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Developed with teachers and dental experts, these PowerPoint presentations use a simple science experiment to introduce the idea of how sugary drinks can affect teeth. After completing these lessons, students should be able to: Design an experiment to show how sugary drinks can affect teeth. Describe ways to keep their teeth healthy Keeping Healthy. Subject: Food and eating. Age range: 5-7. Resource type: Other. 4.7 40 reviews. Oceanic-dolphin's Shop. 4.542574257425744 1112 reviews. Welcome to The Story Seed. We hope you like the range of resources :) Last updated. 17 September 2014. Share this. Share through email; Share through twitter What can you remember to keep healthy? What can you remember to keep healthy? Brush your teeth Wash your hands wash your clothes Have a bath or shower Imagine What would you do if you saw someone taking tablets that didn't belong to them? Keeping Healthy What could you do to keep healthy? What could you eat to keep healthy? To be healthy. Learning objectives. After completing these lessons, students should be able to: KS1. understand how sugary drinks can affect teeth. name ways to keep teeth healthy. understand that eating or drinking too much sugar causes tooth decay. KS2. design an experiment to show how sugary drinks can affect teeth. describe ways to keep their teeth healthy These fabulous resources are designed to help you teach the importance of keeping healthy to KS2 students. We have created engaging games, activities and worksheets, covering important life lessons such as healthy eating, exercising regularly, personal hygiene and mental health. Teaching the importance of keeping fit and healthy at KS2 will.

Keep Safe And Healthy|KS2|PSHE|Elementary Grades 3-6|Ages 8-11 years. Free to use educational fun activities, kids games, lesson plans, Power Point presentations, worksheets and printable teaching resources, teach PSHE/keep safe and healthy on white boards or PCs. Ideal for parents and teachers, for home or classroom use Fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins to keep our bodies working well and to help fight off colds and other illnesses. They are also full of fibre. What is fibre? Fibre is the plant material that passes right through your body and out the other end! It gives bulk to your poo, keeping it soft and easy to pass. It keeps your bowel healthy Workings of the heart Powerpoint. Year 5 main learning objectives for Keeping Healthy unit regarding the heart presented as a powerpoint. Opportunities for discussion throughout. Report this resource to let us know if it violates our terms and conditions. Our customer service team will review your report and will be in touch Description. This is a Year 5 Science PowerPoint on Keeping Healthy. • Explains why people suffered from the disease called Scurvy. • Explains why we need Vitamins, Fruit, and Vegetable to keep healthy. • Explains why we need an adequate and varied diet to keep healthy. • Complete coverage of Primary Science in PowerPoint

A compilation of clips based on the theme of keeping healthy. A montage of clips on the theme of healthy living. It includes images of a gym, food labelling, fruit and vegetables, food in a. 1 x 29-slide informative, interactive PowerPoint on Keeping Healthy (MS PowerPoint 2003, 2010, 2016) 1 x 23-slide PowerPoint on Pulse Rates (MS PowerPoint 2003, 2010, 2016) Ideas for activities to promote higher order thinking skills (MS Word 2003, 2010, 2016) Ideas for topic-related home learning activities (MS Word 2003, 2010, 2016) 7 pages of questions to stimulate discussion (MS Word 2003. Fun and interactive Healthy Eating Quiz PowerPoint . This healthy eating quiz PowerPoint is a fantastic tool to use to reinforce and test children's knowledge of what they've learnt from their healthy eating lessons.Not only is it a great way to boost learning, but it's fun and engaging too. There are a number of multiple-choice questions that children have to answer Keeping Healthy. Exercise, good hygiene and a balanced diet are all essential if we want to stay well. This KS2 Science quiz takes a closer look at these three requirements of keeping healthy. Keeping healthy is about taking care of the body. This includes regular exercise (to strengthen our muscles, keep our weight down and improve our. Plenty of exercise, sleep and a good diet are really important for a healthy lifestyle. Find out more in this Bitesize Primary KS2 Science guide

