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60 day. This is an unusual basil with a light, spicy flavor. Traditionally used in Asian dishes, but it can be used in any cuisine. Minimum of 200 seeds per packet Siam Queen Thai Basil. Rating: 97 % of 100. 12 Reviews Add Your Review. Very strong, clove-scented basil. This is a must for curry and all Thai cooking. This selection has beautiful flowers. Very tasty. This improved variety produces very large and lovely flower-heads Thai Basil offers spicy anise-clove scent and flavor. The herb is commonly used in Thai or Vietnamese cooking. Seeds produce attractive plants that are 12-18 tall with medium green leaves and purple stems and blossoms. Good for container gardening. Annual

Direct sow in place, ¼ inch deep, in long-summer areas, or start seedlings 4-6 weeks before last frost indoors and set out after the last-frost date of spring. Ideal germination temperature is 68-75 F. Sow seeds 1/8-1/4 inch deep and keep reasonably moist until seedlings emerge. Seeds typically germinate in 7-14 days 65 days. Ocimum basilicum. Sweet Thai Basil is a beautiful plant with green leaves and purple stems and flowers. Has an anise flavour. Approximately 100 open pollinated seeds

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  1. Rare Heirloom Seeds| Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. 2022 Whole Seed Catalog BIGGER THAN EVER! Pre-Order $10. Fall Garden Planting! READ THE BLOG! Japanese Giant Red Mustard $3.00. Pusa Gulabi Radish $4.00 Pusa Jamuni Radish $4.00. Black Nebula Carrot $3.50 Dazzling Blue Kale $3.00. Vulcan Swiss Chard $2.50
  2. Non-GMO, Open-pollinated, Heirloom Thai Basil Herb Seed from True Leaf Market. Ocimum basilicum var. thyrsiflora is native to various Asian regions, such as India and Iran. As basil has many different varieties, Thai Basil Herb Seeds are considered a sweet basil and develop deep-purple stems that blend into glossy dark-green leaves
  3. Basil Seeds (Heirloom) Though originally from India, Heirloom Basil is best known for its starring role in many Italian dishes. Sweet Basil seeds, Genovese Basil seeds, and Italian Large Leaf Basil seeds are 3 options to create wonderful summer pesto and Genovese salads
  4. 8 Basil Herb Seed Pack - Cinnamon, Dark Opal, Genovese, Holy, Italian, Lemon, Sweet, Thai Basil - Perfect Seeds for Planting Indoor Hydroponic Systems or Outdoor Herb Gardens - Heirloom & Non-GMO 282 $14.95 Organic Herb Seeds - Non GMO Heirloom Non Hybrid Seed (10 Culinary Varieties Pack
  5. Thai Basil adds the authentic anise-clove notes that curries and stir-fries need. At 12-18 inches tall, these decorative plants are perfect in containers on decks or patios. Leaves are green, stems and flowers are purple. Here are our best tips on How to Grow Basil, too! Each packet contains approximately 250 seeds. Planting and Harvesting Tips

Thai Holy Kaprao Basil. Rating: 80 % of 100. 19 Reviews Add Your Review. A popular herb in Thai cuisine, the fragrant leaves can be used in potpourri and have a spicy, sweet, clove-like flavor. $2.25 Number of seeds included: 1/8 teaspoon. Thai basil reminds us of the scents of aniseed. It is mainly used in oriental cooking. This variety of basil is excellent in meat or poultry stir-fries and soups. Type of seed: Heirloom / Open Pollinated (OP) / Non hybri This item: David's Garden Seeds Herb Basil Asian Sweet Thai SL7945 (Green) 200 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds $6.96 Aquatica Garden Vegetable Green Organic Chinese Seeds 20g (About 400PCS) for Planting Outside Door $6.88 Parsley (2500 Seeds)Quality Seeds - 1 Package From Chai Tai, Thailand $2.98 Customers who bought this item also bough Single Herb Tincture Kit Contains: 1 oz Thai Holy Basil dry herb, 1- 2 ounce amber dropper bottle, 2 customizable labels and instructions to make your own tincture. You will need a glass jar and your choice of menstruum (liquid of your choice: alcohol or ACV) to make your own tincture More about Thai Holy Basil

