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World's largest collection of 8mm and Super 8 home movies in 4k resolution Super 8 Color Negative Material . KODAK VISION 3 50 D (7203) COLOR NEGATIVE (Daylight) Order Form for Super 8 / 8 mm/ 16 mm film material Postbank Berlin, 10866 Berlin . Prices in EURO! BIC (Swiftcode): IBAN: PBNKDEFF DE09 1001 0010 0044 8041 08 Your film processing expert for 8 / Super 8mm, 16mm and 35mm. We are at your service at any time, just give us a call! Hasenheide 9 -- D-10967 Berlin -- service@andecfilm.de -- phone + 49 (0)30 691 7036 -- fax +49 (0) 30 693 032 Price $25 per roll Chemically process your Kodak, Fuji, Orwo, Adox or Agfa Super 8mm film with our award winning on premises lab facility. With over 40 years of Super 8 processing experience our lab procedures are highly evolved for the best handling of small format film. We use only the freshest chemicals and have custom made tools to ensure consistency and the highest quality results. per Super 8 cartridge. 46.20 / 54.98. 982 . incl. processing coupon* (Germany) 68.90 / 81.99. 9821 . incl. processing coupon* (International) 70.50 / 83.90. 9822 *The processing coupon includes development & shipment of the developed film. Valid 12 months. Technical Dat

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We process all modern 8mm film stocks! Vision3 ECN, B&W Reversal (Incl. Fomapan) and E6 Ektachrome color reversal. Each process runs in it's own dedicated film processor for maximum availability of processing. We are familiar with all 8mm shooting formats, Super-8, MAX-8, Standard-8 and Ultra-Pan 8. CLICK HERE ->> FOR 8MM ORDER FORM Turnaround on movie film developing / scan is 4-6 week from when we receive your film. When completed you will receive an email with notes. We return your developed film along with your scan on your USB thumb drive. We accept 50 ft rolls: Super 8 Kodak Vison 50D, 200T, 500T Color. Super 8 Kodak Ektachrome 100D Color. Super 8 Agfachrome 200D Color Pro8mm is applauded for being a one-stop shop where Super 8 Film cameras and Super 8mm film, processing, digital mastering, and treasured family archival home movies can all be handled by a dedicated staff with decades of experience 8mm Film Processing. With over 60 years experience in motion picture processing, Yale Film and Video uses only the finest chemicals by Eastman Kodak to process your film. We do not settle for anything less and neither should you. Most Processing done in 2 - 3 days or sooner, depending on the time film arrives, how much film we have or do not.

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Personal Super 8 1 year subscription for Euro 45. I am a believer 2 years subscription for Hasenheide 9, D-10967 Berlin. comments BPS Film Processing Laboratory 1055 Paramount Pkwy. Bldg E. Batavia, IL 60510. 630-8798200. USA comments Cinela A step-by-step guide to hand-processing expired Kodachrome 40 Super 8 film stock using the Caffenol CM recipe. You only need 1 litre of Caffenol to process a.. Super 8 Positive print from Negative - £50.00 per 50ft of film. Standard 8 mm Film processing is £32.00 per 25ft of film. 16 mm Film Development costs are as following: Negative Stocks - £30 per 100ft of Film. Black/White Reversal Stocks - £39 per 100ft of Film. Ektachrome 100D Colour Reversal Stocks - £49 per 100ft of Film The George Eastman Museum has partnered with Kodak to share the basics of how you can use Dogfish Head's Super Eight Super Gose to develop Super Eight film,. Search for home super 8 developing, and for the lomo upb-1 tanks. It took a while, but I was finally able to purchase a Lomo UPB-1a from ebay. They can be used to develop up to 50 feet of Super 8, Double-8, 16mm, and 35mm. They are a bit pricey, though

Hey it's Analog Resurgence Week! I just made that up...BUT I'm putting up a little something everyday this week. Today I'm answering some questions that I ge.. Super 8 History. Kodak Awards. Super 8. Analog Renaissance. People like to think that digital mediums can do anything film can do, nowadays, but that simply isn't true... There are plenty of looks, feelings and qualities that only film can do, and you simply cannot capture digitally.. Patty Jenkins Ben Slotover shows all the bits and pieces he's assembled in order to hand process his (expired) super 8 using Coffee, Washing Soda and Vitamin C. Part one o..

