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Große Auswahl an Step By Step. Super Angebote für Step By Step hier im Preisvergleich Learn Crochet Online At Your Own Pace. Start Today and Become an Expert in Days. Join Millions of Learners From Around The World Already Learning On Udemy This video will demonstrate VERY SLOWLY how to crochet a single crochet stitch. I will also go over how to make a slip knot, how to hold your yarn and end. How To Crochet For Beginners Step By Step Slowly. This is the first in a series on how to crochet for beginners step by step. I take you through how to croch.. •Learn How to Crochet! Easy, Basic Beginner Lesson 1, even if you've never crocheted before!I hope you are excited and ready to learn how to crochet. Today i..

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  1. g soon). Also, take a look at this tutorial for how to crochet slip stitches
  2. Today I'm showing you how to crochet for absolute beginners. A detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to crochet a chain and a single crochet, as well as make..
  3. Welcome to Crochet 101, your beginner's guide to crochet. Follow our complete series of crochet fundamentals, with step-by-step tutorials for each crochet stitch and technique. We also demystify the language and abbreviations in crochet patterns and interview a crochet professional (and resident Tuts+ crochet instructor). So pick up those hooks.
  4. Begin by holding your crochet hook like you would hold a pencil, with your thumb and index finger squeezing the hook at the little indentation in the middle known as a finger hold. You can slide your third finger up towards the tip of the hook for comfort and control

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  1. One of the best parts about crochet is how easy it is to customize the most basic projects. One of the easiest ways to add flair and originality to your crochet projects is to crochet an edging. Here you will find free instructions for difference crochet borders and edgings. Pictured here is a baby blanket with a lacy baby blanket border
  2. Fast And Easy Crochet Baby Blanket For Beginners. This crochet baby blanket for beginners is the easiest blanket ever! The pattern is really simple as it is just one row repeat and using a big hook makes working..
  3. Crochet Step by Step for beginners. Crochet is beautiful art of creating fabric from yarn or thread using a simple crochet hook. To enrich your experience, we are presenting simple crochet designs for beginners with steps involved. Thanks for visiting our website. If you like our work, you can spread a word about us in your neighborhood
  4. Looking for an easy crochet stitch that will make a beautiful blanket? This is my GO-TO stitch. It's one of the easiest stitches you can use that will work..
  5. utes a day until you are able to hold the yarn so that it is not too loose or too tight. Form a slip knot around the hook, and wrap the yarn around the hook
  6. Start With a Slip Knot Everything you crochet begins with a slip knot on the hook, so learning this simple knot is step one on your road to success. 1. Make a loop with your yarn, then bring the tail of the yarn over the working yarn
  7. The Learn to Crochet the Easy Way Series is a long series of posts teaching you how to crochet step by step from the very beginning. From the very basic materials to beginner stitches and many other crochet tutorials, you will be finishing your first project in no time

Find free crochet tutorials for a variety of different stitches, patterns and projects, many just right for beginners, others more advanced. check out this page featuring crochet stitch instructions. It's like a virtual stitch dictionary, and it's free! but these tutorials will break them down step-by-step so that you can create your. Learn How to Crochet for Beginners from These 25 Fabulous Tutorials. By Jennifer Poindexter. Jennifer Poindexter. Jennifer is a full-time homesteader who started her journey in the foothills of North Carolina in 2010. Currently, she spends her days gardening, caring for her orchard and vineyard, raising chickens, ducks, goats, and bees The first stitch of every row will be a ch 3. You should place your next stitch of the row in the same space where the ch 3 comes from. The last stitch of each row (after the first row) will be a ch 3. Work the last two stitches in the third ch

ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS CROCHET | EPISODE ONE | In this episode you will learn; What you need to get started, How to prepare you yarn, How to make a slip knot, Ho.. crochet projects. All these tutorials provide step by step instructions along with images for each step, which allows you to easily follow the pattern. It's a great guide-book. This eBook is perfect to have on-hand so whenever you get stuck on a stitch you can refer back to this guide Crochet Free Simple Illustrated Instructions 2019 Learn how to crochet with these simple step by step instructions for beginners. This seven page FREE downloadable PDF is the perfect way to start learning! Crochet stitches are larger than knit sti The post Crochet Free Simple Illustrated Instructions 2019 appeared first on Quilt Decor How to Crochet and How to Hold your Work When working, hold the hook lightly in the right hand in a horizontal position, and with the left hand grasp the work and hold the last stitch between the thumb and forefinger. Put the cotton over first and second fingers, under the third, and over the little finger of the left hand (see illustration)

