotwork and mehndi style lotus flowers. The design is intended to wrap fully around the wrist, either with the flower on the top of the wrist and the arrows pointing towards the hand, or the flower on the bottom of the arm, and the arrows pointing towards the body A lotus flower tattoo, similar to the one above, but just placed on the arm. Lotus flowers will look great on every part of your body, regardless of the tattoo's size or design. A lotus flower tattoo will make you come across as a spiritual, pure, and beautiful person. 14. Attractive Lotus Flower Tattoo If you are wanting to have a large elephant tattoo think about stepping out of the ordinary and getting a sexy thigh tattoo. Sexy Elephant Thigh Tattoo Design. Elephant + Lotus Flower Thigh Tattoo. Add some extra feminine detail to your tattoo by adding bursts of color, or lotus flowers around your elephant. Elephant Tattoo + Lotus Flower

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Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs For Women. If you like to have some thing nature in your tattoo or want any flower tattoo design but yet stylish and unique flower tattoo then you should go with Lotus flower Tattoo Designs.Equally popular flower tattoo designs among men and women these days.These lotus flower tattoo designs is a flower with rich colors and meaningful tattoo So, if you want a beautiful and high-quality tattoo, find a professional tattooist or else you will be very disappointed. Black ornamental tattoo on the sternum. Lotus flower breastbone tattoo. Another lotus flower and Unalome. Stylized black lotus flower on the sternum. All seeing eye sternum tattoo Download 303 Lotus Flower Moon Tattoo Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! New users enjoy 60% OFF. 166,626,004 stock photos online 74. Lotus Flower Henna Tattoo. A lotus flower is one of the common henna designs since it implies purity, femininity, sensuality, grace, and creativity. 75. Lotus Flower Henna Tattoos On Wrist. Aside from representing numerous virtues, a lotus flower also symbolizes the awakening of the soul. 76

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Lotus flower tattoos have strong symbolical signifying along with them driving them to the most popular preference among those people who are looking to get tattooed. The lotus flower design has several different nicknames. Some people call it the bean of India; others call it the sacred lotus. Still others call it the Indian lotus The Symbolism Of Lotus Tattoo Color. When choosing a lotus flower for a tattoo, some take it a step further and request a specific color because of the symbolic meaning of the color as it relates to their own life. Pink⦁The supreme and true lotus of Buddha. Blue⦁The spirit triumphs over wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge⦁Depicted as. 70+ Pretty Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs. by Amardeep / January 3, 2018 / Tattoos / No Comments. /. Enlightenment is blossoming the thousand petaled lotus flower on the top of the head.. — Amit Ray. Seeing the mud around a lotus is pessimism, seeing a lotus in the mud is optimism.. — Amit Kalantri. - The One Who Loves You As. The lotus is one of the most well-known symbols of Buddhism. Its roots are in muddy water, but the lotus flower grows up through the water and the flower blo..