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Home Video Studio is the worldwide leader in 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film transfer. We have been transferring film since 1991 and have been in this business for over 40 years. We understand what it takes to provide you with the best transfers have transferred literally millions of feet of film Super 8mm film is a motion picture film format released in 1965 by Eastman Kodak as an improvement over the older Double or Regular 8 mm home movie format.. The film is nominally 8mm wide, the same as older formatted 8mm film, but the dimensions of the rectangular perforations along one edge are smaller, which allows for a greater exposed area. The Super 8 standard also allocates the. Buy, Process and Scan. 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm Film. We are a dedicated team of filmmakers and technicians supplying a much-needed resource for 8mm and 16mm film making, based in London, UK. Our core services are Super 8 and 16mm film sales, with additional processing and HD scanning, priced very competitively

Email: service AT andecfilm.de Tel: 49 30 691 7036, Fax: 49 30 693 0321 Printing from Super 8 Negative film stock, Reversal Processing and many kinds of printing not available in the United States. andecfilm.de. BB Optics, Bill Brand, a filmmaker and master optical printer, 212.966.6253. Blow-ups 8 or Super 8 to 16mm. Archival. www.bboptics.co Super 8 is a 2011 American monster thriller film written and directed by J. J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg.The film stars Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning, and Kyle Chandler and tells the story of a group of young teenagers who are filming their own Super 8 movie when a train derails, releasing a dangerous presence into their town. The film was shot in Weirton, West Virginia and. Nicholas, I'm a big fan of Super 8 myself from back in the 70s, but I think the reality of film is that it's an expensive medium. If cost is an issue, video is the obvious alternative but I realize many people want to work in film for many reasons. If film is what you love, then Super 8 is the cheapest way to do film Followers of my blog will have seen that I've recently been experimenting with home-processing super 8 cine film. So far I've been cutting off short strips and developing these inside a Paterson tank (designed for processing stills films.) As my tests continued, I felt the need to step up to processing longer lengths of film

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We're talking every kind— Super 8, Double 8, 120, 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, movie film— you name it— if it's Kodachrome, it's soon to be extinct. Actually, today's not the last day of development. The last rolls of Kodachrome film are being accepted today for development at Dwayne's Photo in Parsons, Kansas, the only photo processing company in. Pro8mm 2805 West Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505; 818-848-5522 Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm Sat-Sun: Close Film Rescue International 500 Grand Ave Box 428 Indian Head, SK S0G2K0 Canada Phone: +1-800-329-8988 Fax: +1-306-695-2999 www.filmrescue.com Process expired Super 8 and 16mm Kodachrome, Ektachrome (into BW Neg), and B&W. No ECN, no new film. Provide scanning of the above formats and still film. Also have a location in the Netherlands. MELS-Studio Film comes in a cartridge that is slipped into the camera for filming. Most Super 8 cameras have automatic aperture functions for easy use. When developed, the cartridge is broken open, the film processed, and sent back to you on a reel that can be threaded into a Super 8 film projector or an editing screen for viewing Seconding Rocky Mountain Film. They did an awesome job with stuff I found in my grandfather's Super 8 camera and sent in a couple of years ago, and they sent back some footage of my 5/6 year old self feeding my grandfather's dog. So, for developing 25 year old film, definitely recommended

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Nanolab is a super 8 processing lab. We develop super 8 film here on site in Victoria! Yes, the films you send us for developing can also be trasnferred to digital by us. We generally don't transfer films not developed at the lab, simply becuse our transfer setup runs at capacity with the films we develop.. Step 13 - Slitting (FOR REGULAR 8 OR DOUBLE SUPER 8 ONLY) If you're developing Regular 8 or Double Super 8, you'll want to run your film through the Lomo slitter. Be sure to do this on a non-abrasive, dust-free surface with gloves. Carefully insert one end of the film into the slitter and push through until it comes out the other side Please review the following for your film's process and follow the link... Kodachrome K14 Kodachrome K14 films Older Kodachrome Process K11 or K12 Kodachrome II and Kodachrome II Type A, made prior to 1977 (Double 8mm Kodachrome is sometimes in a silver dollar sized tin) Newer Ektachrome EM-26 Super 8 cartridges which say EM-26 on the labe

After the film was processed, it was slit in half, lengthwise, in order to make two lengths of 8 mm film to fit into a projector. Super 8 didn't have any of those hassles and provided great image. LOMO UPB-1A super 8/16mm Processing Tank/LID -USA Auction. -Process Your Films! $55.00. $52.40 shipping. SPONSORED. UPB-1A LOMO UNIVERSAL DEVELOPING TANK. $182.00. $65.00 shipping. UNIVERSAL FILM DEVELOPING TANK 8, 16, 35 mm MOVIE 15m LOMO USSR. $130.00. $50.00 shipping. Developing spiral 16mm film length 30 meters UPB-1A. $98.89. $30.00. Buy 8mm Film + Development + Scanning. Please see below for new super 8, standard 8, DS8 and 16mm film stocks with processing and scanning included. All of our film come with processing and HD scanning as optional extras. Please select the film you're after, and 'Add to Basket'. Please note listed costs are excluding VAT