Hi everyone. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to crochet baby blanket. It´s very simple tutorial. Simple crochet soft baby blanket tutorial is gre.. 5. How to chain crochet. Learning to chain (ch) is the next fundamental crochet technique every newbie needs in their crochet stitch toolkit, after you've mastered the slip knot. This is the foundation step which you'll use time and time again. Whether you're beginning a project or starting a new row This is a free pattern offered in both French and English to create a detailed lavender doily. The pattern uses chains, slip stitches and single crochet for the crochet portion. For the cro-tatting, it uses double knots and picots. There is a link to some basic cro-tatting instructions for beginners

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via Happily Ever After Crafted. You'll love the gorgeous beginner patterns with detailed step by step instructions and photos either. This handy Crochet Cheat Sheet from Happily Ever After Crafted, it shows the full stitch name, plus the abbreviation used for the stitch on most patterns and also how to make the stitch Crochet balls are fun and easy to make in any size when you follow a simple pattern formula. The process starts like crocheting a circle, then it changes to a process like making a tube, and finally, you work the circle in reverse.You can use this tutorial to make spheres as soft play balls for babies, small fillers for a glass vase, dryer balls, pillows, bean bags, or even a giant pouf for. A crochet pattern will tell you how many chain stitches to make for your foundation chain. It could be just a few—or a few hundred! You'll then work other crochet stitches, such as single or double crochet stitches, into the foundation chain stitches. CHAIN 2 Front of chain First chain from hook Second chain Third chain Fourth chain Fifth chai Step 9. Crochet 5 dc post stitches around the next dc post in your row working from bottom to top. You will insert your hook from the left side to the right (if you are right-handed) and dc around the post. This creates the second half of the first crocodile scale. Step 8 should be a mirror image of Step 7 9th stitch: do 2 single crochet stitches, do this repetition until you reach the beginning of the row marked by the tail. 12. This row, the same counting technique but modify to do 2 single crochet in stitch 10. 13. Modify the same counting row to do the 2 single crochet in stitch 11. 14. Again for stitch 12. 15

How To Crochet Hair For Beginners Step By Step Slowly How To Wiki 89 - How to knit stitch step by step slowly with studio knit. Original Resolution: 1200x675 px How To Knit A Scarf 12 Steps With Pictures Wikihow - Pressing every step of the way is definitely the secret of success for any no sewing for beginners list would be complete. Easy Crochet Rose for Beginners [FREE] If you have never crocheted flower rose in your life, this project introduces to Crochet World every beginner. Beautiful and spectacular little roses are a cute decoration to your home or application to the clothes. Free written instruction updated with step-by-step photo tutorial Create one chain stitch and then single crochet the next five stitches. Follow this with four chain stitches, then skip the next eight stitches. Next, single crochet to the end of the round and join with a slip stitch. Weave in the ends to finish the bootie. You may need to use a yarn needle to do this How to Crochet a Basic Scarf for Beginners (Step by Step) Have you ever found yourself spending far too much money on fashion and accessories? You might go to the store just for a scarf and somehow leave spending upwards of $30 But, learning to crochet can quickly solve a problem like this Crochet Flowers Step-by-Step: 35 Delightful Blooms for Beginners by Tanya Shliazhko Granny Squares It's one of the first things most crocheters learn to do, and what is truly wonderful about them, is you can sit and make a bunch of squares without having a finished project in mind

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Easy Crochet Scarf (For Beginners!): I'm not an expert in crocheting or knitting, so I was looking for something easy. I saw this crochet scarf on a facebook page and couldn't wait to make one. For those who don't know much about crocheting, a beginner like me will find this tutorial This is a great crochet pattern to start off with as it will teach you how to create a foundation chain and the half double crochet stitch. This stitch will be worked up in various simple ways so that in the end you will have created a beautifully textured scarf. Make sure you download your pattern and watch our helpful videos below to get started Crochet For Beginners is the complete crochet beginners book for you as we have included step-by-step guides with clear picture illustrations so you can learn the basics such as crochet stitches, how to read charts and buy the correct equipment