Developed with teachers and dental experts, these PowerPoint presentations use a simple science experiment to introduce the idea of how sugary drinks can affect teeth. After completing these lessons, students should be able to: Understand how sugary drinks can affect teeth. Name ways to keep teeth healthy. Understand that eating or drinking too. USE THESE WORDS TO HELP YOU fibre health vegetables fat vitamins teeth healthy ill minerals fillings Foods for activity and growth Answer true if the food helps you grow, false if it does not. milk fish beans chicken sweets Circle the foods that give you energy Answer true if the food gives you energy, false if it does not Healthy Activities (Helen Ballam) Firework Safety (Tony Harvell) Keeping Safe in School (Katie Jump) Safe Choices (Annete Arthur) Keeping Safe (Julie McAllister) DOC. Health & Safety Booklet (Rachel Wales) PDF. Risks and Pressures (Katie Jump) Important Signs (Holy Family) DOC. Staying Safe on the Roads (Helen Ballam

This powerpoint has been specially designed by teachers to help promote good eating habits for your class and encourage them to live an active and healthy lifestyle. With a colourful background, clear layout and engaging illustrations, this presentation is the ideal resource for showing your class how to keep their body healthy and active. The presentation contains several prompts which you. Keeping Healthy PowerPoint quiz for KS2 primary science 'Life & Living Processes' unit, Find out about Health risks; alcohol, drugs, smoking, solvents, diet & fitness and how to stay healthy for KS2 science Keeping Healthy Uni The PowerPoint presentation links to a Be Food Smart assembly film, featuring two children acting as investigative reporters to find out how they can eat a healthier breakfast. The assembly can stand alone, or be used before delivering a lesson using the Be Food Smart: KS1 toolkit or the Be Food Smart: KS2 toolkit. The assembly is very appealing Dental health — teacher guidance, lesson plans and PowerPoints, KS1-3. We recognise that many colleagues will be prioritising topics that help students re-adjust to school life, and re-establish healthy and supportive routines, so we're delighted to launch our full suite of lessons on dental health for members of the Association ( become a. Fun and interactive Healthy Eating Quiz PowerPoint . This healthy eating quiz PowerPoint is a fantastic tool to use to reinforce and test children's knowledge of what they've learnt from their healthy eating lessons.Not only is it a great way to boost learning, but it's fun and engaging too. There are a number of multiple-choice questions that children have to answer

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Read Book Keeping Healthy Science Ks2 Science Lesson PowerPoint for KS2 - Keeping our Teeth Healthy Year 5 Science - Unit 5A Keeping healthy. This reading comprehension includes a short passage with some interesting facts about the digestive system. Children read the text and then answer the questions that follow HEALTHY HABITS LIFESTYLES NUTRITION WITH A MISSION 4. TEACH A MAN TO F.I.S.H. 5. What is a healthy lifestyle? • A healthy lifestyle is one which helps to keep and improve people's health and well-being.Many governments and non- governmental organizations have made big efforts in healthy lifestyle and health promotion. 6 Powerpoint Healthy Eating. 1. The eatwell plate PowerPoint 102. 2. To stay healthy we need to eat a balance and variety of foods. The eatwell plate. 3. We need to eat a balance and variety of foods from these groups: Fruit and vegetables Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta Meat, fish, eggs, beans Milk and dairy foods Foods and drinks high in fat and.

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Healthy eating - lesson plan 1 - FREE Primary KS2 teaching-Ks2 nutrition movement - chester zoo, Ks2 nutrition & movement information and guidance for teachers contents learning objectives lesson plan curriculum what food he/she needs to keep the bones healthy..Ks2 healthy eating, topics, staying healthy, ks2 - page 1, High quality printable healthy eating primary resources. This great healthy eating PowerPoint features a plate that's been divided into the different food group. There's a selection of different foods for your children to sort onto the plate according to which food group they think it belongs in. Use this activity to make a healthy eating plate for kids to easily comprehend and understand what food groups and items make up a healthy diet.You can use. Are you taking your child's personal hygiene seriously? As parents, it is essential and important for you to help your little one develop good personal hygie.. Hey! Grown Ups! Our resource area for parents and carers offers a wealth of information to help you support your children to be healthy and happy as they grow. Find top tips and advice on all aspects of children's emotional and physical health, from keeping kids active and eating well, to building their confidence and equipping them to cope. safe and healthy lifestyle. Key Stage 2, Year 6 Strand 1: Personal Understanding and Health Healthy Habits 2 Learning together K W L Clarifying what they already know What they want to find out What we now have learned Actively involving children in the learning process ensures that there are opportunities for them to take responsibility for.

