How to tell if an Irish girl likes you

How to tell if an Irish girl likes you · The Daily Edg

  1. SO WE'VE ALREADY established how to tell if an Irish guy likes you.Now it's the fair turn of the cailíní. Here's how to KNOW, without a doubt, that the beour you're after is absolutely.
  2. Ask anyone abroad about what Irish girls are like and you'll inevitably hear the same tired stereotypes. But as we know we're not all fiery redheads or blue eyed Galway girls, we're not prone to breaking into a jig and we're not ALWAYS up for the craic just most of the time
  3. The personality of an Irish woman can take you off-guard for the first time with its openness and fun nature. Irish girls don't see a point in being too serious and they love having fun whenever they can. When you are in the company of an Irish lady, you will erupt in laughter more often than you imagine
  4. How to tell if an Irish guy likes you Hint: It doesn't involve saying 'I like you'. This guy has no interest in this girl. 4. He'll occasionally prioritise you over his mammy
  5. Generally, Irish women are not very good at taking compliments so go easy on the charm. There should be subtlety involved. If you tell an Irish girl she is beautiful, sexy, etc. she is not going to..
  6. To sweep an Irish woman off her feet, buy her a couple of drinks, even if you might have a fight about payment (she will fight like a dog to buy you a drink back), the gesture will be hugely.

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If you're already getting to know each other, then you might see a girl naturally touch your hand, shoulder or chest. If you've just made a joke, she may playfully (and lightly) slap you. Also, if you're sitting next to each other, there's a chance that your legs or shoulders naturally begin to touch just because of how close you're. This page provides some suggestions for the dumb-struck guy who would like to approach a lovely Irish girl. Do tell me if you found them funny or useful but don't tell me if your attempts ended with a bottle of Vodka and orange being poured on your head! top of pag It's so simple, but it's one of the very best ways to tell if a girl likes you. Winston agrees: A sign that a girl likes you is when she makes herself available to you regularly, whether it is in.. Irish women are dangerously charming. Dangerously because sometimes it's hard to say whether she really likes you or just being nice to you. So in order to find this out, pay attention to the following signs: She texts or calls you first

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  1. #1 Makes eye contact. If she makes eye contact with you, especially if it's repeated, she's definitely interested. Another way to tell if she likes you is to take note of whether she hides or flaunts the fact that she's watching you. If she lets you know that she's watching, you just scored a home run
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  3. Don't fret if the girl you like doesn't initiate a conversation with you. If she likes you, she may be too shy or nervous to do so! Even if she seems like the most confident girl you know, she may have had a bad experience in the past or simply may not be ready to approach you yet but will be receptive if you start the conversation first
  4. A girl's first priority when engaging in conversation is getting to know the person she is talking to. She'll want as much information as she can glean, in order to make an informed decision about your intentions. At the same time, you must express an interest in getting to know her, as well. #2 Pets and whether you like dogs or cats
  5. Into You Sign #3. She is responding well to your touch. The third way to answer how to know if she wants you to make a move comes down to interpreting her response to your touch. Sometimes the escalation of physical touch can feel like anything but a stair-step, especially looking at how other guys do it
  6. Advertisement. 3. You knew that acting the maggot would result in this. 4. And that if you took a notion, you'd get told to cop on to yourself. 5. Towels and sheets were kept in the hot press. 6.
  7. Show her you know how to be considerate by doing these things for everyone, not just her: Say please, thank you and you're welcome. As well as asking with a I'd appreciate it if or I would like for you... If someone is walking through a door behind you, hold it open for him or her
How to tell if an Irish guy likes you · The Daily Edge

This quiz is to tell if a girl likes you or not. This is a great quiz to take because I am a girl, and I know the signs of a girl wanting someone. It will present genuine results only if you tell the truth. Go ahead and take the.. How to tell if a girl likes you in school. Still haven't got the girl, huh? Tell me about it. It's tough being in school and dealing with homework and playin..