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  1. Beginner Crochet Afghan Patterns. Under 6 Hours Crochet Throw Pattern, by the designers of Lion Brand Yarn. This fast pattern is wildly easy. The Under 6 Hours Crochet Throw Pattern features the V stitch—one of my favorite beginner stitches ever!—and you hold three strands of yarn together so it works up ultra quickly
  2. How to Crochet in the Round - Slip Stitching. Create your magic circle, ch 2 (the ch 2 counts as a hdc). Round 1: 7 hdc into your circle. (You will have 8 hdc total including the ch 2) Pull the tail to close the circle. Sl st to the top of the ch 2
  3. Things you'll need to make a Granny Square are: A crochet hook . I used a Susan Bates size 4mm (US = G-6) Some scissors. A darning needle or finishing needles. Some yarn. The yarn I've used in the video is Stylecraft Special Double Knit in Vintage peach . It's a lovely soft yarn and comes in loads of beautiful colours

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Use a slip stitch into the top your first chain of three to finish the round. (A round is each pass all the way around the granny square). To start the next round, chain three. Double crochet twice. Chain one. Double crochet three times. Chain three. Double crochet three times and continue the pattern. On the corners you will chain three Step 5. Repeat making stitches. Your last stitch of a line must come up exactly at the corner. When needed, adjust the stitch lenght of the last few cm's (inch) to make it happen. Begin your first stitch in the next direction quite close to the corner stitch. When turning direction, do not pull your thread too tight How to create the half double crochet stitch: Make a chain, beginning with the second chain from hook into the chain stitch, catch the yarn and draw it through the stitch. You will now have 3 hooks on your hook. Put the yarn over the hook and draw through all loops at the same time. Leaving 1 loop on the hook

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This crochet baby blanket for beginners is the easiest blanket ever! The pattern is really simple as it is just one row repeat and using a big hook makes working this blanket really fast. Fast And Easy Beginner Blanket designed by Sirin's Crochet has a cozy and warm texture and is really quick and easy to crochet How to crochet an infinity scarf for beginners step by step slowly Rep round 5. If you want to adjust the height of your scarf, this is the best place to do it. For a skinnier scarf, omit one or more of these rows. For a fatter scarf, rep round 5 additional times. single crochet, double crochet and slip stitch. You can find instructions.

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Love easy free crochet afghan patterns? Try this One Skein Baby Blanket. It's a cheap, fun gift to make for any mom and new baby.<br /> <br /> The soft pink color makes this a great crochet baby blanket for baby girls, but you can also switch up the color and use blue, yellow, or any color you want to match the baby's gender, or to coordinate with the nursery.<br /> <br /> Just one 1-pound. Below, I have a step-by-step picture tutorial on how to double crochet which is perfect for beginners and a dc video tutorial on YouTube too! The Double Crochet Stitch is Easy to Learn! The double crochet stitch in crochet is simple to learn and is usually one of the first stitches that a beginner crochet tries their hand at Make the center circle of the Granny Square. Wrap the working yarn (this is the yarn from the ball or skein) around the back of crochet hook and over the front of the crochet hook. Pull the yarn through the slip knot. This is the first single crochet. Repeat the step 4 more times to create a chain of five single crochets Beginners who are curious about knitting should follow basic how to knit a baby blanket for beginners step by step slowly instructions like practicing with transportable knitting needles and utilizing transportable yarn. Enables you to with each of your accuracy and evenness, which uses practice. Knitting basically involves interlocking number of loops, that provides the material elasticity Learn how to crochet with step-by-step instructions for beginners from starting, the basic chain stitch through to treble stitches and more advanced stitches like making fringes and using the Solomon's knot. I first started to crochet when I was 10 years old. In fact I could crochet before I learned to knit

Step 1: Yarn over the hook and insert the hook into the work (third chain from the hook on the starting chain). Step 2: *Yarn over the hook and draw up a loop—three loops on the hook. Step 3: Yarn over the hook again and draw through all three loops on the hook—one half double crochet made. Step 4: Yarn over the hook, insert the hook into the next stitch; repeat from * in step 2 There are many book that you can buy or borrow from libraries that have good diagrams. YouTube is fantastic. I always suggest Bella Coco. She gives good clear instructions, works slowly so that you can see and you can pause the video and have a go..