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Thai Basil - Seeds - Organic - Non Gmo - Heirloom Seeds - Herb Seeds - USA Garden Seeds | Fresh 2021 Thai basil grows fast and is delicious. Great for pasta sauces, pizza and more! Grow your own fresh food right at home The flavor of Thai Lemon Basil is more subtle, and the flavor of Licorice (as described by the seller) is far less pronounced. If this is an issue for you, look elsewhere. Purchased several packets of seeds. They came quickly and well packaged. The seeds look great, I have high hopes for germination Either way, this basil is easy to start from seed. Sow the seeds either indoors in late winter or direct-sow in spring. To start indoors, sow about 6 to 8 weeks before last scheduled frost. The seeds will germinate in 5 to 10 days Purchased item: 250+ Thai Basil Seeds Heirloom Herb NON-GMO Open Pollinated Vegetable Garden Seeds. Raquel Feb 8, 2021. 5 out of 5 stars. I am very very pleased with this seller and will be a regular customer from now on. I love how the seeds are packaged with all the information on sowing located on the back

Heirloom Thai Basil Herb Seed Organic Garden Non Gmo Container Friendly Purple Flowers NimbleNitecap. From shop NimbleNitecap. 5 out of 5 stars (5,052) 5,052 reviews $ 2.29. Favorite Add to Scallions Evergreen White Bunching Seeds - Select Packet - B176 ZellajakeFarmGarden. 32,000+ Thai Basil Seeds Siam Queen THAI BASIL Ocimum Thyrsiflora Hat Hung Que Basilic Purple Basil Asian basil Heirloom USA Sameday ship USAGardenShop 4 out of 5 stars (636

Sweet Thai Basil Seeds Organic, Heirloom #6134. This packet sows up to 102 feet. 4.8 out of 5 stars (5 reviews) Read Reviews | Write a Review. Availability: In Stock. Thai basil is a popular herb in Southeast Asian cuisine and is a flavorful garnish served with Vietnamese pho (a savory broth of noodles and meat). It holds its flavor and texture. 8 Basil Herb Seed Pack - Cinnamon, Dark Opal, Genovese, Holy, Italian, Lemon, Sweet, Thai Basil - Perfect Seeds for Planting Indoor Hydroponic Systems or Outdoor Herb Gardens - Heirloom & Non-GMO 144 $14 9 Safe Seed -- Sow Right Seeds has taken the Safe Seed Pledge and sells only Non-GMO heirloom seeds that are safe for you and your family. Discover the Aroma and Flavor -- Thai Basil has large tender green leaves with red stems and flowers. It's taste is somewhat like anise, with a strong, pungent, sweet aroma Marseilles Basil Seeds - (Ocimum basilicum) MSRP: Now: $3.40. Was: Marseilles Basil France's premier heirloom, Marseilles basil is a dwarf, compact variety loaded with full sized leaves. Hundreds of medium-sized, very aromatic leaves with that classic deep rich basil flavor. Never bitter

Thai basil has an anise flavor and has purple flowers and stems. Used extensively in Southeast Asian cuisine. Additional information. Weight. 0.01 lbs. Package Size. Packet (200 seeds) Features. A sweet basil native to Southeast Asia Basil Thai Heirloom Seed (1/64 oz) $1.25. Basil Thai Heirloom Seed (1/32 oz.) $1.75. Basil Thai Heirloom Seed (1/16 oz.) $3.00. Basil Thai Heirloom Seed (1/8 oz.) $4.50. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Email. Details. Thai basil has lush, deep green leaves, purplish flower buds and stems and carries anise overtones to its sweet. Basil, Thai Siam. Thai Siam Basil is an Early rustic variety from the far east. This plant is highly perfumed with well proportioned green leaves and purple flowers. Fragrant and flavorful this variety can be used in a wide range of Thai cuisine. It's spicy licorice flavored shoots and leaves are used in salads, soups and curries A stronger-flavored basil than sweet basil, Thai Basil also has a hint of licorice flavor. The leaves, which are about half the size of sweet basil, have purple stems and make pretty garnishes. Plant Size: 1 to 2 feet tall and wide Contains 35 heirloom seeds. Tip: Sow seeds outdoors when soil is warm and temperature does not drop below 65°F.