How to tell if an Irish guy likes you · The Daily Edg

Pretty Irish girls are not good at taking compliments. If you see that your future bride is gorgeous, don't tell her that she is sexy or hot, etc. Try to be delicate while complimenting, for instance, tell that she has beautiful eyes or smile, etc. Some Irish women have freckles on their faces, and it looks as if they were kissed by the sun Want to know how to tell if a girl likes you? It can be tricky, but I've had tons of experience, and I think I've learned enough about it to help you out. Take my quiz right now - in just a few minutes, you could know if she likes you! And if she doesn't, it's her loss - and you'll be free for the better ones who do!:- Organically Grow Your Social Media Presence For Really Cheap. No Headaches, Just Order &. See The Magic. Trustworthy? Over 95k Orders So Far + We will Double your first purchas

Because being Irish or a wannabe-Irish lass is just enough on St. Patrick's Day. 4. I'm Dublin my efforts to get you to go out with me. 5. You're wearing green, I'm wearing green, we have so much in common that we should get together and go out sometime. 6. It doesn't take a Guinness to realize you're the best-looking guy/girl. On and on this dance goes with escalating signals from her and overt initiation by you until you're married with 2.5 kids. Or you break up by the fifth date because she's cute, but dang, you've noticed like 11 of the 14 red flags in a relationship. How to Tell if She's Not Interested. Just as important as knowing what signs a woman displays when she's interested in you is knowing the. I had this Irish fellow ask me ware are you from girl and I said Canada. He said you are in the wrong country your Irish, I said with a smile on my face yes I am, I am a Kennedy! He then said that red in your face that is Irish, the way you engage that is a Irishmen talking to me not a tourist and the lithe in your voice, your family is from. 4. Tell him U2 are overrated. A minority of Irish people might actually agree with you - but the rest will smack you down hard and go on at length about how seeing U2 play Where the Streets. Top 20 HOTTEST Irish Girl Names Right Now. Most popular Irish baby names - boys and girls. Things you didn't know about Irish First Names Top 10 unusual Irish girl names. The 10 hardest to pronounce Irish first names, Ranked. 10 Irish girl names nobody can pronounce. Top 10 Irish boy names that nobody can pronounc

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Guys, we know you've all been there at one time or another. You want to ask out a certain girl, but you can't tell if she likes you enough to say yes. Most of you would probably rather bungee jump off of the Golden Gate Bridge than risk being rejected. And, yes, the thought of rejection is terrifying -- we'll give you that You know you like her and everybody around notices it too, but no one knows if the girl like you back or not. The chances are meagre of finding out on our own- but what if we could know from signs. #6 If she's with a bunch of friends, you'll catch any of them looking at you too. Women care for their girlfriends' opinion when it comes to men. It will be easy to tell that you're being checked out when you get glances from a group of girls either one at a time or all at the same time

Just how many Irish words do you need to get by in Ireland?The simple answer: none. Literally everyone in Ireland speaks English, and the Irish language is seldom heard in everyday common usage except in the Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking areas mainly on the Western seaboard) At least once a year, everyone wants to be Irish. Sadly, not everyone can claim to be born in Ireland, or even have an Irish Great-Granny, but that doesn't matter. Find out if you've got what it takes to be an honorary Hibernian in our quiz

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To help you sort out these signals, we've put together a list of things women have admitted to doing in order to hook a man's attention—so you'll always know how to tell if a girl likes you. And, men, if you're looking to boost your chances of getting a yes when you ask a girl out, read 15 Little Things Men Do That Women Can't Resist If you come to Ireland, I wouldn't blame you for feeling like an eejit for not knowing what every wee fella and bure is talking about. But don't worry because you've come to the right place to save yourself from feeling absolutely scundered as we have made a list of 25 Irish slang words you need to know: 25 It's just a Jewish thing. Let it happen. 8. There's a big difference between cheap and frugal, bro. And if you want to make jokes about how Jews are cheap, (1) I'm going to assume you're kind of.