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If you've been wondering how to do a certain stitch, then you've come to the right place. Listed below is a quick and easy step-by-step tutorial for over 20 of the basic crochet stitches along with different crochet techniques, plus the abbreviations you'll see in a pattern for these crochet terms Vintage Crochet Shell Stitch. You can make so many cool looking crochet projects once you learn the shell stitch--everything from afghans and baby blankets to sweaters and scarves! This video is geared toward a beginner, so learn this stitch for future use. Play Video From beginner stitch videos to project tutorials, there's a crochet video tutorial here that's sure to help you out. With over 85 video tutorials here and even some general tips and information here, like what yarn to use for dishcloth patterns or how to choose colors and weaving in ends, you're sure to find something helpful

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  1. 'How To Crochet: A Complete Guide for Absolute Beginners' is the perfect introduction to Crochet for beginners of all ages: With bright, modern, full colour illustrations, anyone can quickly learn to crochet, master new stitches and make a selection of cute and easy first crochet projects, including beautiful scented hanging hearts, baby hats, granny squares, scarves and mittens and lots more !
  2. Check out my top 9 Best DIY Crochet Hats for Beginners.If you're totally new to crochet, don't panic, you're going to love all 9 of these easy crochet hats. There's no complicated stitches or patterns, you don't need to be able to crochet in the round or increase or decrease stitches. All you need to do is crochet a simple rectangle. They're all free patterns so they won't cost.
  3. Larger or Smaller size crochet hook (optional) - Helpful if your initial chain is too tight or too loose; covered in Step 4. 100% Cotten Yarn in your color of choice - you need 100% cotton for dishcloths - if you want a brand recommendation, I would say Lily Sugar N' Cream 100% cotton yarn won't steer you wrong

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  1. If you enjoyed the granny square pattern list above you'll love this collection too! Use the list below to make even more basic & easy crochet patterns for beginners! Crochet Chained Headband Pattern. Simple Stitch Crochet Blanket. Elise's Single Crochet Blanket. Beginner Crochet Scarf Pattern. Single Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern
  2. Beginner crochet patterns are the best way to build up your skill so that you don't get frustrated and are able to complete all the steps. It's important to note, though, that these free crochet patterns for beginners aren't just for beginners. Intermediate crocheters will also appreciate the easy patterns inside this free crochet eBook
  3. To master this stitch, crochet a sample swatch first. Chain any number. Single crochet into the second chain from the hook and every chain. Chain 1, turn. Refer to this step-by-step diagram above that helps you to understand the structure and simple steps needed to learn and master this fastest stitch for a blanket
  4. One of the best starting points for anyone learning crochet is to crochet a scarf, and we're going to get you on the road with our favorite free crochet scarf patterns. Once you learn to make a simple crocheted scarf, you'll be ready to take on all kinds of other beginner crochet ideas
  5. Knitting & Crochet For Beginners: The Complete Guide To Learn How To Knit & Crochet With Step-By-Step Instructions, Clear Illustrations & Beginner Patterns Included. by Nancy Gordon. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 130
  6. A traditional granny square is made up with 3 crochet stitches : Chain (ch), Double crochet (dc) and Slip Stitch (ss). I'll be using those abbreviations in brackets from now on. Learning these abbreviations is the first step to knowing how to read crochet patterns, which is handy if you want to go beyond Granny Squares
  7. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to pre-poo your hair: Dampen your hair with water. Separate your hair into several sections using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. Work the pre-poo treatment into the first section of hair, and then gently detangle the section using a wide-tooth comb if needed

Crochet the cuff until it's as long as your sweater panel is wide. Continue to ch 1 and turn the work before you sc blo into each stitch across the row. Repeat this pattern until the cuff is long enough to fit across the bottom of 1 panel. Then, tie off the yarn and weave in the tail Crochet patterns charts diagrams step by step video tutorials detailed instructions kids clothing and women clothes knitting stitch patterns crochet motifs freeform irish lace bruges lace romanian point lace and elements in different techniques. 50 free easy crochet patterns and help for beginners this is your ultimate guide to learn how to.