Description. This is one of the sweetest basil varieties we have ever grown. Pointy, long leaves grow on long, attractive purple stems. Spicy and liquorish leaves are delicious in soups and other meals. This very productive basil variety needs 60-65 days to maturity. Each package contains 100+ seeds Contains 35 heirloom seeds *NEW ARRIVAL for 2020* Very strong, clove-scented basil. This is a must for curry and all Thai cooking. This selection has beautiful flowers. Very tasty. This improved variety produces very large and lovely flower heads. Late flowering, mature plant reaches about 2 feet in height and width Get five of our best selling culinary basil seed packets all in one collection. Collection includes heirloom, open pollinated seeds of Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Lemon Basil, Italian Large Leaf Basil and Dark Opal Basil! Super easy to grow and delicious from Sustainable Seed Company


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If you purchase a DIY Tincture Kit from Mary's Heirloom Seeds, the herbs, jar with a lid. labels and dropper bottle are all included. All you need to do is measure out your menstruum and combine! Let's get started making our Tincture! DIY Organic Thai Holy Basil Tincture Ingredients and tools: 1 clean jar with a lid (quart size Basil, Thai - Heirloom. $2.49 USD. Package contains 0.5 grams, approximately 350 Thai Basil Herb Seeds. Germination: 12-18 days at 70 degrees F. Plant 1/4 deep in well-prepared soil. This attractive plant offers a strong, spicy flavor that is a must for many Thai dishes. Thai Basil has purple stems and green leaves that are a.. The seeds are contained in the spent flower head. Use a fine colander for basil seed collecting, as the black seeds are very tiny. Cut off the brown and spent flower heads and let them dry for a few days in a warm, dry location. Crush the heads over the colander and pick out the old petals and any chaff. Basil seed collecting is that simple Basil is a favorite for most home gardeners and homesteaders. It's easy to grow and usually prolific. At Mary's Heirloom Seeds, we offer quite a few unique varieties such as Dark Purple Opal Basil, Thai Holy Basil and even Lemon Basil. Seed Starting Basics Sow Basil seeds indoors 2-4 weeks before your last frost da

3. Thai Basil. Thai basil matures into a very similar plant to Lemon or Lime varieties and does not develop the fat and rounded leaves of more familiar Genovese basil plants. The Thai basil offers home growers one of the more exotic flavors in the kitchen as it is spicy, bold, and savory with notes similar to anise or licorice Thai/Asian Basil. Highly aromatic, they are slightly sweeter but more intense in flavor and are more stable when cooked than the Mediterranean basil. Leaves are narrower than the more rounded Mediterranean version. Wonderful container plant, as they only grow to about 24 in. tall. Thai basil's name is Bai Hora-pa, also called Asian basil

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Basil is planted in the spring and dies at the first fall frost. It can be grown year-round indoors or in frost-free climate. Basil also needs daytime temperatures over 70° F and nighttime temps over 50° F. Basil thrives in warmer temperatures. Sow your seeds outdoors in spring, after all danger of frost has passed. Basil is a pick-and-come-again herb which produces well when heavily picked. Grows best in well-drained rich soil. Sensitive to frost. Direct sow after all danger of frost, or start indoors 4 weeks before last frost. Lightly cover seed (no more than two times the depth of the seed). Spacing: In flats space seeds ½ apart. Thin to 2 apart. Grow Heirloom Basil - Plant Thai Siam Queen Basil Seeds Large, lush green leaves contrast with square, purple stems and deep purple flowers. Grow Thai Siam Queen for its spicy aroma that is a cross between cinnamon and anise. Late flowering, resulting in high herb yields