She asks you to teach her something. One trick I learned from romantic comedies is to ask him to teach me something. It's like saying, 'I admire you as a person, and I want to know what you know.'. It's also a good way to get physically close to someone. I tried this once with a guy who was weirdly good at archery If you are observant enough, you will find a lot of signs of attraction in a person who likes you or is interested in you. You'll instantly know how to tell if someone likes you. Let's have a look at 4 of the most prominent psychological signs someone likes you.. 1 5. Odd numbers mean good odds. An American girl can take time away from her friend to talk to you on a night out. She might even ditch her friend for half the night, depending how interested in you she is. An Italian girl would never leave her friend alone. Therefore, either have a friend so you all pair up, or you need an odd number: 1, she is by herself; or 3, so she can spend some time with. A woman in love will show a lot of interest in the life of a particular guy, so if she starts being extremely curious, sincerely and profoundly interested in every aspect of your life, asking about your day, wanting to know everything about your past, as well as present life, you should stop second guessing yourself as her love for you seems pretty genuine

When you like someone, it can be tough to tell if they like you back. But if you're ever going to get together, you have to start somewhere. Figuring out if someone likes you is the first step toward a healthy relationship. So here's how to do that. Hint: It's all about healthy self-esteem for yourself and respect for the other person So she's probably going to be disappointed. Still, maybe you can think of a friendly compliment to give her when you tell her you just want to be friends. Here's an example: You're a nice [or cool, pretty, smart] girl, but I like you just as a friend, not a girlfriend. I hope you're OK with that. Good luck and we hope that works


18 Signs A Girl Likes You To Look For In Her Texts. 1. She initiates the conversation. One of the first ways to distinguish whether or not a woman likes you is if she is the one initiating the. You've probably heard a few that I haven't listed - the Irish are pretty damn creative when it comes to banter so feel free to leave a comment with something you may have heard in passing. If you know of any Irish slang phrases I may have missed let me know - I do like to keep up to date on these things.lol.. Pin it for late Irish mail order brides are single girls who want to get to know foreign men. They dream of a big, pure and bright love, and most importantly - they are ready to create a strong family. On the agency's website you can meet irish singles of different ages, with different interests and views on life. But the main thing - you have the same desire

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Just find something that interests you and use it to make yourself the most interesting man girls will ever meet. You'll always have something to talk about if you need it, and as your interests and knowledge get broader and broader, you'll be able to make more and more connections, and relate to more and more women. 5 Question 2/10. Your eldest son has just brought a girl home for the first time, what do you do? Introduce myself and stay out of the way for the rest of the evening. Wedge myself between the two of them and make her look at old photos all night. Make a fancy dinner and apologize that it's nothing fancy. Ask when they're planning to get married Five things you did not know about the fairy world. The little people with power to enchant , befuddle and outwit humankind were the literal shrinking of the pagan gods of Ireland with the arrival of Christianity. From this time the gods lost their power and receded into legend and fairy tale , retaining magical powers and the imagination of.

Now dance every step like that. 3) Toes. Stay as high as you can on your toes at all times. If you combine all three of these, your feet should look like the picture to the right. Now dance your whole dance with your feet placed like this. In Irish Dance, we have two types of shoes, hard shoes and ghillies (gill-ees), which are also called soft. BTW: If using humor like this feels a bit new to you, just know this: As you go through life, you will grow and develop as a person. Who you are right now is not the end of the story. You will develop a more complex personality over time, so don't be worried about adding to who you are - it's going to happen now or later in life If you want more ways to show interest, get my free report HERE. Inside you will learn 7 cocky word-for-word examples you can use to show a girl you like her... without coming across as weak and without putting her on a pedestal. FREE Report: 7 Confident Texts To Tell a Girl You Like He So, here are 8 shows to watch if you love Derry Girls to help carry you through, this Irish comedy-drama follows the antics of two twenty-something best pals with opposite personalities, as. 5 Must-Know Tips for Parents of Irish Twins. Have a Routine. Just like biological twins, Irish twins are a ton of work at the start. Babies have very specific eating and sleeping needs. With biological twins, it is recommended to get them on the same schedule. Irish twins are a little different because a newborn eats and sleeps much more.