Dec 10, 2019 - Are you a beginner? Or have you been crocheting for a little while and want to learn a few more beginner techniques? This board will teach you the basics of crochet with easy, step by step photo and video tutorials. You will also find my Learn to Crochet the Easy Way Series and email challenge to have you crocheting like a pro in no time To make a treble crochet stitch, yarn around hook, insert hook into stitch, yarn round hook, pull through the stitch, yarn round hook, pull through 2 loops, yarn round hook, pull through remaining two loops. If you want more help with this check our our step-by-step photo tutorial on how to treble crochet Make a slipknot and apply to crochet hook near hook end to hold in right hand. Holding yarn in left hand, and moving hook from left to right under yarn, collect one loop of yarn at a time before drawing through loop on the hook, and allowing the exiting loop on the hook to fall over the new one, and off the tip of the hook Bead crochet hook Bead crochet thread Tapestry needle Scissors Seed bead s. These materials are generic as this is more of a tutorial. The size beads, thread, and crochet hook are suggested by the project you're making. Steps. Step 1 STRINGING BEADS With the thread attached to a spool, add a small tapestry needle to the end, leaving a 10″ tail Make the best crocheted potholder ever with this free crochet potholder pattern. This is a fabulous pictured step-by-step tutorial that's easy to follow. The classic and simple design of this free crochet pattern makes this perfect for anyone's kitchen. It's quick and easy to work up, so a set of four would would also be a great last-minute hostess gift, or homemade gift idea for new neighbors

Step 4: Double crochet 3 in ch-3 turning chain of previous row. How To Change Colors in C2C Crochet While using one solid color of yarn (or a self-striping cake yarn!) can be a quick and satisfying way to crochet a blanket using the diagonal box stitch, the real fun begins when your design has two or more colors Step 1: Making the First Round - From Slipknot to Joining. 27 More Images. Make a slipknot with your yarn and insert the hook into the knot. Chain 4 stitches. Insert your hook into the first stitch (closest to the slipknot). Yarn over and pull the yarn through the stitch. Slip the stitch through the loop on your hook Step 1: Yarn over (2 loops on hook), insert hook from front to back behind the double crochet post below (in this case the double crochet is 2 rows below), yarn over and pull up a long loop (3 loops on hook). Step 2: Yarn over and pull through 2 loops (2 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through the last remaining loops Crochet doll tutorial. Now check out the breath-taking idea of crocheting this beautiful doll shown here for you. The crocheting doll is made easiest for you by providing you step by step instructions. The yarn color is impressive and the idea is all time working. Whenever you get some extra free time, you can work to complete this doll formation

Watch Easy Crochet Ball In Tamil [ Step-By-Step Instruction ] Amigurumi For Beginners Lesson 6: Ball - 168onehundredandsixtyeightnew on Dailymotio Follow these steps to achieve the crochet braid. Step 1: Braid your hair into sections of cornrows- work from the bottom up. Step 2: Get a crochet hook and put it under your cornrow. Grab the hair extension and divide it into two. Step 3: Put half.. How To Single Crochet For Beginners: Picture Tutorial. Step 1: Create a slip knot and chain 15. Step 2: Insert your hook into the second chain from your hook (the loop around your hook does not count as a chain) Wrap your yarn around the back of your hook over to the front (this is called yarn over) and pull the yarn back through the loop. You will now have 2 loops on your hook Step 6: Double Crochet into the 4th chain from the hook and into the next 2 chains.Note: You might have to tilt your work toward you a bit in order to see the chains you should crochet into. Step 7: Join that square to the top of the other by raising it up and put a slip stitch (sl st) into the top chain space (the gap) of the first square to connect the squares START: chain multiple of 3 + 2. For this sample I chose 29 = 27 + 2 (the last one is your turning chain for single crochet) ROW 1: entire row of single crochet stitches - in my sample it will be 28 sc. ROW 2: 3 ch, 1 dc in the same stitch, *skip 2, 3 dc in the next st* repeat to the end of the row, 2 dc in the last st of the row. ROW 3

When you get to the end, continue around and single crochet in each stitch of the unused side of the chain. Continue as if you are crocheting in the round, with a single crochet in each single crochet. Your hotpad will first look like a strip, then it will slowly turn into a boat shape, then pockets will begin to form Step Three - Build the Crown. Ch 3, dc in same stitch, 2 dc in next dc and in each dc around, join with ss to first dc. This is round increases the width of the hat. The instructions are telling you to chain three stitches then double crochet in the same stitch as your beginning three chains of the round Let's finish the armhole. Sl kn at the corner of the backside, ch2, 1hdc in each st across. sl st at the 2nd ch of the beginning ch, ch1, cut the yarn. Optional: You can do the armhole 2 rows if You wish so. Repeat the same step at the other side. Weave all ends nicely and You are done!!