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  1. First Aid. To nurture the skills of resilience is key to providing young people with the ability to cope with stress, adversity, failure and challenges. Resilience is evident when young people have a greater ability to bounce back when faced with difficulties and achieve positive outcomes. Resilience empowers the individual to be aware of.
  2. ute video that outlines key messages for keeping young childrens' teeth healthy
  3. Safety is all important - nobody wants to get hurt! So, learning to prevent accidents and protect yourself (and others) from danger is a valuable skill. Learn more about keeping safe in this enjoyable PSHE quiz, written by teachers specifically for KS2 students in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

Lots of different things affect how healthy we are including what we eat and how active we are. Food plays a huge part in keeping us healthy and so we need t.. Keeping healthy isn't just about eating the right foods - it's about getting exercise too. This doesn't have to mean becoming an Olympic athlete - it just means playing a game of tag outside with your mates, or walking up stairs instead of taking the lift, or trying out for sports at school Keeping your body clean is an important part of keeping you healthy and helping you to feel good about yourself. Caring about the way you look is important to your self esteem (what you think about yourself). This topic gives you some ideas on looking your best. By the way, you don't need to wear the latest designer clothing to look good. There. This food pyramid KS2 resource contains a PowerPoint with ten slides, including an introductory slide and an ending slide. The 8 slides in between discuss the topic of the food pyramid, which is a visual chart which shows how much food of each food group the human body needs. The first slide prompts students to discuss their favourite foods and this leads into the second slide which shows the. Our new PowerPoint lessons for key stages 1 to 4 have been created in line with our updated teacher guidance on teaching about mental health and emotional wellbeing, and in time for schools to plan for new statutory PSHE requirements regarding Health Education, Relationships Education and RSE

Use this interesting PowerPoint with Y1 and Y2 children to encourage children to explore healthy living at KS1 by teaching them about Healthy Eating Week. This PowerPoint provides information about how to have a balanced diet, and you can use it in your PSHCE classes to support children's learning in the classroom. Cut down your lesson preparation time significantly with our. Slide 8-. Drink plenty of water so your food can digest well. Slide 9-. Healthy Snacks Eat foods that are high in fiber. Oatmeal Cereal Raisins Almonds. Slide 10-. Try hard not to over eat, because it will cause your stomach to stretch like a balloon. Slide 11-. Interesting Fact Food stays in your digestive system for about 24 hours How You Can Keep Your Teeth Healthy. Kids can take charge of their teeth by taking these steps: Brush at least twice a day — after breakfast and before bedtime. If you can, brush after lunch or after sweet snacks. Brushing properly breaks down plaque. Brush all of your teeth, not just the front ones Friedensreich Hundertwasser was a famous artist and architect, born in Austria in 1928. He was born as Friedrich Stowasser, but liked to be known by his pseudonym, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Hundertwasser studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, after the war. He held his first successful art exhibition in 1952 This is a Year 3 Science PowerPoint on Light and Shadows. This PowerPoint: • Explores the sources of light. • Explains how shadows are formed. • Explains how shadows change position throughout the day. The KS1 and KS2 Science PowerPoints include: • Complete coverage of Primary Science i

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Lots of good reasons to get moving! Research shows that physical activity can help school aged kids in lots of ways. Improves behaviour, self-confidence and social skills. Improves attention levels and performance at school. Develops co-ordination. Strengthens muscles and bones Drawing sheets, question sheets, data handling exercises and taste tests to help your children explore their senses and learn about the purpose and function of bones and teeth. Order by: Most recent Most loved Alphabetical order. 29 resources. Healthy eating quiz. A simple PowerPoint to introduce the topic of healthy eating read more