6 things you need to know before dating a Portuguese girl. 1. We are romantically independent. We are like a mix of Amor de Perdição by Camilo Castelo Branco, Os Maias by Eça de Queiroz, a few soaps we watch at night, and a long lineage of strong, hardworking women who ran the house, raised children, and fed them with the little money their. Anyway, the Irish version of this tradition is a bit different - and much more challenging! According to legend, it is common for a birthday lad or lass to be held upside down and 'bumped' on the floor - once for each successful year of life to date, and an extra bump for good luck in the coming year. Ouch. Actually that explains a lot.

You can always reveal some of your secrets to her and talk elaborately about them to encourage your girl to feel at home with you and reveal her biggest secrets to you. 11. Talk About Her Hobbies. If you met on the Facebook for the first time, then you have a lot of things to know and talk to each other A great way to tell if a guy likes you if he offers to buy you dinner or support you when you're in a financial rut. He wants to take care of his girl and keep her happy! How Do You Know If a.

I met this Italian guy (24) while working abroad. I'm from America. (19) He was a student at a local university doing an international program. I feel like I'm being naive because I met him once at my apartment complex at the pool but we didn't ta.. How to tell a girl you like her. Ask her to grab a coffee. Make a point to ask her to go somewhere with you one-on-one, without other friends. Try to schedule it in the afternoon, to take away some of the date aura around it. Her reaction will tell you a lot—if she makes excuses, she's probably not too interested Girls put on a lot of effort to look extra pretty for you, so make sure to give her compliments like Your hair looks nice or You dress suits you. A little compliment goes a long way. 3. She cares about you. One of the signs that a Chinese woman likes you is when she cares about your well-being Quotes tagged as irish Showing 1-30 of 228. Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.. ― George Bernard Shaw. tags: bernard-shaw , irish , pigs , pointlessness. 988 likes. Like. I think being a woman is like being Irish... Everyone says you're important and nice, but you take second place all the time.

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I'd only like to say that maybe you should slow down a bit. Generating a girl's interest in you takes time. Also, take time to consider if it is actually possible to meet ever in the near future. First try to be her friend, show an interest in whatever she has to say, then tell her that you like her. So, most importantly be patient Indeed, I learned at least 4 signs to look for when you're not sure if it's serious and keep wondering how to tell when a guy likes you. 1. If he seems too good to be true, he may be playing you If a Pisces likes you, you'll probably have to deal with both fishes at once. They will act hot and cold, at one point it will look like they have a crush on you, then it will look like they are not interested in you at all. At one point they will come very close to you, but in a few moments they'll change their direction and swim far away

31.3%. Isle Of Man. 30.5%. Average Irish Ethnicity Estimate for Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man. Moving across the Irish Sea we see those areas with close historical ties show higher Irish ancestry. Echoing the results in Ulster, Southern Scotland shows the highest Irish ancestry across Great Britain with an average of 46.6% How do you tell a girl that you like her? Take a deep breath and tell her how you feel. I like you. I just wanted you to know that I like you. Maria, I can't keep pretending that I don't have feelings for you. You're too amazing not to have feelings for. I love having you as my friend So umm yeah thats it. And umm starting conversation with a stranger is really difficult , i know that. So if you are ok then maybe we can skip the introduction part and pretend like we know each other for a long time or we can play truth or dare , truth and lie games and stuffs, or we can watch movies together. Have a great day/night Even if you don't, let me know what you like. When it comes to conversation, I'd be up to anything as long as it doesn't stay one-sided interrogation. I'd appreciate if you let me know some unique facts about yourself, for instance, what keeps you on the edge of your seat? Anyway, thank you for reading and I wish you a good day Mastering the Irish Tin Whistle. The beginner tin whistle course includes ten structured video lessons that will teach you everything you need to know to be session ready. You'll l earn basic technique, ornamentation and your very first Irish dance tunes all in a fun, relaxed environment.. John's expert guidance will show you how to establish a good practice routine and in just ten weeks.