Organic, Heirloom & Non-GMO, Defined. As a non-profit dedicated to preserving seeds, we define organic, heirloom, and non GMO seeds as follows: Organic: Certified organic seeds are grown in organic soil and are only exposed to inputs (like fertilizer and pest controls) permitted by the USDA's National Organic Program during its growing, processing, and packaging periods Basil Mix. A wonderful hand selected mix of our favorite culinary basil varieties. A blend of Genovese, Corsican, Lemon, and Lime basils. This cornucopia makes a great addition to your herb garden! Plant seeds with some space to get the most growth out of the different varieties Mildly spicy yet sweet, Thai basil 'Queenette' is good to have in the vegetable garden, as it deters pests and is rarely browsed by deer. It is also said to help keep mosquitoes at bay, making it a must for the patio or picnic area. Does best in full sun but tolerates partial shade. Final Spacing: 1'. Water Use: Medium Water Use Thai Basil Seeds This Way! Holy Basil. I also like the availability of heirloom seeds since those are my preferred plants to raise in my garden. Also your avocado and shea butter facial cream is the best! Reply. Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Feel free to contribute! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Heirloom Basil Seed. Organic Seeds. Organic Vegetable Seeds. Organic Herb Seeds. Organic Sprouting Seeds. Heirloom Seeds. Heirloom Vegetable Seeds. Heirloom Herb Seeds. Seed Catalogs

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Siam Queen Thai basil seeds are the authentic heirloom basil variety that is native to southeast Asia. Known as horapha in Thai, and húng quế in Vietnamese. Highly regarded for its distinctive, spicy flavour. Vigorous, highly ornamental plants with purple stalks and flowers that open to pink, providing a nice contrast to its dark green leaves SCARBOROUGH SEEDS 500 Thai Basil Seeds Heirloom NON-GMO Fragrant Herb From USA. $2.99. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. 1680 sold 1680 sold 1680 sold *NEW* STRAWBERRY * GIANT* , LARGEST FRUIT , EVERBEARING 105 SEEDS. $7.50. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping Siam Queen (Thai) Basil seeds grow into a plant that has a wonderful licorice aroma. Heirloom Herb. Look for lush, dark green leaves with contrasting purple stems on this A.A.S. winner. Popular in Thai (Horapha) and Vietnamese (Hung Que) cuisine. Annual. How to Grow 600 seed/gram. Do not rush planting. [

Amethyst Improved Purple Basil. Amethyst Improved Purple Basil. $3.99. Quick View. Email address. Notify me when this product is available: Size. Packet: ~150 seeds (0.3 gram) 20 items left The flavor is quite different from other basils with a stronger aroma and a sweet, but subtle, anise flavor. Essential to my favorite Thai peanut sauce! 50 seeds. MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Basil contains six different compounds that reduce blood pressure and ease the symptoms of emphysema and bronchitis. It is also an effective bug repellant Organic Thai Basil. Direct Seed (recommended): After final frost sow 1/4″ deep, 2 seeds/inch, rows 12-18″ apart. Thin to 8-10 apart & enjoy the thinnings (they are delicious). Transplant: Indoors, sow 2 seeds/cell & thin to 1 ~4 weeks before last frost. Enjoy the thinnings (they are delicious)

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Herb GMO Free Heirloom Thai Sweet Basil 100 Seeds Culinary & Medicinal, Popular among the cuisines of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, growing Thai basil has a pleasing aroma similar to sweet basil and is generally used fresh in recipes, ),Thai basil (Ocimum basilicum var,Shopping with Unbeatable Price,Free Shipping and Returns,Enjoy flat. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Genovese Basil (Min. 100 Seeds). Non-gmo Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Genovese Basil (Min. 100 Seeds). Non-gmo 50+ Thai Water Spinach seeds Ong Choy Kangkong Kong Xin Cai Garden Vegetable USA. $3.39. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping