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  1. Keeping your lungs looking and feeling healthy is a smart idea, and the best way to keep your lungs pink and healthy is not to smoke. Smoking isn't good for any part of your body, and your lungs especially hate it. You can also show your love for your lungs by exercising! Exercise is good for every part of your body, and especially for your.
  2. The brain is the control centre for your body and it sits in your skull at the top of your spinal cord. The brain has three main parts. The cerebellum (say se-re-bell-um). The cerebrum (say se-re-brum), which has two parts, the left and right cerebral hemispheres, (say se-re-brell hem-iss-fears). The brain stem, that controls a lot of the.
  3. Skeleton Activities for Primary School. Make models of the spine ( some edible ) and use paper to find out how strong bones are! Close-up view of nerve root exiting from intervertebral foramen of lumbar spine model. Paper columns for learning about strong bones. Another idea is to make a bendy bone
  4. g up too much because of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air above us. CO2 is a gas that comes from.
  5. This warm-up KS2 Possessive Pronouns PowerPoint is a fantastic tool to revise key skills in Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling. This PowerPoint supports identifying and using personal pronouns and possessive pronouns. Great for an opening activity to a Literacy lesson, writing activity, or as a morning starter task.Use this PowerPoint as an introduction to possessive pronouns in KS2. Complete.
  6. In Upper KS2, using a Maths quiz can be a valuable way of encouraging children ages Years 5 to 6 to develop their mathematical knowledge. This is because it is a great opportunity for teachers to either introduce or reinforce topical subject material to pupils.The fact that a quiz is always fun will help KS2 students retain the information as they are more likely to be attentive if they are.
  7. This PowerPoint explains why electricity can be dangerous and how to stay safe when using it. It covers electrical safety in the home, at school and outdoors and includes lots of simple ways that you can help to protect yourself and your children from harm. This electricity safety KS2 PowerPoint answers many important questions that will help children more aware of the dangers of.
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2. Keep active. Regular exercise can boost your self-esteem and can help you concentrate, sleep, and feel better. Exercise keeps the brain and your other vital organs healthy, and is also a significant benefit towards improving your mental health Science Lesson PowerPoint for KS2 - Keeping our Teeth Healthy Year 5 Science - Unit 5A Keeping healthy. This reading comprehension includes a short passage with some interesting facts about the digestive system. Children read the text and then answer the questions that follow. Science: The brain | Worksheet | PrimaryLeap.co.u Children often do not know why they need to keep themselves clean or, indeed, how to do so effectively. This lesson teaches them about germs and viruses, which can easily be spread if we don't keep clean. Includes: Introduction (10 mins) Activities (30 mins) Plenary (10 mins) Assessment Opportunities. Supporting PowerPoint This powerful assessment tool is perfect to monitor the progress of your students across a range of subjects. It doesn't matter whether your students are presenting a piece of drama to the class to show off their knowledge at the end of a history unit or whether they are doing an assessed piece of writing, this PowerPoint Presentation Rubric will help you keep track of their achievement.The. Music RE KS2 Art Design and Technology Languages Topics The Environment Food Water Staying Healthy The Rainforest Black History Current Affairs The Seaside Pirates Animals British Values Imagine Inventors and Inventions Project Packs Festivals and Celebrations Organised Events and Awareness Days/Weeks Extra Curricula

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This Gareth Southgate Fast Facts PowerPoint is a great way to introduce your KS2 class to key facts about the inspirational England men's football team manager. Each slide provides quick facts about his life, work and achievements, as well as quotes about his work ethic and leadership qualities from those who know him. Southgate would be a great role model to use for lessons on determination. 10,000 Top Ks2 Story Writing Plan Teaching Resources. Creative Writing From Images Display Posters 1. UKS2 Creative Writing Challenges Activity PowerPoint 2. Story Planning Frame 67. The Curse of Cogston House Short Story PowerPoint with Guided Reading Questions 6. Building Suspense and Tension PowerPoint 16