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Kodak Ektachrome 100D Super 8 Colour Reversal Film £50.00 - £132.00 £50.00 - £132.0 online, web, site, information, Super8 8mm Sound Movies Films On Super 8 mm , Nearly 500 SUPER 8MM sound movies film titles in original boxes , find, search, Australia's largest selection of Brand New Super 8 Movies Sound Films , Hollywood Movie Studios , Hollywood Movie Producers , Universal Pictures , Castle Films , 20th Century Fox , Metro Goldwyn Mayer , MGM , Columbia Pictures.

8mm & Super 8 Film converted to long-lasting DVD's or convenient thumb drives. Just8mm is the nation's largest company specializing in Super 8 and 8mm film transfers to DVD and digital, which were widely used to capture memories from the 1930s through the 1980s 4 Rolls Super 8 (10 min) Spectra Premium Processing Prep & Sonic Cleaning 1/2 hour SPIRIT 1920X1080 Scan @ 24fps Color Correction + 30 Day File Vaulting Hard Drive Not Included List Price: $479.50 Discount: -40.50 Final Cost: $439.00 Add 16GB SanDisk 2.0 Flash Drive: 25.00: Rank-a-Roll Film Pak 1 Roll Super 8 (2.5 min) Spectra Premium Processin

For those still shooting on Super 8, we offer a processing service to get your films dark-room developed. This includes Kodak Vision 3: 50D, 200T, 500T. For other stock please contact us first. Through our partnership with the leading Film Lab in Europe, we post weekly shipments to Germany to get our clients films developed Above video - Overview of new films with shots from Cine 8 Color Negative ISO 50. The CINE8 Double 8 film line from FPP is the first 8mm film produced specifically for the US market.The FPP is thrilled to add the CINE 8 Double 8 film line to its growing assortment of hand-rolled and unique house-branded photographic and motion picture films! Did you know the FPP is also sourcing vintage 8mm. 30 years ago I could find ads for home developing tanks for super 8 film. I haven't seen one in years. If you could find one of these tanks, it would work for E-6 film or B&W film. If the color negative films still have rem jet, then they would not be suitable for home processing Schau an, da kommt der Film: Schmalfilm-Fan Jörg Maske hat im Keller seines Elternhauses in Berlin-Nikolassee ein Super-8-Heimkino eingerichtet Film is processed in regular 8-10 week cycles. Film for the next cycle must be in our hands by the cutoff date. The next cycle cutoff date is July 5th, 2021. Motion film for processing received by this date should be ready to ship back in approximately 10 weeks. Rush processing is available upon request

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  1. 3018 Expert Super 8 Drum is equipment that allows manual developing black/white and color Super8 and 16mm film easily. For development with the drums it is strongly suggested that you combine with the processor with lift. Features. Compatible with all B&W/Color Super 8 & 16mm film available toda
  2. G'day all. From time to time I shoot vintage Kodak Kodachrome II, 25 and 40 Double 8 and Super 8 movie film made in the 60s, 70s and 80s and develop them in Caffenol C as B&W negatives and thought I'd share my experience and knowledge of it as it might be of value to some who want to shoot/develop this old film and know how to successfully make these films produce B&W pictures
  3. The Power of Super 8 Film couples Phil's encyclopedic knowledge with recent technical innovations to provide an essential guide for newcomers and seasoned users alike. - Giles Perkins - Editor, onsuper8.org, Super 8 Filmmaker. Super 8 continues to have a great following of creatives and a steady flow of new converts

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  1. Lomography Berlin Kino 400 Developing Guide. We love helping you capture your memories, tell a story and create timeless photographic masterpieces. That's why we've put together everything you need to get the most out of our new Lomography Berlin Kino Film B&W 400 35 mm Formula 2019. From useful shooting tips to darkroom and post-processing.
  2. The popular craft brewery Dogfish Head is launching a new gose beer called SuperEIGHT. The brew shares more than a name with Kodak's famous Super 8 film format: the beer was actually designed to.
  3. 8mm & Super 8 Reels to Digital MovieMaker Film Sanner Converter, Pro Film Digitizer Machine with 2.4 LCD, Black (Convert 3 inch and 5 inch 8mm Super 8 Film reels into Digital) with 32 GB SD Card. 3.7 out of 5 stars. 353. $289.99
  4. Georgetown Super 8 Mission. Georgetown Super 8 is dedicated to the creation and sharing of amateur super 8 films to foster inclusive dialogue, ensuring a diversity of community voices can define, document, and tell the story of their neighborhood. Program Description. The GS8 cycle begins in January when filmmaker registration forms and posters.
  5. Kodachrome 40 in the Super 8 movie format was discontinued in June 2005, despite protests from filmmakers. Kodak launched a replacement color reversal film in the Super 8 format, Ektachrome 64T, which uses the common E-6 processing chemistry. Kodachrome 200 was discontinued in November 2006