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Basil 'Thai Holy Kaprao' AKA Holy Basil Seeds (Certified Organic) A popular herb in Thai cuisine, the fragrant leaves can be used in potpourri and have a spicy, sweet, clove-like flavor. Availability: In stoc What a Value! This Heirloom Basil Seed Collection INCLUDES 5 different heirloom Basil varieties. Full size seed packets of Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Lemon Basil, Italian Basil, and Dark Opal Basil Seeds. Also included in this seed assortment is the wonderful 34-page book, Growin Thai basil plants do quite well in raised bed or container gardening, pots should be at least 12 in diameter or 2-gal in volume. Thai basil have green leaves & purple stems. The whole plants are edible, including seeds, flower buds, stems or even the root portion Basil Thai Heirloom Seed. Basil Purple Leaf Heirloom Seed. Be the first to review this product . In stock. SKU. $3.00. Basil Purple Leaf Heirloom Seed (1/8 oz.) $4.50. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Email. Details. Ornamental and culinary basil with a hint of licorice flavor that is a little more intense than regular basil.

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  1. This plant variety will grow to be 24-30 inches tall. This fragrant heirloom basil is heat-loving and thrives in full sun. The Large Leaf's shiny dark green leaves can grow up to 4 inches long and is perfect for a home garden or in a windowsill container! Certified Organic. Learn more about our organic seeds
  2. Sweet Basil seeds, Genovese Basil seeds, and Italian Large Leaf seeds are 3 options to create wonderful summer pesto and Genovese salads. The aromatic leaves also have a delightful variety of flavors found in Thai Basil Seeds, Lemon Basil Seeds, Lime Basil Seeds, Cinnamon Basil Seeds, and Purple Basil Seeds
  3. Genovese basil. $ 3.99. Number of seeds included: ± 200 ( 1/2 tea spoon) Originally from northern Italy, Genovese basil is one of the best known basilics. It produces smooth leaves of medium size; very fragrant, it is used to make pestos or pistou soups but also to flavor lemonades or sweet dishes
  4. Many heirloom varieties were preserved by home gardeners who saved seed from their family gardens from year to year. Other seeds travelled around the world in the pockets or letters of immigrants, which is why, though the tomato evolved in Central America, we have varieties from Russia, Italy, Japan, France, Germany and Kentucky
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Buy Thai basil seeds. This is the true strain of Thai basil that is used in Vietnamese and Thai cooking. Thai Basil is an easy to grow herb and it has great flavour that is very unique. The flavour is similar to anise, although the fragrance is less licorice like This diverse herb can be cooked to enhance a curry or blended up as a pesto. Licorice basil provides a rich flavor profile, as it's often compared to tarragon or Thai Basil and is easy to grow from seed and in containers. Licorice Basil Seeds Per Package: 1 oz - Approximately 20,000 Seeds; 4 oz - Approximately 80,000 Seeds Basil Thai Heirloom Seed. Basil Spicy Globe Heirloom Seed. Basil Sweet Italian Heirloom Seed. Be the first to review this product Grouped product items; Product Name Qty; Basil Sweet Italian Heirloom Seed (1/64 oz) $1.25. Basil Sweet Italian Heirloom Seed (1/32 oz.) $1.75. Basil Sweet Italian Heirloom Seed (1/16 oz.) $3.00. Basil Sweet.

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Thai Basil Seeds -Basil Seed ThaiThai basil is a distinctive and pungent basil cultivar that adds tremendous flavor to any Asian-inspired dish. Thai Basil seeds enjoy sun, but can also tolerate some filtered shade as well. Buy Thai Basil Seeds by the packet or in bulk Basil is a large family with a lot of diverse children. Basil seed is a staple for planting in any kitchen herb garden because it is easy to grow, and it has a lot of varieties and uses. It is usually grown as an annual in cold climates, though it will last longer in warm climates. Basil is usually grown for a fresh garnish added to gourmet.