The Telegraph - Despite threats of Covid-19, the British & Irish Lions Tour in South Africa began on July 3. The tour has been reduced to eight games, plus a pre-Tour match on June 26 against Japan which saw the Lions get their campaign off to a positive start with a commanding 28-10 victory. But the Lions will be Dating Irish Women Experience Irish free online dating like never before with Loveawake. Offering you the unique experience of matching algos, Loveawake will have you swept off your feet in no time. Take advantage of secure chat rooms and special features to get to know each other How to tell if someone likes you based on how they look at you might seem a bit far fetched, but it's actually totally legit. As it turns out, there are several visual cues that could mean someone.

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The Scots and Irish are actually Gaelic, the English is the most Celtic, you only have to know about Boudicca the biggest and most famous Celtic queen of the lot! if you look at the English Celts there are at least 20 tribes just in England, not Scotland or Irish questions to ask a girl you like. You'll find out what are her life's ambitions - perhaps she has achieved what she, as a small girl, set as a target. Such seemingly silly and childish questions can help a lot to know what kind of person is in front of you. Further Reading: 20 Questions To Get To Know Someone . 8 If someone you know exhibits a lot of the above behavior, odds are good they may like you more than they're letting on. Studies referenced: Karremans, J. C., & Verwijmeren, T. (2008) 4. They show empathy — in good times and bad. When someone is not only sympathetic when something happens to you, but also empathetic, it may be another sign that they are in love with you. In. Irish girl names are on very different popularity tracks in the US and in Ireland itself. The top Irish name for girls in the US is the surname-name Riley, a departure from the days when Kathleen and Bridget reigned as the most popular Irish names for girls. Along with Riley, other Irish girl names in the US Top 1000 include Nora, Kennedy, Quinn, Reagan, Rowan, Finley, Cassidy, Sloane, and Teagan

Check out this list of pretty Irish girl names from A-Z with their meanings. Explore the Irish region in the names and choose a name that suits your little one. Use this space for Favourite Baby Names you like.To add Names here ,simply click the icon Ever since the Irish TV show Derry Girls began streaming on Netflix, viewers and critics can't seem to get enough. 16-year-old Erin and her friends are growing up in the 1990s in Derry, Northern Ireland, amid the Northern Ireland Conflict. As the hilariously hateable teens find themselves in a number of ridiculous misadventures, the backdrop is one of armored vehicles and violence I know quite a few native Irish people, in particular, my husband of nine years, his family, his friends, and many of our mutual friends. Like most Europeans, the Irish find the United States fascinating because of the sheer volume of people, diversity of cultures, consumer products, the prevalence of gun violence, and the fact that everything is on sale, all the time Whether or not they like you like that is a different question. Ask them to go to the movies just the two of you. If they really like you, they'll be able to tell that it's more like a date. And.

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At most, I'd recommend just throwing in one or two, easy to pronounce dialect changes. For example, using em instead of them when the character speaks that word. You'll just have to think of ones that sound Irish. Good prose is like a pane of glass. - George Orwell Science has finally deciphered how to tell if someone likes you. And it turns out, it's all in that look—the look of love. New research from Wellesley and the University of Kansas claims. Irish people have reinterpreted the word 'grand' and given it their own meaning, a fact which often results in confusion for foreign visitors. While the English version of grand means magnificent or imposing, in Ireland it usually means just fine or adequate - if you ask an Irish person how they are they will generally respond with a middle-ground 'I'm grand', rather than. Ask her out! #8) If you are the daring sort, and you are somewhere near a coffee shop or drink stand, ask her if she'd like something to drink and offer to get it. If she readily accepts your invitation, sits and talks with you, then most likely she is interested in you as much as you are in her! #9) During your conversation, place your hand on.

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Just know that it's important to communicate openly and make sure every person feels comfortable and has a good time during sex. If you do suspect that your partner is faking it, Richmond says. Related: How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them. Keywords dtfo dating crush. The young person's guide to conquering (and saving) the world. Teen Vogue covers the latest in celebrity news, politics. No matter how many times you hear look aren't everything, you may still lack confidence about your appearance. This is because too many, attraction is important, especially in the early stages of a relationship. When you look in the mirror, you. 31. If he blushes easily around you it's a strong indicator that this guy likes you. 32. A good way to tell if a guy likes you is if he initiates contact frequently and asks you things he doesn't necessarily need to ask you. 33. A good way to tell if a guy likes you is he teases you playfully a lot. 34 So, like, do you know anyone I could lick to get me some of that sweet Covid? — Ed, Ballintemple, willing to pay Bitcoin. My friend was diagnosed positive yesterday, East Cork