Super 8 Camera Rentals. Super 8 Camera Repairs. Super 8 Camera Accessories. Film, Process, and Scan. Film Stock, Process and Scan Film to Digital Packages. Super 8 & 16mm Film Kit. Process and Scan Film to Digital. Film Processing. Scan Film to Digital Super 8 was cheap for the amateur and hobbyist, today most amateurs and hobbyist are using DSLR's. Kodachrome in the UK was sold with processing included and that made it much easier to use. In recent years Super 8 has gradually become more expensive, today you are paying for the film stock, processing these costs keep on going up We also sell Super 8 film stock & Super 8 accessories & process Super 8 film. Afachrome 200D & Tri-X. We provide the World's highest quality Film Conversion for Super 8mm, Standard 8mm, 16mm and 9.5mm film to DVD, Blu-ray and digital files They recently processed 4 films for me at the price of $20 per film + 9.00 shipping. Another lab which was able to do this processing was Super 8 Sound, 2805 West Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505 (818-848-5522), but they would have to send the film out and the price quote was over $500

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18th May 2006: Kodaks Final Processing Dates for Kodachrome Super 8 Film Eastman Kodak Company announced that Kodak Certified processing of Kodachrome Super 8 film will no longer be available after Augutst 1st 2006. The move follows Kodaks announcement on May 6th 2005 that it would exit the manufacture of Kodachrome Super 8 film Also, be sure to keep up with Matt's work for more developing, film cameras, and Super 8! FilterGrade Super 8 Films. Chicago on Super 8 Film (April, 2021) Discovering My Grandpa's Old Slide Film Projector. Scanning Methods with the Epson V550. 10 of the Best Super 8 VHS Video Apps for Mobile Devices

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Super 8 hotels offers the best rate guarantee, friendly service and comfortable rooms. Book direct and save with Wyndham's award-winning hotel rewards program SUPER 8 | 8MM PROCESSING & SCANNING. Film Stocks. Kodak, Fuji, Orwo, Adox, Agfa, and Fomapan—we can develop any stock you might have. We process all current and expired Super 8 and 8mm film stocks including Color Negative, Color Reversal and Black & White Reversal. All film is cleaned and prepped for projection or scan at no extra charge

Super 8 cartridge, 50ft / 15m. Color Reversal Film ISO 200/24° Daylight (5500K, w/o Filter) ISO 50/18° Tungsten (3200-3400K, with Filter Wratten 80A) Agfachrome RSX-II 200 Emulsion, clear PET base Processing (E6) not include Hello, I'm new to this forum so I'm sorry of this has been asked before. I recently got my self into shooting some super 8 films with Kodak Tri-x 7266 BW reversal stock. I was wondering what the developing similarities of this specific film were to those of black and white stil-photography film

Home Video Studio - Draper, Utah. 801-679-1960 h2videomaker@gmail.com. Store Hours Specials Find us! Links. Home Video Studio is the worldwide leader in 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film transfer. We have been transferring film since 1991 and have been in this business for over 40 years. We understand what it takes to provide you with the best. FILM PROCESSING AND SCANNING. We are a NYC based motion-picture lab specializing in small gauge film. SUPER 8. The classic user friendly film cartridge first released in 1965. We process and scan all current and expired Super 8mm stocks. 16MM. Standard 16, Super 16mm, Ultra 16mm. Any stock new or old. Processing and scanning for production.