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Thai Basil Seeds 200+ purple basil, Asian basil ,Heirloom Non GMO at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Thai Basil Chicken. Get Recipe. Supplies . Featured. New. Made in the USA. Slicer tomato seeds and plants are great hybrids that produce heavy yields of delicious, extra-tasty fruits. Sweet, tart, flavorful heirloom tomatoes originating in the Ozark Mountains. $3.95. $3.95. Seeds. Loading ratings.. Thai Basil Heirloom vegetable herb 600 seeds, buy 3 get 4th free. C $2.50 + C $1.00 shipping. SWEET BASIL SEEDS. C $3.69. Free shipping. Arugula(芝麻菜), Heirloom herb. Vegetable seeds 1000+, Buy 3, get the 4th Free,.

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Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie Organic Basil Seed. Ornamental, flavorful Thai type with larger leaves and showy flowers. Ornamental, flavorful Thai type with larger leaves and showy flowers. 80 Days. Select Packet $4.95 1,000 Seeds $10.20 5,000 Seeds $44.20 25,000 Seeds $187.00 Packet / $4.95. Quantity

Herb seeds - Basil, Thai [Ocimum basilicum] Slender 2 long leaves with a spicy anise-clove flavor. Attractive purple stems and blooms. Height 18-24. Essential in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Direct seed after danger of frost. Full sun. Annual. Basil is an aromatic, easy to grow culinary herb, with 4 species that cont Interestingly, Basil was first discovered in India, however the Italians took a liking to this exotic flavor profile and have built a culinary culture around this delicious herb. Enjoy a vast array of different Basil flavor profiles from Thai, lemon, Genovese, lime, cinnamon and purple; all offering distinctive aromas and tastes Heirloom Basil Seeds. Select options. Genovese Organic Basil Seeds 4075 $ 2.69 - $ 72.90. Select options. Siam Queen Basil Seeds (Thai Type) 3135 $ 1.99 - $ 27.60. Select options. Spicy Globe Basil Seeds 3140 $ 1.99 - $ 27.60. Select options. Everleaf Emerald Tower Basil Hybrid Seeds 3122 $ 2.79 - $ 13.95. Select options. Sweet Basil.

Similarly strong Thai/anise aroma to that of Sweet Thai. Compared to Cinnamon Basil, its aroma has less sweetness. Flowers/bolts 10-12 weeks later than standard Thai basil. Ht. 20-24. Avg. 46,700 seeds/oz. Packet: 50 seeds Your Price: $2.45. Excellent in traditional Asian cuisine. 75 days - Known as 'Thai' or 'Licorice' basil, this variety grows up to around fifteen inches tall with leaves reaching up to two inches long. The leaves have a distinct but subtle licorice or anise aroma and flavor, which is excellent when used in Thai, or other traditional Asian. SOWING: Direct seed (recommended): Plant seeds 1/4 deep, 2-3 seeds per inch, in rows 18 apart. Firm the soil over the seeds. Thinning is not necessary, but a final spacing of 4-8 apart produces healthy, full plants. Note: Holy Basil requires some light for germination, so sow more shallowly than other basils It is a critical ingredient in Southeast Asian dishes and marvelous in stirfries, chutneys and marinades. An eye-catching herb to interplant with flowers for edible landscaping. Plant Queenette basil to enjoy growing and cooking with authentic Thai ingredients. Seed Count: Approx. 500 / Weight: 0.65 gms. Name Thai Basil. Description. Reviews (0) Ocimum basilicum var. horapha. The most commonly used basil in Asian cooking. The unique anise/licorice flavours and scent of this basil hold up better than the more common Sweet basil when cooked. If you have eaten Thai food, you have probably tasted this basil. Standard packet contains approx 200 seeds Heirlooms are simply older varieties of open-pollinated (OP) seeds. Open-pollinated seeds will breed true to type. In other words, as long as you've properly isolated them, you can save and replant the seeds from OP varieties and get plants that look and taste like their parents. And while we want to preserve heirloom varieties, we also want.