How to Crochet Squares to Make a Blanket Instructions. The first round of this square is easy & great for beginners! Promise. With your 9mm crochet hook attach your yarn to the hook with a slip knot then chain 2. Make 11 double crochets into the second chain from the hook which will form a circle. To complete the circle slip stitch into the top. Waffle Stitch Tutorial - Left Handed Step by Step. To start, chain a multiple of 3 + 2. Double crochet in the 4th chain from the hook and double crochet in each stitch across, turn. (ch multiple of 3 +2; dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in each st across, turn) **Three chains will be used for starting the first row and will count as your first. More Buying Choices. $7.83 (39 used & new offers) Other formats: Kindle , Spiral-bound. CROCHET FOR BEGINNERS: Learn to Crochet: A Complete Step by Step Guide With Pictures and Illustrations to Mastering the Art of Crocheting. Tips and Tricks to Start Making your Crochet Ideas 21 Easy Crochet Tablecloth Patterns. If you are passionate about crocheting and you want to give your dining room a new look then this crochet project is the perfect one! Crocheted Tablecloths are ideal to cover your tabletops with an elegant cover! This tablecloth can be crocheted in different shapes and patterns of your choice and color

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Step 3 Scoop the bottom yarn only onto hook. Pull both ends to slide knot closer to hook. Step 3. Make a chain stitch. Step 4 Holding hook in your right hand and the yarn in your left, wrap yarn over hook. Step 4. Step 5 Use hook to draw yarn from left to right through the slip knot already on hook. Step 5 How to Knit. Hold the needle with cast-on stitches in your left hand. Wrap the working yarn around your left index finger, and hold it in back of the left needle. Insert point of right needle from front to back into the first cast-on stitch on the left needle, opening up a stitch The no-holes nature of the solid granny square makes it look especially polished with an edging around it. If you want to add an optional single crochet edging, here's how to do it: Ch 1. Sc in each st across. For the corner, work 1 sc, ch 1, 1 sc into the corner ch sp. Repeat around, working sc in each st across the row and corners as in Step 3 How To Crochet A Puff Stitch Flower. Chain 4, slip stitch to the first chain to form a loop. Round 1, -Chain 1, work 12 single crochets into a loop. Change the color. Round 2 - slip stitch into first chain, *Ch 3. Yarn over and insert the hook into the same Yarn over once more and pull up a loop as long as your beginning in Ch 3 to form a. 15 Creative DIY Crochet Patterns For Beginners May 5, 2016 K4craft follows a holistic approach to nurture talent and teach everything related to crafts including simple decorations, jewellery, knitting, embroidery, paper crafts, quelling, ceramics in addition to fundamental tutorials for beginners

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Diy Learn How To Crochet Easy Beginner Crocheted Hat Beanie For. 10 Crochet Beanie Hat Patterns. Lolly Poms Easy Ribbed Crochet Beanie One Dog Woof. 30 Minute Easy Chunky Crochet Beanie Persia Lou. Simple Single Crochet Hat Pattern Oombawka Design Crochet. How To Always Make The Perfect Beanie Or Hat Crochet Tutorial Step 2. Chain 2, then work 11 double crochet[tr] into the ring. Step 3. Cut the yarn, and pull through the loop on your hook. Thread the yarn through your needle. Step 4. We're going to close the circle now using our darning needle. Insert the needle front to back through both loops of the first double crochet stitch you made, skipping the. The crochet magic ring is also known as a magic loop or magic circle and is popular when making amigurumi and rugs, but also shawls and hats that are worked top down. Advantages of a magic ring Older patterns call for ' chain 4, slip stitch in the first chain' and then 'work the first round in that circle' Start the second row. Step 1: Ch 3 for the turning chain. Step 2: Skip the 1st sc and work one dc in the next sc. Make a bead stitch (bst). Step 1: Yarn over. Step 2: Insert the hook behind the previous double crochet from front to back. Step 3: Yarn over and pull up a loop. You should now have 3 loops on your hook To make bigger socks, simply increase the hook size or use a heavier yarn. These homemade baby socks would make a darling gift topper for a baby shower present. They make perfect gifts for baby showers and can also be made for donations to charity. Crochet socks are quick and easy to craft. Watch the video and follow the step by step tutorial.

Knitting Terms: Cast-on (CO) - Creating the stitches on the needle. This creates a foundation row upon which you build the rest of your project. Bind off (BO) - Finishing an item by weaving the stitches together and pulling them off the needles. Knit stitch (k) - This is the most basic stitch in all of knitting. We will go into how to do this stitch below