KS2 Football Science Investigation Activity Pack. Whole School Assembly on Keeping Healthy PowerPoint. Under the Lights Addition with 2 and 3-digits Maths Mosaics Differentiated Worksheets. Under The Lights Fronted Adverbials Worksheet. Health and Disease Crossword. CfE (Second) Alcohol and Drugs Fill in the Blanks Worksheet healthy and balanced . diet. Doncaster Oral Health Promotion Lessons. Key Stage 2 - Lesson 2. KS2 children won't have all these adult teeth through yet. It may be a good idea to tell the children that when they look at their own teeth, they will probably still have a mixture of baby teeth and adult teeth. which helps to keep our. These fabulous resources are designed to help you teach the importance of keeping healthy to KS2 students. We have created engaging games, activities and worksheets, covering important life lessons such as healthy eating, exercising regularly, personal hygiene and mental health All of our resources have been designed to help children understand the importance of keeping healthy at KS2. From hygiene, healthy eating, mental health and many more. All of which are important to get right and look after to maintain a healthy life and mind. They are also the perfect foundation to make sure children grow up to be healthy adults

This healthy living game is a fantastic resource that you can use to help teach and reinforce different ways of leading a healthy lifestyle in your children's minds.This game is a brilliant way to make the topic of keeping a healthy lifestyle engaging for your class or child. playing games can be a brilliant way of making a topic enjoyable so that children can absorb information without. Healthy. Ask students - what is a healthy relationship? What are the characteristics? e.g.Respect, honest, equity, consideration, commitment, good communication Having shared power within the relationship helps to keep the relationships safe and fair. References: Kids Help Phone. (n.d.). PowerPoint Presentatio Each question has 2 possible answers: one on the left and one on the right. You must choose which you think is correct and stand on that side of the line Too often, child abuse continues because kids are coerced into keeping problems a secret. This article is from The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults: Personal Safety, Self-Protection, Confidence, and Advocacy for Young People, a tremendous resource for protecting children from abuse, bullying, kidnapping, and other violence. One of Kidpower's boundary rules is that Problems should not be.

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Water is used to metabolise fuel, regulate body temperature and digest food. Water enables our bodies to carry out all of its functions in the day, it continually moves about and is lost in urine, sweat, tears, blood and the air we breathe. Children, in particular, need to make sure they re-hydrate, as water is the primary way they regulate. Teaching resources. Healthy Kids Association developed resources. Crunch&Sip curriculum materials - a comprehensive resource that covers food groups, everyday vs sometimes foods, the importance of water, and fruit and vegetables. It also includes worksheets, quick brain breaks and an A-Z of fruit and vegetables KS2 Useful Microbes. This section highlights to students that not all microbes are harmful by examining beneficial microbes. This lesson aims to explore the various ways and means by which we utilise certain organisms for our benefit with examples from the food industry healthy and safe; how they can help these people to keep them healthy and safe. R1. To recognise and respond appropriately to a wider range of feelings in others. How can I pay for things? Pupils explore cash, cheques, bank . cards, online payments and the best way to pay in different situations. Curriculum links: L13 L14 M. Resources: Resources Whilst we work on updating our old lesson plans, explore our collection of resources on healthy relationships and training on responding to peer-on-peer abuse in schools. Promoting healthy relationships. Browse our range of information and resources for teachers and group leaders on talking to children and young people about healthy relationships

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This PowerPoint is a perfect way to re-introduce the topic of plants to ages 7-9. Most children learn about plants in Key Stage 1, but this PowerPoint aims to remind them what plants are, what they need to grow, where they are used in modern life and how the life cycle works. Children will learn about their varieties, functions, needs and life cycles.Ordering, labelling and definition. Quick write activity mats are an accessible way to develop your child's writing skills, vocabulary and imagination while linking their learning to a popular topic. Each mat features a photograph based on a topic; in this case, the topic is keeping healthy. Then, pupils are asked a variety of quick questions to get their imagination flowing and they are asked to complete five short writing.