MORE: This is Exactly How to Know if a Person Truly Loves You. 2. You fully trust him. Trust is a crazily treasured commodity because it is something that has to be built. You can look at someone and instantly think they are attractive, or even immediately take a liking to them Sometimes if you're flirting with or casually seeing a guy, it's hard to tell if he's ready to take the next step. Here are ten signs that prove he really likes you and wants something more serious How To Tell A Girl I Love You Poem. My poem is about a guy (me) who likes this girl but doesn't want to confess to her in a crowded place. So he takes her up a mountain, where it's just the both of them. He wanted that to be the message to her. That one day alone with her is a day he doesn't want to end An Lár. Bernd Biege. Getting from the airport to the city center is no problem, just hop on a bus that takes you to An Lár , a useful Irish word to know if you want to get downtown. Literally the middle or the center, and frequently used on bus signs to denote the town center as a general destination Ways to Tell If Someone Likes You Back. Pay attention to these ways to tell if someone likes you. These methods were mentioned in this article from Psychology Today. Clear Eye Contact. We look at people we like and evade looking at individuals we don't like

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How you respond to the Tell me about yourself question can set the tone for the rest of the interview. Overall, when you practice your answer, you want to tell a great story about yourself that you can share in no more than two minutes. In your response, do the following: 1 The top left spot should show a blurred image and text that says something like X Likes. Click on that and you should see a list of up to 10 people that have swiped right on you. Now it's. Hey crush ☺I just wanted to tell you how much i like u . You are the most cute guy I have every seen.. you're cute funny smart nice, any girl would be lucky to have you. When I talk to you my heart skips a beat. I really like you, but u dont like me do u? If I was ur gf I would promise to be there for you when you need me He wants you to feel everything he's got, particularly his junk. He wants you to think: oh, man, I want this guy wrapped all around me all the time. A great hug should make you pee a little. By contrast, a guy is telling you he doesn't like you if he gives you that awful shoulder hug where only the shoulders touch From the Dublin-focused Kojaque to the pop-inspired Hare Squead, here are 10 Irish rappers you need to put on your radar. Find the full list inside

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Quiz: How well do you know Derry Girls? THE second series of Derry Girls promises to be bigger, better and with more laughs. Writer Lisa McGee said the new series will be more ambitious than the. Social media is a great tool used to interact with and meet others. There are times when you or someone else may be 'blocked' by another user. This feature is open for anyone to use for any reason The 'athletic' girl. The 'athletic' girl. You are attracted to the athletic girl. You must do a lot of exercise and would like a girl to share that with. You like the fact that she looks after herself and cares about her health and who can do/is up for doing adventurous, challenging things with you. The 'smart' girl


The 2021 Irish Times Summer Nights online festival takes place from June 28th to July 1st with a host of high-profile guests including writers, politicians, and actors in conversation with Irish. F rom Big Brother's Brian Dowling to Apprentice break-out star Jennifer Zamparelli, if there's one thing we Irish know how to do well, it's reality TV. Just ask Maura Higgins. LET'S be. The best you can do it to spell it out phonetically in Irish: Cládaí /CLAW dee/ or possibly Cládaíghia /CLAW dee h'ya/ (you can't really spell out an -ia ending very well, and this second one is a little awkward and unwieldy) or you could use a native Irish name that sounds similar, like Clodach (CLO dakh), which is the name of a river that. Make a Girl Feel Special over Text. Another trick for how to make a girl like you over text is to stroke her ego. Let her know that she's made a positive impact on you and that she's still on your mind. An example of this would be, I just saw the cutest little squirrel in the park gathering nuts and it made me think of you :) A text. 6 Things You Need to Know About Poldark's Aidan Turner . Irish actor Aidan Turner stole American hearts when Poldark rode onto our screens.Get to know anything and everything about the star that.