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Most of my film was Super 8 and 8 mm. I had a good idea of what was on them (AMAZINGLY, I had labeled them!!) so I just sent all those off. BUT the 1940s 16 mm reels were so badly damaged that very little could be retrieved by the professional services I sent them to. One service only charged me for the number of feet they were able to save We transfer 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film reels to DVD and digital. Starting at $19.99 for the first 150 feet

Wittner Cinetec offers Super 8 film cartridges, 16mm filmstock, movie camera film, accessories, film reels, film cans, splicing tape, splicers, projection bulbs, spare parts and more!Cinema products for taking, editing and projecting of small format movies.Super 8 Film Shop the wide range of products includes specialties like Color Reversal Film Kodak Ektachrome 100D and Beaulieu accessories It wasn't always that easy--that is, until the Super 8 film format came along. Invented by Kodak in 1965, Super 8 made shooting films easier, more affordable, portable, and fun than it had ever been before. A few different features made Super 8 remarkable, but one of the greatest was the ease of creating movies that it brought to the masses WittnerChrome 200D. WittnerChrome 200D super8. Color reversal, aprox. 15 meter each cartridge. This product is made from Agfa Aviphot 200ASA daylight balanced film. This film was introduced after Kodak stopped making Ektachrome and was the only alternative for shooting colour reversal for a few years. Agfa Moviechrome 40 sound No matter if you want to reactivate grandmothers pocket camera, dad´s Super8 camera or greatgrandfathers old foding plate-camera: FOTOIMPEX has the film! Within each category you can set filters to further scale down your search. 35mm films. Cine films Super 8 to 35mm. Digital to analog transfer media. Experimental Films Scraping together about twelve dollars for film and developing, I could make a movie with my brother or with friends. For instance, regular 8mm film is typically 16 fps, super 8mm films is typically 18 fps, and video is 30 fps (really 29.97 if you want to nitpick). real time capture can be $4-$8 for a 50 foot reel of 8mm film; older.

Super 8 is a narrow-gauge film format created 50 years ago. It was popular because it was easy to use, cheap, quick, and aesthetically appealing; the sound quality was good, and when projected it. Super 8 Tri-X is the legendary home-movie film from Kodak, the Rochester company that became an industrial giant in the pre-digital film world. New law aims to boost mead (honey wine) in New Yor FPP high definition film scan services for your Super 8, regular 8mm movies (including vintage home movies and Super 8 Sound). We're dedicated to preserving your film memories with our state-of-the-art scan gear. This service is for film that is already developed. If you need developing + scanning please CLICK THROUGH to our 8mm Process/Scan page

8mm, Super 8 and 16mm Movie Film to DVD Transfer. We digitally convert 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film to DVD. All film is inspected prior to transfer and cleaned/spliced as required. Any size reels are accepted. Super 8 with magnetic sound as well as both optical and magnetic 16mm are supported Super 8 film was introduced by Kodak in 1965 as an improvement over regular 8mm film, and had the ability to record sound. If you have old home movie reels collecting dust, now is the time to transfer your super 8 film to digital format. As with all film, super 8 degrades and fades over time

Each of these cartridges can take 15 meters of film ( 3 minutes at normal speed ). Unfortunately, Kodak has discontinued «Kodachrome K-40» film processing. Therefore, it is not possible to develop this film in color safely. Nevertheless, Film Rescue International has some very interesting offers for Old Super 8 film processing Referral List (obscure film services) Rentals. Spectra provides reasonably priced, well maintained equipment for projects that need the best, most. reliable results possible. If you need it done right, you can count on Spectra! Canon 814 or 1014 XL-S Super 8 Camera. $175/day. Canon Scoopic M 16mm Camera. 250/day

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A little super 8 group film snippet that was shot during my October workshop in Berlin - by Blacki, India, Achilleas, Emma and Finnja. Developed in beer, coffee, Super 8 Workshop Berlin October 2017 on Vime Standard Pricing. Our standard pricing for Super 8mm Film Transfers is $29.99 setup fee plus a fixed cost per reel. The setup fee includes cleaning, splicing, and your first copy on DVD or as digital files. The cost per reel is as follows: This pricing guide covers most standard projects we see and gives you an idea of what you can expect to pay With 1 liter of working solution (mixture of water + chemical), you can process 6 Super 8 cartridges. You can process 2 more Super 8 cartridges, but you will get optimal results. From 6 cartridges, you can use the working solutions for your experiments, because colors are not clean. (V) General processing hints For my double 8mm films I have an old Russian developing tank that can be sized to develop 16mm wide double 8 film and 8mm wide for standard 8mm films. I also have a Super 8 tank which can also be sized to either 8mm or 16mm wide to accommodate for Super 8/standard 8mm, Double 8 (16mm) and 16mm film According to the Associated Press, their new SuperEIGHT beer doubles as a developer for Super 8 film. Unlike digital video, which is ready to view as soon as its recorded, Super 8 film needs to be. This software enables the processing of old movies (8mm, Super8, etc..) or video cassettes. and Film9 completely free and translated into English. Here is the link to download Film9 V2 (english) In all modesty, we hope that this program will appeal to those of us who are passionate by old images