Eat Move Learn. Eat Move Learn teaches 7-11-year-olds about healthy eating and being active in a fun way. There are tips on growing things you can eat, on what we need to stay healthy and on activities to get you moving. Find out how to cook healthy meals and snacks. Teachers, Pupils, Parents. 7-11 year olds. Eat Well These adults keep us clean and healthy ParentÕs/GuardianÕs Signature..... WORKSHEET 19 TOPIC 3 Helen told her teacher. Write what she said ParentÕs/GuardianÕs Signature..... If a touch makes me fell unsafe..... WORKSHEET 20 TOPIC 3 ParentÕs/GuardianÕs Signature.

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This Classification Keys lesson pack is full of all the resources you need to teach a fantastic Science lesson to KS2! It includes a helpful PowerPoint that you can use to introduce the topic and plenty of activities to reinforce your pupils' learning. With this lesson pack, your children will master Classification Keys at KS2 level in no time. Most of the resources included also have. Plant seeds and tend to a garden with Abby and Elmo! Sesame Street. Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck. Literacy-English Language Arts (ELA),Social Studies. Find out where different foods come from to make apple pies, tacos, and more with Cookie Monster and Gonger! Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Dance Party. The Arts

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Interactive learning resources to support the teaching and learning of the primary science national curriculum for England and Wales The Kid's Healthy Eating Plate is a visual guide to help educate and encourage children to eat well and keep moving. At a glance, the graphic features examples of best-choice foods to inspire the selection of healthy meals and snacks, and it emphasizes physical activity as part of the equation for staying healthy This can be upsetting or shocking for parents and carers, but there are things you can to help a child feel supported. 1. Show you care and help them to open up. Give the child your full attention and listen without interupting. Be compassionate and reassure them that their feelings are important. 2 Amazing Parts of the Brain KS2 PowerPoint. Use this Parts of the Brain KS2 PowerPoint to teach children about the parts of the brain and their functions. You could use it as the basis for a stand-alone lesson or as part of a topic on the brain. The PowerPoint includes facts about the brain, as well as the differences between the left and right hemispheres of the brain The resources are in a PowerPoint presentation format with embedded video and detailed teaching notes on each slide. One set of resources has been developed for KS2 and the other for KS3-5. Title. Download size. Download type. COVID-19 vaccination teaching resource KS2. 10.8 MB

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15 Key Stage 2 Science interactive teaching resources for Primary/Elementary Schools, Ages 8-11 years. Science games for kids, interactive science resources and activities for your IWB, PC or Mac. Learning science facts about light, variation, magnets, springs, earth, sun and moon, changing states, materials, life cycles, habitats, minibeasts. GOV.U This PowerPoint focuses on identifying and using prepositions to indicate place, time and cause within a piece of writing. Great for an opening activity to a Literacy lesson or as a morning starter task in Year 3 and beyond. With 12 beautifully illustrated and engaging slides, this PowerPoint is the perfect warm-up activity for your KS2 children Water helps to 'keep things moving' in the digestive system, so staying hydrated may help prevent constipation in children, adults and the elderly. There is some evidence that fizzy water may be of particular benefit too. 5. May support the health of the urinary system. Poor hydration may increase the risk of developing, or the recurrence. Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation (6.05 MB) Smartie the Penguin for Year 1 - second story. Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation (6.68 MB) Check out some extra resources here: Smartie the Penguin Colouring. Website . To find out more about 'Talking to young children about online safety' why not visit our hot topic

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Starting school or work can be a scary step for both children and parents. We've got advice and tips to help keep them safe - wherever they are. School can be an exciting place - but lots of things can worry children and parents. We have advice and tips to help. Getting a job is a big step and can. The human body is an amazing machine. Learn more about it through movies, quizzes, articles, and more Feb 7, 2019 - Explore Sarah McConkey's board Healthy eating posters, followed by 186 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about healthy eating posters, healthy eating, healthy